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Dispatching involves critical decision making and timely execution. Decisions are only as good as the information available. Execution in today's world demands effective, effortless communication across multiple channels. TruckMaster's EnVision Dispatch Software provides you and your personnel with real time visibility of the information they need, and multiple communication tools to execute their decisions from a single screen.

TruckMaster's EnVision Dispatch Software key features include:

Quick Load Creation

With EnVision you can eliminate manual entry with EDI connectivity, Purchase Order imports and/or by simply dragging and dropping emailed PDF Rate Confirmations. Save templates of frequently used loads and set up frequency tables to automate repetitive load creation.

Powerful Rate Calculator

EnVision lets you create and store freight rates for Customers and Carriers for future use. From a simple point to point rate to complex rates based on zones, commodities or measurements you can do it all. With EnVision's powerful rate engine you can also create Fuel Surcharge rates that automatically update weekly based on the average you assign to it. There is no limit to the amount of rates that can be stored in the system.

Automated Load Tendering

Tender loads directly from EnVision using one of our many 3rd party GPS Tracking partners or email. Auto tender to Carriers via email or our Carrier Web Portal.

Automated Status Updates

Receive live status updates via one of our many 3rd party GPS Tracking partners or from our Carrier Web Portal. Never wonder where your freight is again!

Flexible Load Options

Whether you run Full Truck Load, LTL, Intermodal, Local or almost anything else, EnVision's flexible load builder will work for you!

Allows Complex Drop and Hook Scenarios

Need to drop or split a load? Drop a trailer? Do you do complicated cross-docking? No problem! EnVision easily handles even the most complex loads.

Always be in the Know

EnVision has built in activity monitoring and alerts that you can customize to keep you apprised of the information you need most. Always know when a truck is behind schedule, an appointment time has been changed, someone added a comment, a rate has been changed, or any other activity, via email or system alerts.

ETA Tracking

EnVision has a built in ETA engine that uses complex calculations to make your life simple! The system can tell you if a load is likely to arrive late and alert Dispatchers, Management and even your Customer of the issue before it arises. When used in conjunction with one of our 3rd party GPS/ELD partners it can even tell you if a driver would be able to take a load based on his available hours.

Pallet and Equipment Tracking

EnVision not only keeps track of your drivers and trucks but trailers and pallets as well.

TruckMaster's EnVision Dispatch Software is the data hub, decision support, and execution tool that will allow your people to drive more savings to your bottom line.