The following truck stops are from the TruckMaster Fuel Finder™ truck stop database for the state of Tennessee (TN).

We currently have over 9000 truck stops in our database. Diesel prices are updated hourly, and you can search for truck stops between two points, or within 100 miles of a specified point.

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Tennessee Truck Stops

Truck StopCPGAddress
Aztex #108US129, Alcoa
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS129, Alcoa
Turn OutI-75N MM 23, Annadale
CitgoI-24 Ex 62, Antioch
Pacific Pride-Daily's #8845US41/US70S/Hwy1, Antioch
Mapco #3302I-24, Antioch
Daily's #7111I-24 Ex 59, Antioch
Antioch Travel Center2.419I-24 Ex 62 (Hwy171), Antioch
Canada's Country StoreHwy12, Ashland City
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy12, Ashland City
Rest AreaI-75S Ex 45, Athens
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy30, Athens
Rest AreaI-75N Ex 45, Athens
Turn OutI-40E MM 103, Bargerton
Turn OutI-40W MM 102, Bargerton
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-40 Ex 18 (US64), Bartlett
Love's Travel Stop2.329I-40 Ex 280 (Hwy56), Baxter
By-Lo #10US25E, Bean Station
Bells Eagle One StopHwy412/Hwy20, Bells
Bells Truck StopI-40 Ex 66 (US70), Bells
Roadrunner #121I-81 Ex 69 (Hwy294), Blountville
Tri City Truck StopI-81 Ex 63, Blountville
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS84, Bolivar
Welcome CenterI-75N MM 1.5, Brainerd
Mapco #3212I-65 Ex 69, Brentwood
Daily's #6650I-65 Ex 69, Brentwood
The StoreUS421, Bristol
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS19, Bristol
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy76, Brownsville
Lee's Travel Center #123I-81 Ex 23, Bulls Gap
J-MartI-40 Ex 182 (Hwy96), Burns
Tommy's ExxonHwy111, Byrdstown
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS641, Camden
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy25, Carthage
101 Travel StopI-40 Ex 101 (Hwy104), Cedar Grove
Dale Hollow 1 StopHwy53, Celina
Love's Travel Stop2.329I-75 Ex 33 (Hwy308), Charleston
Ponderosa Truck StopI-75 Ex 33, Charleston
Mapco Express #3537Hwy153, Chattanooga
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-24/US41 Ex 174, Chattanooga
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS127, Chattanooga
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-75N/I-75S Ex 4/5, Chattanooga
Pacific PrideHwy157 Ex 2, Chattanooga
Pacific PrideHwy58/Amnicola Hwy & Appling St, Chattanooga
Speedway #7115I-75 Ex 7, Chattanooga
Mapco Express #3534I-24 Ex 178, Chattanooga
Mapco Express #3686I-24 Ex 175 (Browns Ferry R), Chattanooga
Eagles Food & FuelChattanooga
Mapco #3680I-75 Ex 1 (US41), Chattanooga
Benton Oil ServiceHwy153 & Hwy317, Chattanooga
Mapco #3683US27, Chattanooga
Mapco #3674US127, Chattanooga
Mapco Express #3542I-24 Ex 180b, Chattanooga
Love's Travel Stop2.349I-24 Ex 89, Christiana
Dannys Food & Fuel PlazaI-24 Ex 89, Christiana
Pacific PrideUS79 & Needmore Rd, Clarksville
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-24 Ex 4 (US79), Clarksville
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS41, Clarksville
BP Food Shop #018US41 & US41A, Clarksville
BP Food Shop #21US79/Hwy48, Clarksville
Taylor's MarketUS74/US64/APD40, Cleveland
Pilot Travel Center #4812.339I-75 Ex 20, Cleveland
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS11, Cleveland
Pacific PrideHwy60 & Benton Pike, Cleveland
Rocky Top #12I-75 Ex 25 (Hwy60), Cleveland
Weigh StationI-75N MM 23, Cleveland
Weigel's Store 642.159I-75 Ex 122, Clinton
