The following truck stops are from the TruckMaster Fuel Finder™ truck stop database for the state of New York (NY).

We currently have over 9000 truck stops in our database. Diesel prices are updated hourly, and you can search for truck stops between two points, or within 100 miles of a specified point.

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New York Truck Stops

Truck StopCPGAddress
Plaza 23 Truck StopI-787 Ex 2, Albany
Mohawk Travel PlazaI-90E MM 172, Amsterdam
Angola Travel PlazaI-90E MM 447 Or I-90W MM 447, Angola
Express Mart #357Hwy17 Ex 66, Apalachin
Sugar Creek Travel PlazaI-390 Ex 10, Avon
Exit 11 Truck StopI-87 Ex 11, Ballston Lake
Pilot Travel CenterI-86 Ex 37 (Hwy53), Bath
Turn OutI-87S, Beckers Corners
490 Truck StopI-490 Ex 1 Or I-90 Ex 47 (Hwy19), Bergen
Sugar Creek Stores #0149I-490 Ex 2 (Hwy33), Bergen
Love's Travel Stop #403I-81/I-86 Ex 3, Binghamton
Binghamton Travel CenterI-81N Ex 2 Or I-81S Ex 3, Binghamton
Manley Mighty MartBinghamton
Speedway #7659Hwy11, Binghamton
Speedway #7725Hwy17, Binghamton
Speedway #7686Hwy4c, Binghamton
Speedway #7687Hwy12, Binghamton
Ultra Power Corp(Citgo)Hwy17 Ex 116, Bloomingburg
Turn OutI-87N, Bolton
Speedway #7653Hwy98, Brighton
Speedway #7734Hwy31, Brockport
Luk OilI-278 Ex 52 Or I-895 Ex 50, Bronx
Jim's Truck PlazaI-90 Ex 52e, Buffalo
Kwik Fill #85I-90 Ex 52, Buffalo
Dandy Mini Mar #49Hwy79, Burdett
Rest AreaI-81N MM 49B, Calcium
Turn OutI-81S, Calcium
Rest AreaI-88W MM 79, Calcutta
Canaan Super StopI-90 Ex b3 (SR22), Canaan
Love's #611I-90 Ex b3, Canaan
Betty Beaver Fuel StopI-90 Ex 29 (Hwy5S), Canajoharie
Chittenango Travel PlazaI-90W MM 266, Canastota
SavOn Oneida LakeHwy31/Hwy13, Canastota
Speedway #7724Hwy52, Carmel
Pilot Travel CenterI-90 Ex 12 (US9), Castleton-On-Hudson
Dandy Mini Mart #31Hwy13 & Hwy224, Cayuta
MirabitoI-81 Ex 32 (Hwy49), Central Square
Rest AreaI-81S MM 31, Central Square
Champlain Truck CenterI-87 Ex 43, Champlain
Route 11 MobilI-87 Ex 42 (US11), Champlain
Nice-N-Easy #48Hwy31, Cicero
Clarence Travel PlazaI-90W MM 412, Clarence
Rest AreaI-87N MM 14, Clifton Park
Clifton Springs Travel PlazaI-90E MM 337, Clifton Springs
Comack FuelI-495 Ex 52, Commack
Welcome CenterI-81N MM 2, Corbettsville
Flying J #693I-90 Ex 48a (Hwy77), Corfu
Pembroke Travel CenterI-90 Ex 48a (Hwy77), Corfu
Pembroke Travel PlazaI-90E MM 397, Corfu
Speedway #7743Hwy11, Cortland
Red Carpet Inn & Truck StopI-87 Ex 21b, Coxsackie
Turn OutI-86E MM 265, Damascus
Dansville Travel CenterI-390 Ex 5, Dansville
Turn OutI-495E MM 52, Deerpark
Turn OutI-90E MM 442, Derby
Turn OutI-90W MM 442, Derby
Welcome CenterI-86E MM 22, Driftwood
Turn OutI-90W MM 256, Durhamville
Eco Waste ServiceI-90 Ex B3 (Hwy22), East Chatham
Kwik Fill #20I-481/I-690 Ex 4 (Hwy290), East Syracuse
Nice-N-Easy #46I-481 Ex 8 Or I-90 Ex 35, East Syracuse
Dandy Mini MartsI-86 Ex 56, Elmira
Speedway #7589Hwy14, Elmira
Speedway #7749Hwy14, Elmira
Rest AreaI-86W MM 295, Fishs Eddy
Turn OutI-90E MM 184, Fonda
Turn OutI-90W MM 184, Fonda
