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EnVision Cloud Software

TruckMaster offers cloud access to its EnVision Suite of Products for companies that don't need or want to purchase a system.

This option has several tiers of pricing to accommodate different operational needs and budgets. It is ideal for the company that wants a basic system to start with the knowledge that the software has the tools they need as they grow. EnVision Cloud Software grows with you!

The main benefits of this option are as follows:

  • Reasonable initial setup / training cost
  • Low monthly access fee
  • Ability to be using the software almost immediately
  • No server to purchase
  • The ability to upgrade to a higher tier or our on-premise solution at any time
  • All of the features of the TruckMaster EnVision Software are available*
  • Internet access to your software from anywhere**

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* Some mobile communication partners require a dedicated server, so interfaces to these products are currently unavailable to cloud customers.
** Internet connection required.

EnVision Enterprise Solutions

While the age of the Cloud is definitely upon us, we at TruckMaster will always continue to offer the most stable and secure on-premise solutions on the market!

Some benefits of an on-premise solution:

  • Complete control over your hardware
  • Remote access from anywhere in the world via an internet connection (just like cloud)
  • Access to your TMS even if the internet goes down from within your Local Area Network
  • Extremely secure
  • You own the user licenses
  • Cheaper than Cloud in the long term

Everyone knows that on premise solutions have a higher upfront cost because you are purchasing the software instead of renting it but you do not have to let a cash shortage keep you from purchasing the last TMS you will ever need!

TruckMaster offers in-house financing!

  • No 3rd parties
  • Quick approval
  • Reasonable down payment
  • Competitive interest rate
  • Flexible term
  • No pre-payment penalty

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