Lee's Travel Center #1122I-75/Hwy61 Ex 122, Clinton
Rest AreaI-40W Or I-81S, Colliers Corner
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy57, Collierville
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy50, Columbia
Pacific PrideUS412/Hwy99, Columbia
Daily's #8865US31, Columbia
Love's Travel Stop2.389I-65 Ex 46 (Hwy99), Columbia
Turn OutI-40E MM 252, Commerce
RacewayI-40 Ex 286 (Hwy135), Cookeville
Breadbox #55US70 & Hwy135, Cookeville
South Willow ExxonI-40 Ex 286 (Hwy135), Cookeville
Super Truck & Travel PlazaI-40 Ex 288 (Hwy111), Cookeville
Mapco #7460US70 & Hwy135, Cookeville
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy136, Cookeville
Minit Mart #138I-40 Ex 287, Cookeville
Citgo Mart IIHwy135, Cookeville
Lead Lap SunocoUS70, Cookeville
Algood 111 ShellHwy111, Cookeville
On The Run CMG #107US70, Cookeville
Middle TN Auto Truck PlazaI-40 Ex 288 (Hwy111), Cookeville
Pilot Travel Center2.339I-40 Ex 287 (Hwy136), Cookeville
On The Run CMG #108I-40 Ex 287, Cookeville
Schnucks Express #682Hwy1770, Cordova
The Tennessean TruckstopI-65 Ex 22 (US31), Cornersville
Pilot Travel Center2.399I-65 Ex 22 (US31), Cornersville
Hajjeh Travel CenterHwy51, Covington
Wal-Mart SupercenterCovington
MapcoI-65 Ex 112 (Hwy25), Cross Plains
Sad Sam'sI-65 Ex 112 (Hwy25), Cross Plains
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS127, Crossville
Pilot Travel Center2.339I-40 Ex 320 (Hwy298), Crossville
Homestead FuelUS127, Crossville
Eco Travel PlazaI-40 Ex 320 (Hwy298), Crossville
64 Truck StopUS64, Crump
Rye's-n-ShineHwy149, Cumberland City
Love's Travel Stop2.349I-40 Ex 412, Dandridge
Pilot Travel Center2.359I-40 Ex 417 (Hwy92), Dandridge
Turn OutI-40E MM 336, Daysville
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS27, Dayton
Eagle ExxonUS27, Dayton
TA Travel Center - Denmark #1402.359I-40 Ex 68, Denmark
Pacific PrideDickson
Love's Travel Stop #3692.329I-40 Ex 163, Dickson
Pilot Travel Center2.339I-40 Ex 172 (Hwy46), Dickson
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy46, Dickson
Dickson Shell #4818US70, Dickson
Welcome CenterI-65N MM 3, Dickson Town
Rest AreaI-40E MM 324, Dorton
Rest AreaI-40W MM 327, Dorton
Rest AreaI-40W MM 426, Douglas Estates
BP Shop #19US79, Dover
Agees Hwy 127 ShellUS27, Dunlap
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-155 Ex 13 (Hwy78), Dyersburg
Village ExxonUS51, Dyersburg
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS321, Elizabethton
Shady Lawn Truck StopI-65 Ex 6 (Bryson Rd/Hwy273), Elkton
Appco #69I-26 Ex 40, Erwin
Flying J Travel Plaza #7202.339I-40 Ex 182 (Hwy96), Fairview
Jingo MarketHwy100, Fairview
Weigh StationI-40W/I-75S MM 372, Farragut
Weigh StationI-40E/I-75N MM 372, Farragut
Pacific PrideFayetteville
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS231/US431, Fayetteville
West End ShellUS64, Fayetteville
Mapco #3308I-65 Ex 65 (Hwy96), Franklin
Mapco #3340US431 & Hwy397, Franklin
Daily's #8859I-65 Ex 61 (Hwy248), Franklin
Pacific PrideUS431, Franklin
Franklin Travel Center #1572.419I-65 Ex 61 (Hwy248), Franklin
Pacific PrideUS31 & Fairground, Franklin
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-65 Ex 67, Franklin
Friendship MarketUS412, Friendship
Fann's Market #5Hwy104, Gallatin
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS31, Gallatin
Pacific PrideGallatin
Pacific PrideGoodlettsville
Mapco #1040US31W/US41, Goodlettsville
Daily's Tri-Star Exp #66032.249I-65 Ex 97, Goodlettsville
Cisco Travel PlazaI-65N Ex 104, Goodlettsville
Wilco Hess #40052.280I-40 Ex 258 (Hwy53), Gordonsville
