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A Few TruckMaster Clients

Following are testimonials from of few of our valued customers. You will see that there are a variety of different operations with unique needs that are using TruckMaster software. We hope that this will give you a better idea of how TruckMaster software could benefit your company. Contact information is also provided for our references, if you wish to speak to them directly. Please feel free to contact any or all of our references, they will be happy to answer any questions you have.

Mohawk Industries, Inc. logo

Mohawk Industries, Inc.
Dalton, GA
(800) 241-4494

Mohawk Industries, Inc. has multiple business units each operating with their own unique order entry, procurement, and warehouse management systems. This situation poses a challenge for our Transportation division, as we desire a single-source database to provide the visibility, execution, tracking, and freight audit and payment functions.

TruckMaster has provided Mohawk with a fully integrated transportation management system that has provided a multi-tiered solution to our complex transportation operation. Most importantly we have complete visibility of the entire inbound and outbound supply network.

We manage over 200,000 truckload shipments annually from over 100 finished product sites, distribution centers, and suppliers. In addition we support over 40 manufacturing plants with over 80,000 local movements of work-in-process annually.

Since 2000 TruckMaster has consistently provided excellent customer service and support, and has completed our customization requests very promptly. I highly recommend TruckMaster.

— Bo Allen, Corporate Traffic Manager

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Third Coast Exchange, Inc. logo

Third Coast Exchange, Inc.
Gastonia, NC
(704) 864-1414

TruckMaster has helped TCEX develop a logistics system which we offer to the Manufacturing, Distribution, 3PL and Brokerage Industries. Our goal was to create a system that could be tailored to our individual client's needs, while still utilizing many of the features professionals in our industry are accustomed to using.

  • TruckMaster had the base product we were looking for. They were able to quickly integrate the new features we requested.
  • TruckMaster has been very supportive of our client's needs, and have gone out of their way to produce the solutions we require, most of the time offering more functionality than what we requested.
  • At TruckMaster, you not only get a live person when you call, but someone who understands what you are talking about. Customer Service is first rate.

Through our partnership with TruckMaster, TCEX is able to offer our clients the visibility they require down to the individual item codes on their shipments, if they so desire.

We feel very strongly about our partnership with TruckMaster and would recommend them to anyone.

— Robert H. Gibbs, President

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C&S Brokerage logo

C&S Brokerage
Klamath Falls, OR
(541) 884-1515

I have used TruckMaster software and hardware for over 10 years. I am very pleased with not only the product but also the service I have needed and received!!!!

When I needed help with my system, TruckMaster personnel were helpful and prompt!!!! Do not hesitate to call me if you have any questions about their product.

— Michael D. Fenters, President

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Smith Systems Transportation, Inc. logo

Smith Systems Transportation, Inc.
Scottsbluff, NE
(800) 897-5571

We have used TruckMaster since March 2005 and we love it! The customer service is always friendly and available. It's always nice to get a voice, rather than an automated system.

We love how TruckMaster allows us to link different aspects together without repeatedly logging off and on and the reports are easy to analyze.

— Sharisa Spehar, Chief Information Officer

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TBM Carriers, Inc. logo

TBM Carriers, Inc.
Del Rio, TX
(830) 775-8283

TruckMaster is a top notch trucking software system. Without it we would not have been able to grow our business from 5 trucks to 85 trucks in eight years.

Our goal was to only use one system for all areas of our business, and thanks to their customizations we were able to make it happen. When shopping for products such as Xata/Geologic, Expert Fuel, Comdata, Skybits, etc, first thing we ask if they interface with TruckMaster. It is a unique system that gives you control, efficiency, and ultimately success.
I recommend them.

— Jose Villarreal, President/COO

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All Freight Services logo

All Freight Services
Oceanside, CA
(760) 630-6311

We have been using the TruckMaster 2000 system since 1998, and we swear by it!

We have offices in four states, and having the ability to have them all linked together is very important to us. With TruckMaster 2000 all the offices are able to connect to the main server, and have access to the same information in real-time.

One of the most beneficial features is the seamless flow of information from Order Entry to Driver/Owner Operator Settlements; it saves us a lot of time! We also love the flexibility of the system to fit into the way we operate, we don't have to change the way we do business to fit the system.

— Dave Watters, Owner

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Home Again logo

Home Again
Jerome, PA
(814) 479-2649

We have been using TruckMaster since 1998 and have seen improvements continually. We like the flow from the beginning to the end of a trip, from entering information to accounts payable and receivables, also payroll, taxes, and all reports connected to them.

When customers or carriers call for information, in a very short time we can track it. We do truckloads and LTL shipments. TruckMaster does a great job of consolidating multiple customers or carriers on one shipment.

Customer support is always available. We highly recommend this program.

— Danny Hunsberger, President

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Tri Hi Transportation, Inc. logo

Tri Hi Transportation, Inc.
Merrill, WI
(715) 536-9860

We have been running TruckMaster for almost 10 years. It is the most stable and dependable system that we have ran.

TruckMaster has helped make our company more efficient so we are more competitive. With the scanning option on the system we have been able to go paperless. This has allowed our customers to use the online tracking and the POD options from our website that is powered by TruckMaster. Some customers use this feature daily and they have said it is a huge time savings for them.

We are very pleased with the capabilities of the system. I would highly recommend the system.

— Doug Lokemoen, President

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Truscott Inc. logo

Truscott Inc.
Twin Falls, ID
(800) 635-0886

Truscott Trucking and Trusco truck brokerage has been using the TruckMaster system since its very beginning.

This system allows us to do everything we need to complete our day to day operations with our owner operator fleet as well as our brokerage division. As our business has grown over the years this program has change to meet our needs.

I highly recommend this system to anyone in the trucking industry!

— Rick Faught, Manager

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