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Are you looking for trucking software to manage your fleets? TruckMaster has a suite of software products to suit your needs. We provide trucking software to small and large trucking companies alike, along with freight and truck brokerages.

Logistics (3PL) Software for Your Transportation Management Operations

One of the services that our clients really find value in is the logistics (3PL) software that can plugin to our trucking software system seamlessly. This logistics software add-on integrates additional features such as vendor management, PO management and reporting capabilities. Try our quality, industry-leading software today. Since 1990, TruckMaster has been the source of software for the trucking industry:

Benefits of Using TruckMaster Products

  • Mature & Stable Products: 20 years of development has produced stable products that work. (company history)
  • Intuitive & User Friendly: No need to spend hours learning our software.
  • Little to No Learning Curve: Our intuitive design gets you up and running quickly. No one has time for software that’s hard to learn and use.
  • Interfaces to Other Popular Systems: Our software integrates seamlessly to popular mileage / routing systems, mobile communication providers, fuel services, and more.
  • Complete EDI Functionality: Receive and tender loads, clear customs through ACE.
  • Secure Server: Our servers runs on Linux, widely known as the most secure, stable server environment.
  • Windows Integration: Our software has complete Windows client integration.
  • Built to Scale: Your system will grow with your company – add users as your business grows.
  • Accessible from Anywhere: If you have access to an Internet connection, you can utilize our software!
  • Customized System: Your software can be customized to meet your specific needs.
  • Knowledgeable Customer Service: Representatives are from the transportation industry – meaning they’ll be able to help you more quickly with less frustrating explanations.
  • No Double Entry: Seamless internal integration between modules eliminates double-entry.

We have many customers throughout North America that have been using our trucking software, freight broker software, and truck broker software products for over 15 years. They appreciate the quality and timeliness of product support they receive, and the stability and user-friendliness of their software. They also appreciate the fact that their software has grown with their companies throughout the years.

TruckMaster is the last trucking software, freight broker software, or truck broker software you will ever need to purchase for your transportation company.

TruckMaster offers in-house financing for software purchases, or online access for a low monthly fee.

Questions on any of our products? Contact TruckMaster.

Our transportation management systems are the most stable, mature, and full-featured you will find on the market today.

We have been developing our software since 1990. Over 20 years of continual improvements and additions have ensured TruckMaster's position as the industry leader. You really owe it to yourself to request a free online demonstration of our TMS systems today! You most certainly will find it to be worth your time.

TruckMaster offers purchase order tracking software. We also feature the ability to interface with your WMS for a true and complete 3PL software solution. TruckMaster has been providing logistics software for 20 years. We have the staff with the experience to customize our solution to meet your exact needs. Our software is being used to manage some of the larger private truck fleets in the US. We are well suited to be your private truck fleet software provider.

TruckMaster is happy to announce the launch of a trucking software blog, freight broker software blog, and truck broker software blog. Keep checking back - these blogs will be very informative to those that are interested in issues pertaining to transportation software. We have also launched a general trucking industry blog, where issues pertaining to starting a trucking company, driver retention, insurance challenges, etc are discussed.

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