Weigh StationI-40E MM 252, Gordonsville
Roadrunner #139I-181 Ex 38, Gray
Greenback Corner MarketUS411, Greenback
Roadrunner #119I-81 Ex 36, Greeneville
Greeneville Travel Center2.439I-81 Ex 36 (Hwy172), Greeneville
Shaw's Crossroads Market & DeliHwy351 & Hwy350, Greeneville
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS11, Greeneville
Pilot Travel Center2.439I-81 Ex 36 (Hwy172), Greeneville
Downtown Hartford CitgoI-40 Ex 447, Hartford
Daily's #6652Hwy25, Hartsville
Pilot Travel Center2.439I-75 Ex 117, Heiskel
Pacific PrideHwy100, Henderson
Henderson Food & FuelUS45, Henderson
Thornton's #601Hwy386 Ex 8 (US31), Hendersonville
Daily's #7207US31, Hendersonville
Hendersonville Shell #4605US31, Hendersonville
Mapco #3068Hwy386E Ex 2 Or Hwy386W Ex 3, Hendersonville
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS31, Hendersonville
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS70, Hermitage
Daily's #7218I-40 Ex 221, Hermitage
Turn OutI-24N MM 119, Hillsboro
Turn OutI-24S MM 119, Hillsboro
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy153, Hixson
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS412, Hohenwald
Pacific PrideHohenwald
North Forty Truck StopI-40 Ex 126 (US641/Hwy69), Holladay
Shell Food MartI-40 Ex 126 (US641), Holladay
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS45W, Humboldt
Rest AreaI-40E MM 73, Huntersville
Rest AreaI-40W MM 73, Huntersville
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy364, Huntingdon
Pilot Travel Center2.339I-40 Ex 143 (Hwy13), Hurricane Mills
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS25w, Jacksboro
Pilot Travel Center2.339I-40 Ex 85 (Hwy8176), Jackson
Bob Parker Service CenterUS45, Jackson
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy5 & Hwy18, Jackson
Pacific PrideUS412/Hwy20 & Bells Hwy, Jackson
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-40 Ex 80 (US45), Jackson
Ash BPI-40 Ex 79 (US412), Jackson
BPI-40 Ex 93, Jackson
Love's Travel Stop2.329I-40 Ex 87 (US70), Jackson
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS127, Jamestown
Mapco Express #3543I-24 Ex 155 (Hwy28), Jasper
KangarooHwy28 & US64, Jasper
Love's #4902.389I-24 Ex 158, Jasper
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS11, Jefferson City
Welcome CenterI-75S MM 161, Jellico
Welcome CenterI-75N MM 1, Jellico
Daily's #80462.299I-24 Ex 31, Joelton
Spirit MarketUS41, Joelton
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-26 Ex 36 (Hwy381), Johnson City
Roadrunner #124US11/US321, Jonesborough
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-24 Ex 152, Kimball
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS11W, Kingsport
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy36, Kingsport
Roadrunner #110I-26 Ex 4, Kingsport
Pilot Food MartI-40 Ex 355, Kingston
Petro2.359I-40 Ex 188 (Luyben Hills), Kingston Springs
Pilot Food MartI-75 Ex 108, Knoxville
Pilot Food MartUS11W/Hwy1, Knoxville
Pilot Food MartUS441, Knoxville
Pilot Food MartUS441/Hwy33, Knoxville
Pilot Food MartUS25W/Hwy9, Knoxville
Pilot Food MartUS129/Hwy115, Knoxville
Pilot Food MartI-640 Ex 6, Knoxville
Pilot Food MartI-40/I-75 Ex 383, Knoxville
Pilot Food MartI-40/I-75 Ex 379, Knoxville
Pilot Food MartI-40/I-75 Ex 374 (Hwy131), Knoxville
Lee's Travel Center #126US11W, Knoxville
Pilot Food MartI-140 Ex 5 (Hwy332), Knoxville
Pilot Food MartHwy169, Knoxville
Pilot Food MartI-40 Ex 387a, Knoxville
Pilot Food MartUS441/Hwy33, Knoxville
Pilot Food MartI-75 Ex 108, Knoxville
Rocky Top #34Hwy162, Knoxville