Schuyler Travel PlazaI-90W MM 227, Frankfort
Wilson Farms Express #743I-90 Ex 59, Fredonia
Kwik Fill #380I-90 Ex 59 (Hwy60), Fredonia
Fultonville Travel CenterI-90 Ex 28, Fultonville
Fultonville Super StopI-90 Ex 28 (NYTP), Fultonville
Betty Beaver Fuel StopI-90 Ex 28, Fultonville
Nice-N-Easy Truck StopI-87N Ex 17 (US9), Gansevoort
Rest AreaI-86W MM 199, Goodrich
Nice N Easy #2305US11, Gouverneur
Wal-MartHwy104, Greece
New Baltimore Travel PlazaI-87S MM 127, Hannacroix
Rest AreaI-87N, Harkness
Rest AreaI-87S, Harkness
Red Barrel Travel Center #2I-88 Ex 6, Harpursville
Rest AreaI-86W MM 147, Haverling Heights
Rest AreaI-86E MM 313, Hazel
Western Truck StopI-390 Ex 12, Henrietta
Rest AreaI-86E MM 101, Higgins
Speedway #7788Hwy9w, Highland
Speedway #7879Hwy299, Highland
Truck Stop #9Hwy37, Hogansburg
Bears Den Truck StopHwy37, Hogansburg
Rest AreaI-81S MM 43, Honeyville
Native PrideI-90 Ex 58, Irving
Seneca One Stop #010I-90 Ex 58 (US20), Irving
Kwik Fill #395I-86 Ex 12 (Rt60), Jamestown
Speedway #7656Hwy56, Johnson City
Sugar Creek Stores #167I-86 Ex 37 (Hwy53), Kanona
Speedway #7723Hwy28, Kingston
Speedway #7875Hwy9w, Kingston
Speedway #7630Hwy9w, Kingston
Rest AreaI-684S MM 16, Lake Katonah
Ontario Travel PlazaI-90W MM 376, Le Roy
Betty Beaver Truck StopI-87 Ex 32, Lewis
M & M Allegany Junction T/SI-86 Ex 23, Limestone
Brownies Mini MartRt15, Lindley
Indian Castle Travel PlazaI-90E MM 210, Little Falls
Iroquois Travel PlazaI-90W MM 210, Little Falls
Pilot Travel CenterI-81 Ex 25, Liverpool
NOCO Express StoreMacedon
Turn OutI-90W MM 318, Magee
Malden Travel PlazaI-87N Ex 103, Malden On Hudson
Turn OutI-87, Malden On Hudson
Rest AreaI-81S MM 9, Manningville
Maybrook Travel CenterI-84 Ex 5 (Hwy208), Maybrook
Nice-N-Easy #39Hwy13, Mc Connellsville
Pit Stop Travel CenterI-81 Ex 10 (Hwy41), Mc Graw
Express Mart #308I-81S Ex 10 (Hwy41), McGraw
Sun Up#7Mexico
Rest AreaI-84W MM 5, Michigan Corners
Modena Travel PlazaI-87S MM 66, Modena
Nice-N-Easy #41US20 & Hwy90, Montezuma
Speedway #7870I-84/Hwy208 Ex 5, Montgomery
Rest AreaI-390E MM 38, Mount Morris
Rest AreaI-390W MM 38, Mount Morris
Rest AreaI-84E MM 3, New Hampton
Rest AreaI-87N MM 111, New Russia
Speedway #7876Hwy32, New Windsor
Pilot Travel CenterI-84 Ex 6 (SR17K), Newburgh
Speedway #7871Hwy300, Newburgh
Lounsberry Truck StopNY17 Ex 63 (Stanton Hill Rd), Nichols
Dandy Mini Mart #14Hwy17 Ex 62 (Hwy282), Nichols
Rest AreaI-87N MM 99, North Hudson
Rest AreaI-87S MM 99, North Hudson
Speedway #7679Hwy12, Norwich
Speedway #7692Hwy12, Norwich
Smoke ShopHwy46, Oneida
Quickway #69I-88 Ex 15, Oneonta
Speedway #7697I-88/Hwy23 Ex 15, Oneonta
Fastrac Markets LLCHwy104, Ontario
MirabitoI-88 Ex 12, Otego
Betty Beaver's Fuel StopI-88 Ex 12, Otego
Speedy'sI-81N Ex 34 (Hwy104), Parish
Pattersonville Travel PlazaI-90W MM 168, Pattersonville
Rest AreaI-84E MM 17, Pecksville
Rest AreaI-84W MM 17, Pecksville
Maple Field'sI-87 Ex 35 (Hwy442), Peru
7-11 Stores #35115I-90 Ex 42 (Hwy14), Phelps
