The following links are to allow you to investigate our partner's websites,seeing the added value they give to our product.We also have a good collection of trucking industry links.

The sites that these links take you to are not maintained nor hosted by TruckMaster.

With over 450,000 mobile communications units shipped worldwide, Omnitracs' fleet management solutions set the standard for the transportation industry. Over 2,000 fleets use Omnitracs products to communicate with drivers, monitor vehicle locations, protect their cargo, and provide superior customer service across the US, Mexico, and Canada. TruckMaster is a Premier Partner with Omnitracs Inc., a Qualcomm company. This partnership gives us the ability to provide you with up-to-the-minute, real-time communication with your drivers.



Today Red Hat is the world's most trusted provider of Linux and open source technology. As an ever-growing presence in the enterprise market, Red Hat Linux is the basis for all TruckMaster 2000 servers due to its reliability and commercial support.

PC*MILER can plan your route and track miles automatically. TruckMaster 2000 offers an easy integration package with PC*MILER. If street-level routing and mileage are important to your business, PC*MILER Streets and TruckMaster 2000 are the perfect team.



Comdata is redefining the movement of money and information through technology for businesses, their customers, and employees. A leading provider of transaction and information services, Comdata provides Comchek credit and debit processing and reporting for commercial fleets and travel plaza merchants and retailers. TruckMaster's partnership with Comdata allows you to automatically download transactions to streamline the settlement process.

A leader in the fleet fuel management industry since 1978, Multi Service offers small to medium size trucking companies the advantages major trucking companies enjoy -- low fuel prices and low transaction fees. TruckMaster 2000's interface with this fuel service provider eliminates any need for double entry.

Multi Service