Rocky Top #10US129 & US11, Knoxville
Mapco #3700I-40 Ex 390, Knoxville
Thums Up ExxonI-40 Ex 390 Or US11/US70, Knoxville
Aztex #121 CitgoI-75 Ex 108, Knoxville
Aztex #112 BPHwy62, Knoxville
Aztex #104I-40 Ex 398, Knoxville
Lee's Travel Center #1398I-40 Ex 398, Knoxville
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS441, Knoxville
Wal-MartUS441, Knoxville
Flying J Travel Plaza #7222.399I-40/I-75 Ex 369, Knoxville
Pilot Food MartHwy169, Knoxville
Petro2.419I-40/I-75 Ex 369 (Watt Rd), Knoxville
Pilot Food MartHwy168 & N National, Knoxville
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS25W, Knoxville
Pilot Travel Center2.399I-40/I-75 Ex 374 (Hwy131), Knoxville
Pilot Food MartKnoxville
Pilot Food MartUS11E/US25W/US70, Knoxville
Pilot Food MartUS11/US70/Hwy1, Knoxville
Pilot Food MartKnoxville
Pilot Food MartI-40/I-75 Ex 378, Knoxville
Pilot Food MartI-75/I-40 Ex 373, Knoxville
Pilot Travel Center2.359I-40 Ex 398, Knoxville
Pilot Food MartUS441/Hwy71/Hwy33, Knoxville
Knoxville West Travel Center2.399I-40/I-75 Ex 369, Knoxville
TA Knoxville Travel Center2.419I-40/I-75 Ex 374 (Hwy131), Knoxville
Pilot Food MartHwy62, Knoxville
Pilot Food MartHwy332, Knoxville
La Follette ExxonI-75/US25W Ex 134, La Follette
Roadhouse ShellUS25W, La Follette
On The Run CMG #106US41, La Vergne
Welcome CenterI-24W MM 160, Ladds
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy52, Lafayette
Rest AreaI-40E MM 420, Lake View Park
American Travel CenterI-40 Ex 20, Lakeland
Welcome CenterI-40W MM 267, Lancaster
Welcome CenterI-40E MM 267, Lancaster
Pilot Travel Center2.399I-24 Ex 64, Lavergne
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS43, Lawrenceburg
Daily ShellI-40 Ex 238, Lebanon
Mapco #3064I-40 Ex 232, Lebanon
Daily's #80872.339I-40 Ex 238 (Hwy231), Lebanon
Uncle Pete's Truck StopI-40 Ex 239 (Hwy26), Lebanon
Pacific PrideHwy296, Lebanon
Pilot Travel Center2.339I-40 Ex 238 (US231), Lebanon
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS231, Lebanon
Pilot Food MartUS11, Lenoir City
Love's #4802.389I-40 Ex 364, Lenoir City
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS321, Lenoir City
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS431, Lewisburg
On The Run CMG #103US431 & Hwy50, Lewisburg
Pacific PrideHiggs Rd & S Ellington Park, Lewisburg
Major Market #279Hwy22A, Lexington
Pacific PrideHwy104, Lexington
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS412, Lexington
Carr Gas CompanyHwy111, Livingston
Welcome CenterI-24E MM 172, Lookout Mountain
Lakeview ShellHwy234, Louisville
Pilot Food MartI-140 Ex 9 (Hwy333), Louisville
Wal-MartHwy386 Ex 1 Or Hwy31, Madison
Daily's #8855US31/US31 Ex 15a/15b (Elington Pkwy), Madison
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS411, Madisonville
Skyway MartHwy68, Madisonville
Checkered Flag Market & DeliUS411, Madisonville
Jiffy #25US411, Madisonville
Sloan's CenterHwy411, Madisonville
Weigh StationI-24W MM 115, Manchester
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-24 Ex 114, Manchester
K&K Top Stop Market & Truck StopI-24 Ex 111 (Hwy55), Manchester
Hullet's Shell #4140I-24 Ex 110, Manchester
I-24 Truck PlazaI-24 Ex 114, Manchester
Busy Corner Truck Stop & MarketI-24 Ex 105, Manchester
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy431, Martin
Pilot Food MartUS129/Hwy33, Maryville
Aztex #110US321, Maryville
Midway MarketHwy59, Mason
Longtown BP Travel PlazaI-40 Ex 35 (Hwy59), Mason
Turn OutI-40W MM 306, Mayland
Turn OutI-40E MM 306, Mayland
Pacific Pride(BP)Mc Minnville
Pacific PrideUS70S, Mc Minnville