Junius Ponds Travel PlazaI-90W MM 324, Phelps
Turn OutPhilmont
Turn OutPhilmont
Nice-N-Easy #34Hwy264 & Main st, Phoenix
Turn OutI-495W MM 52, Pine Aire
Plattekill Travel PlazaI-87N Ex 65, Plattekill
Exit 36 Truck StopI-87 Ex 36 (Hwy22), Plattsburgh
Mountain MartI-87 Ex 39 (Hwy314), Plattsburgh
Port Byron Travel PlazaI-90E MM 310, Port Byron
Nice-N-Easy Grocery ShoppeI-87 Ex 26, Pottersville
Speedway #7674Hwy9, Poughkeepsie
Speedway #7598Hwy9, Poughkeepsie
Rest AreaI-81N MM 14, Pratt Corners
Rest AreaI-684N MM 25, Purdys
Ramapo Travel PlazaI-87S MM 33, Ramapo
Service PlazaI-87S, Ramapo
7-11I-86 Ex 16, Randolph
104 StoreRt104 & Rt370, Red Creek
Kwik Fill #58Hwy15 & Hwy252, Rochester
Speedway #7739Hwy104, Rochester
Speedway #7623Hwy31, Rochester
GettyHwy495 Ex 57, Ronkonkoma
Pilot Travel Center #494I-88 Ex 25, Rotterdam
Ulster Travel PlazaI-87S MM 96, Ruby
Rest AreaI-86W MM 72, Saint Bonaventure
Seneca One Stop #050I-86 Ex 20 (Hwy417), Salamanca
Nice-N-Easy #40Hwy12 & US20, Sangerfield
Speedway #7688I-88/Hwy7 Ex 4, Sanitaria Springs
Rest AreaI-86E MM 160, Savona
Guilderland Travel PlazaI-90E MM 153, Schenectady
Scottsville Travel PlazaI-90E MM 366, Scottsville
Nice-N-Easy #21I-90 Ex 41, Seneca Falls
Sloatsburg Travel PlazaI-87N Ex 33, Sloatsburg
Rest AreaI-86E MM 212, Smithboro
Turn OutSnyderville
Turn OutSnyderville
Rest AreaI-87N MM 43, South Glens Falls
Rest AreaI-87S MM 43, South Glens Falls
Rest AreaI-90W MM 18, South Schodack
Rest AreaI-87N MM 81, South Schroon
Rest AreaI-87S MM 83, South Schroon
W & W Gas MartI-86 Ex 17 (Hwy394), Steamburg
Quickway Travel CenterI-690E Ex 8 Or I-690W Ex 10, Syracuse
DeWitt Travel PlazaI-90E MM 280, Syracuse
Rest AreaI-84 Ex 53, Tristates
Rest AreaI-84W Ex 53, Tristates
Turn OutI-84E, Tristates
Turn OutI-84W, Tristates
Nice-N-Easy Grocery Shoppe #12I-81 Ex 14 (US11), Tully
Rest AreaI-88E MM 74, Tuscan
SavOn DieselI-90 Ex 33, Verona
Turn OutI-90E MM 250, Verona Station
Speedway #7726Hwy434, Vestal
Turn OutI-87N, Veteran
Seneca Travel PlazaI-90W MM 350, Victor
Speedway #7645Hwy9, Wappingers Falls
Warners Travel PlazaI-90W MM 292, Warners
Exit 23 Truck StopI-87 Ex 23 (US9), Warrensburg
Petro Waterloo4.999I-90 Ex 41, Waterloo
Longway's TruckstopI-81 Ex 48 (Hwy342) & Hwy37, Watertown
Sugar Creek Travel Plaza #90I-81 Ex 48, Watertown
Nice-N-Easy Grocery Shoppe #36I-81 Ex 48, Watertown
Nice-N-Easy Grocery ShoppeI-81 Ex 46 (12F), Watertown
Nice-N-Easy Grocery ShoppeI-81 Ex 47 (Hwy12), Watertown
Nice-N-Easy Grocery ShoppeUS11, Watertown
Turn OutI-81N, Watertown Center
Speedway #7621Hwy404/Hwy16, Webster
The Pit Stop Auto/Truck PlazaI-90 Ex 40, Weedsport
Rest AreaI-88W MM 40, Wells Bridge
Rest AreaI-90E MM 397, West Batavia
Rest AreaI-87N MM 162, West Chazy
Welcome CenterI-87S MM 162, West Chazy
Speedway #7628Hwy9w, West Haverstraw
Oneida Travel PlazaI-90E MM 244, Westmoreland
Speedway #7728Hwy11, Whitney Point
Wilton Travel PlazaI-87 Ex 16, Wilton
Fastrac Markets LLCHwy104 & CR256, Wolcott
Turn OutI-81N, Wtown
Rest AreaI-88E MM 39, Youngs