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There's really only ONE word to describe EnVision's Billing module..."EASY"!

You set the rules for when a load is "billable", whether it is when the load is booked or when the load is delivered, and TruckMaster Trucking Billing Software "pops" it into the queue to be billed at the appropriate time.

A brief list of TruckMaster Trucking Billing Software features includes:

Automated Billing

EnVision automates the billing process by allowing you to set up (per customer) how they want to be billed (EDI, Email or Printed) and what documentation they require to go along with their invoice. This allows you to quickly create and review many invoices and then bill them simultaneously. EnVision will automatically send them the way you designated for each customer along with the required documentation.

Customer Credit Limits

EnVision allows you to set credit limits per customer, run credit checks, and show you a payment 'report card' that will allow you to drill down to the individual invoice level to see payments statuses. Additionally you can set to 'block' a user from being able to enter a load for a customer who is over their credit limit and/or past due on any invoices.

Automated Document Management

Imaging support is found throughout the EnVision software, but plays an especially integral role in billing. You assign (per customer) what documentation they require to accompany their invoice and from there the system does the rest! If a required document is missing when you create the invoice you will be alerted to that fact so you can attach it BEFORE sending the invoice. This not only saves you time but helps ensure prompt payment.

Non-Freight Invoicing

Need to bill for trailer rent, storage space or anything else? No problem! EnVision allows you to easily generate miscellaneous invoices.

Custom Invoice Formats

We will customize your invoice to suit your needs!

Many Standard Reports

EnVision's Billing module includes all the reports that you would expect, such as, ROA, Aging, Customer Activity Report, Statements and more!