Mega Mart #4US79, McKenzie
4 Lane MarketUS70S, McMinnville
South Chancery AmocoHwy55, McMinnville
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy1, McMinnville
Mapco #3174Hwy14, Memphis
Mapco #3057I-240 Ex 21 (US78), Memphis
Mapco #3144I-40/I-40 Ex 12a/12b (US70), Memphis
Mapco #3164US78, Memphis
Quick Fuel-Memphis #5001US78, Memphis
Wal-MartHwy14, Memphis
Mapco Express #3159I-55 Ex 5a, Memphis
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy385, Memphis
Blu Truck Stop2.159I-240 Ex 21, Memphis
Blu Truck Stop2.159I-55, exit 5, Memphis
Mapco Express #3138I-55 Ex 7 (US61), Memphis
Tomas ExpressUS51, Memphis
Pilot Travel Center2.359US78 & Pleasant Hill, Memphis
Express GasI-40 Ex 2a, Memphis
Pilot Travel Center2.359US78 & Hwy175, Memphis
Love's Travel Stop2.349Hwy78 Ex 21, Memphis
Coastal Truck StopUS78 & Shelby Dr, Memphis
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS45, Milan
White OakHwy22 & Hwy69, Milledgeville
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS51, Millington
Turn OutI-75S MM 16, Mineral Park
Welcome CenterI-65S MM 121, Mitchell
Welcome CenterI-65N MM 1, Mitchell
Weigh StationI-65N, Mitchellville
Weigh StationI-81S MM 21, Mohawk
Monteagle Truck & TireI-24 Ex 135, Monteagle
Wilco Hess #40302.420I-24 Ex 135, Monteagle
Sam's Travel Center #4445I-24 Ex 135, Monteagle
Rest AreaI-24W MM 133, Monteagle
Rest AreaI-24E MM 133, Monteagle
Serv-N-Go #2Hwy55, Morrison
Pilot Food MartUS11E/Hwy34, Morristown
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS25E, Morristown
By-Lo Market #29US11e, Morristown
Fastop #6US11, Morristown
Mapco #3313I-40 Ex 226, Mount Juliet
Uncle Sandy's A/T PlazaI-24 Ex 81 (US231), Murfreesboro
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-24 Ex 78 (Hwy96), Murfreesboro
Pacific PrideUS231/Hwy10/Lebanon Rd, Murfreesboro
Pilot Travel Center2.399I-24N Ex 81 Or I-24S Ex 81a (US231), Murfreesboro
Daily's #8804Hwy96, Murfreesboro
W.T.'s Market #8Hwy99, Murfreesboro
Mapco #3312I-24 Ex 81 (US231), Murfreesboro
Pacific PrideI-24 Ex 47, Nashville
Pacific PrideNashville
Mapco #3328I-40 Ex 199 (Hwy251), Nashville
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS31/US41, Nashville
Pacific PrideNashville
Love's Travel Stop #4292.389I-65/I-24 Ex 87 (US431/Hwy65), Nashville
Mapco #3352US31W/US41, Nashville
Speedway #7136I-40 Ex 212, Nashville
Nashville Travel Center2.419I-24 Ex 48 (James Robertso), Nashville
Quick Fuel-Nashville #2701I-24 Ex 52 Or I-40 Ex 210c, Nashville
Mapco #3311US40, Nashville
Pilot Travel Center2.399Hwy155 Ex 26, Nashville
1st Street MarketI-24 Ex 47, Nashville
Clark & Sons ShellHwy155, Nashville
Daily's #7103I-65 Ex 81 Or I-440 Ex 6, Nashville
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-40 Ex 201 (US70), Nashville
Daily's #8863I-440 Ex 3, Nashville
Dailys #66042.259I-24/I-40 Ex 212, Nashville
Mapco #1012Nashville
Mapco #1018I-440 Ex 6 (US), Nashville
Pacific PrideUS70/Hwy24 & 21st St, Nashville
Mapco #1030I-65 Ex 80 (8th AVE S/Franklin Pike), Nashville
Mapco #3204Hwy155 & US70, Nashville
Wal-MartHwy33, New Tazewell
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-40 Ex 435 (US321), Newport
Timeout Travel CenterI-40E Ex 432a (US25W) Or I-40W Ex 432b, Newport
The Butcher ShopUS25/US70, Newport
Wilco Hess #40202.360I-75 Ex 56, Niota
Daily's #7216US31/US41, Nolensville
Rocky Top #5Hwy95, Oak Ridge
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS62, Oak Ridge
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS27, Oneida
Turn OutI-75S MM 13, Ooltewah
Turn OutI-40W MM 363, Oral
