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Web Portals

As an optional add-on to TruckMaster's EnVision Suite Of Products, we offer powerful yet easy to use web portals that give your Customers, Carriers and Drivers access to information pertaining to their loads from wherever they are. These portals greatly enhance the efficiency of your operation, by drastically reducing the amount of time spent on the phone or answering emails regarding things the customer, carrier or driver can easily find themselves. Let your software do the work for you!

You have complete control over which of these following features are available:

Customer Web Services Portal

Your customers may:

  • Tender loads to you
  • View real-time statuses of all tendered loads, throughout the life cycle of the load
  • Download invoice information and attached documents immediately after you receive them
  • Access detailed history for any loads you have handled for them.
  • View real-time locations and statuses of your available equipment

Carrier Web Services Portal

Your carriers may:

  • Bid on lanes that you have available
  • Bid on loads that you have available
  • Accept or decline loads you have tendered them
  • Update Statuses on their in-transit loads such as: ETA, Arrived, Unloaded, Departed, Etc.
  • Upload their invoice and any supporting documentation
  • View real-time payment status on delivered loads
  • Access detailed history for any loads they have handled for you
  • Maintain locations and statuses for their available equipment
  • Self Service On-Boarding

Driver Portal (coming soon!)

For more information, or for a free online demonstration, please contact TruckMaster.