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Trucking Brokerage Software Details

TruckMaster's EnVision Brokerage Software is designed to be seamlessly integrated with the rest of the EnVision suite of products, meaning you can run your Brokerage as a stand-alone business or along side your Trucking or 3PL operation. The Brokerage Software includes all of the features of the Dispatching, Billing, Accounting, and Payroll (office personnel) modules as well as additional brokerage features. TruckMaster's EnVision Brokerage Software is a "must have", whether you are a large brokerage operation, or a trucking company that has an occasional need to broker a few loads.

A brief list of of features specific to TruckMaster's EnVision Brokerage Software includes:

Make your Carriers work FOR you!

Using our Carrier Portal (either through your existing website or as a stand alone site) Carriers can completely manage their loads. They can accept or decline tendered loads, update the statuses of their loads, set appointments, upload their invoice and supporting documentation, bid on available loads and/or lanes, and MORE! Have a new Carrier that wants your business? Send them to the portal to register, once registered they will be prompted to upload any documentation you require for them to be qualified. No need to create their Carrier record, once they register with you EnVision automatically creates it for you and alerts you to the fact that a new Carrier has been on-boarded.

Integration with popular Load Boards

EnVision allows you to easily post available loads to multiple Load Boards and view/accept bids coming in ALL without leaving your Dispatching screens. No more flipping between tabs to manage your freight!

Automated Load Tendering via EDI, Email, or our Carrier Portal

EnVision allows you to set up preferred tender methods and the tender contact for each of your carriers, allowing you to tender loads to them with a single click. Take it a step further by allowing EnVision to pick the carrier AND tender it for you! Using historical data such as on-time performance, RPM, Carrier Qualifications, and user assigned lane priority, EnVision can make an informed decision for you.

Automated Carrier Status Updates

Gone are the days of calling a carrier to see where your customer's load is. With EnVision you can receive status updates via EDI, our Carrier Portal or via a 3rd party Tracking interface. Set up automated alerts to notify dispatchers, management and/or your customer to changes in a load status without ever having to pick up the phone or type out an email. EnVision does it ALL for you!

Automated Carrier Qualification Monitoring

Set up the types of Qualifications (Insurance, W9, Operating Authority, Broker Contract, Etc.) your company requires a Carrier to have on file to be able to haul for you. EnVision will then monitor those and automatically alert any system users as well as the Carrier contact to any upcoming expirations. The Carrier can then log into the Carrier Portal and upload new copies of the necessary documents. EnVision also integrates with 3rd party Carrier Monitoring services and the FMCSA to keep a close eye on your Carriers. Never again will you have to run a report or check in the filing cabinet to know if a Carrier is qualified, EnVision completely automates that process!

Automated Rate Calculation

Create and store unlimited Carrier freight and FSC rates for automated rating. Any FSC rates that are set up will update weekly to reflect the average you assigned to each rate. EnVision's powerful rate calculating engine is extremely flexible, allowing you to store rates for ANY load scenario.

Lane Analysis with Carrier Performance Reporting

EnVision takes the guess work out of dispatching by showing you your top rated carriers right on your dispatch screens. Historical lane data, RPM and on-time performance is right at your finger tips.

Profit / Loss Reporting

See immediately if a load will be profitable before you even assign it to a Carrier. Search through historical data of actual rates on that lane to know what other Carriers are being paid. EnVision allows you to always make informed decisions to increase your bottom line!

Pay your Carriers!

Keep your valuable Carriers happy by paying them quickly via check, ACH, or Factoring Company. EnVision can automatically alert them of payment status and attach settlement sheets detailing the loads they are being paid for.

Pay your people!

You want to make money and to make money you have to have FREIGHT, so reward your sales staff or dispatchers with commissions that are calculated for you. EnVision also allows you to easily create and pay payables for Freight Agents or Freight Finders.