Turn OutI-40E MM 362, Oral
Weigh StationI-40E MM 336, Ozone
Fuel ProHwy79, Paris
Wal-Mart SupercenterParis
Mapco #2012Hwy69, Parsons
Rest AreaI-81N MM 38, Pine Grove
Rest AreaI-81S MM 41, Pine Grove
Pilot Travel Center2.439I-75 Ex 141 (Hwy63), Pioneer
TA Pioneer #255I-75 Ex 141, Pioneer
Williams Express #1007I-24 Ex 24, Pleasant View
Sudden Service BP #38Hwy49, Pleasant View
Mapco #3298Hwy52 & Hwy109, Portland
Pacific PrideHwy109, Portland
Rocky Top #15I-75 Ex 112 (Hwy131), Powell
Pilot Food MartI-75 Ex 112 (Hwy131), Powell
Pacific PrideUS64, Pulaski
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS64 & Hwy15, Pulaski
Turn OutI-65N MM 48, Rally Hill
Quik-N-Easy Market #4Hwy52, Red Boiling Springs
BP Food MartHwy51 Byp, Ripley
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS51 Byp, Ripley
Short Stop #4Hwy51 Byp, Ripley
Greenwave Service Plaza2.279I-40 Ex 338, Rockwood
Mapco #1059US27, Rockwood
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS27, Rockwood
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS64, Savannah
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS45, Selmer
Fastop #12US441, Sevierville
Pilot Food MartUS441/Hwy71, Sevierville
Pilot Food MartHwy66/Hwy338, Sevierville
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS441, Sevierville
Pilot Food MartUS441/Hwy71, Sevierville
Pilot Food MartUS441/Hwy71, Seymour
Pacific PrideHwy64, Shelbyville
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS231, Shelbyville
Mapco #3063US70 & Hwy56, Smithville
Mapco #3316I-24 Ex 70 (Hwy102), Smyrna
Pacific PrideI-84 Ex 70 (Hwy102), Smyrna
Kangaroo Express #3631I-24 Ex 70, Smyrna
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy102, Smyrna
Daily's Travel Center #6130I-24 Ex 70, Smyrna
American Trading PostHwy111, Soddy Daisy
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS27, Soddy-Daisy
Apple Barrell #6US64, Somerville
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS70, Sparta
Hitchcock's 111 ShellHwy111 & Spring St, Spencer
Big Apple MarketHwy68, Spring City
Weigh StationI-40W MM 49, Spring Hill
Weigh StationI-40E MM 50, Spring Hill
Pacific PrideUS31/Hwy6, Spring Hill
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS431, Springfield
Pacific PrideSpringfield
Pilot Travel Center2.399I-40 Ex 42 (Hwy222), Stanton
Exit 47 PlazaI-40 Ex 47, Stanton
Rest AreaI-40E MM 130, Sugar Tree
Rest AreaI-40W MM 130, Sugar Tree
Kangaroo ExpressI-75 Ex 60 (Hwy68), Sweetwater
Tazewell Shell MartHwy25, Tazewell
Daily's #8879US31, Thompsons Station
Rest AreaI-40W MM 170, Tidwell
Rest AreaI-40E MM 170, Tidwell
Express Shop #3US45, Trenton
Turn OutI-65N MM 24, Trigg
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS41, Tullahoma
Pacific PrideAtlantic & Lincoln, Tullahoma
A & H Quick StopHwy51, Union City
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS51, Union City
Welcome CenterI-81S MM 75, Walnut Hill
Pacific PrideWaverly
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS70, Waverly
Mapco #1115US231, Westmoreland
Mapco #3299Hwy76, White House
Fastrax BPI-40 Ex 424 (Hwy113), White Pine
Pilot Travel Center2.359I-81/Hwy341 Ex 4, White Pine
Wilco Hess #40012.340I-81 Ex 4 (Hwy341), White Pine
Welcome CenterI-55N MM 3, Whitehaven
Whiteville Food & Gas BPUS64, Whiteville
Flash Market #196I-40/Hwy22 Ex 108, Wildersville
I-Mart #108I-40 Ex 108, Wildersville
Weigh StationI-40W MM 441, Wilton Springs
Boulevard Stop-n-GoUS41, Winchester
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS41, Winchester
lee's Food Mart #24US27/Hwy29, Winfield