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TruckMaster Fuel Finder™ truck stops for Minnesota (MN)

The following truck stops are from the TruckMaster Fuel Finder™ truck stop database for the state of Minnesota (MN).

We currently have over 9000 truck stops in our database. Diesel prices are updated hourly, and you can search for truck stops between two points, or within 100 miles of a specified point.

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Minnesota Truck Stops

Truck StopCPG
Kum & Go #26
I-90 Ex 26 (Hwy91), Adrian
Rest Area
I-90E MM 24, Adrian
Rest Area
I-90W MM 25, Adrian
Trail's TA - Petro Fuelstop
I-35 Ex 11, Albert Lea
Love's Travel Stop
I-35 Ex 11 (Hwy38), Albert Lea
Vet's Whoa N' Go
I-90 Ex 154 (Hwy13), Albert Lea
Wal-Mart Supercenter
I-35 Ex 11 (Hwy116), Albert Lea
Petrol Pumper #0073
I-90 MM 146 (Hwy109), Alden
Flying J Travel Plaza #590
I-94 Ex 100 (Hwy27), Alexandria
Rest Area
I-94W MM 105, Alexandria
Rest Area
I-35N MM 198, Askov
Orton's Tesoro
US10, Audubon
Austin Auto/Truck Pilot #521
I-90 Ex 179, Austin
Kwik Trip #445
I-90 Ex 178, Austin
Rest Area
I-94E MM 152, Avon
Rest Area
I-94W MM 152, Avon
Petro Serve USA #057
US2 & US71, Bemidji
Pete's Place West
Hwy89 & US2, Bemidji
Pete's Place South
Hwy2/Hwy71, Bemidji
Cenex Convenience Store
Hwy2/US71 & Hwy197, Bemidji
Mel's 7-71 Truck Stop
US71 & Hwy7, Blomkest
Blue Earth Auto & Truck Stop
I-90 Ex 119 (Hwy169), Blue Earth
Kwik Trip #646
US169, Blue Earth
I-90 Ex 119 (US169), Blue Earth
Rest Area
I-90E MM 118, Blue Earth
Rest Area
I-90W MM 118, Blue Earth
Wal-Mart Supercenter
Hwy25, Buffalo
Byron Market Place
US14, Byron
Ec's Corner Express
Hwy95 & Hwy47, Cambridge
Speedway SuperAmerica #4771
US52, Cannon Falls
Cannonball Auto & Truck Plaza
Hwy52, Cannon Falls
Carlton Travel Center B.P.
I-35 Ex 235 (Hwy210), Carlton
Donner's Crossroads
Hwy7 & Hwy23, Clara City
I-94 Ex 178 (Hwy24), Clearwater
SuperAmerica #4855
US2, Cohasset
Lucky Seven General Store
US53, Cook
US10, Coon Rapids
Cotton Super America
Hwy53 & CR52, Cotton
Ampride Convenience
US75, Crookston
Kwik Trip
I-90 Ex 266 (CR12), Dakota
Rest Area
I-94W MM 69, Dalton
US12, Delano
The 59er Truck Stop
US59, Detroit Lakes
Weigh Station
I-94E, Dillworth
Weigh Station
I-94E, Dilworth
Rest Area
I-90E, Dresbach
Welcome Center
I-90 MM 275, Dresbach
Lakehead Travel Plaza
I-35 & 40th Ave W, Duluth
Super America
US53, Duluth
Pike Lake Travel Plaza
US53, Duluth
Rest Area
I-35N MM 68, Dundas
Holiday Station Store #318
Hwy55 & Hwy149, Eagan
Eastside Travel Plaza
US2/Hwy220, East Grand Forks
Rest Area
I-35S MM 75, Elko
Rest Area
I-94E MM 187, Enfield
Win-E-Mec Travel Center Tesoro
US2 & Hwy59, Erskine
Weigh Station
US2S/US59S, Erskine
Kwik Trip #753
US14 & Hwy42, Eyota
Weiss Truck Stop
Hwy4W Ex y19 (MN19), Fairfax
SuperAmerica - Whoa & Go
I-90 Ex 102, Fairmont
Trucker's Inn
I-35 Ex 59 (Hwy21), Faribault
Cenex Zip Trip
I-94 Ex 54 (Hwy210), Fergus Falls
Big Chief Truck Auto Plaza
I-94 Ex 61, Fergus Falls
Rest Area
I-94E MM 60, Fergus Falls
Forest Lake Holiday
I-35 Ex 129, Forest Lake
Rest Area
I-35S MM 131, Forest Lake
Rest Area
I-90E MM 244, Fremont
Highway 19 Scale
Hwy19, Gaylord
Petro Serve USA #054
US10, Glyndon
Wal-Mart Supercenter
Hwy11, Grand Rapids
Wal-Mart Supercenter
Hwy55, Hastings
Olsons Truck Stop
I-94 Ex 183, Hasty
Rest Area
I-90E MM 162, Hayward
Rest Area
I-94E MM 100, Holmes City
Rest Area
I-35N MM 35, Hope
Rest Area
I-35S MM 35, Hope
The Fisherman
US53, International falls
Pilot Travel Center #581
US52/Hwy55 MM 300, Inver Grove Heights
Vet's Whoa N' Go
I-90 Ex 73 (US71), Jackson
Rest Area
I-90E MM 69, Jackson
Rest Area
I-90W MM 72, Jackson
Welcome Center
I-94W MM 256, Lake Saint Croix Beach
Mega Stop Holiday
I-35 Ex 81, Lakeville
Holiday Station Stores #376
I-35W Ex 36 (Lake Dr), Lino Lakes
Holiday Station Store #398
US10 & Hwy27, Little Falls
Quick Fuel
I-96 Ex 179 (US24), Loretto
Express Way Lavern
I-90 Ex 12 (Hwy75), Luverne
Rest Area
I-35N MM 226, Mahtowa
BP Expressway
US169 & US14, Mankato
Kwik Trip #334
US169 & Hwy14, Mankato
Shell on 3rd
US14 & 3rd Ave, Mankato
Wal-Mart Supercenter
Hwy22, Mankato
Rest Area
I-90W MM 222, Marion
US59 & Hwy23, Marshall
Hwy59, Marshall
Casey's General Store #2650
I-94 Ex 135, Melrose
SuperAmerica #4199
Hwy65 & 73rd Ave, Minneapolis
Cenex C-Store
Hwy7 & Co Rd15, Montevideo
Holiday Station Store
I-94 Ex 193, Monticello
Weigh Station
I-94W, Moorhead
Morton Inn BP
Bricks Travel Center
US10 & Hwy210, Motley
Hillcrest Truck Stop
US71, New London
Flying J #576
I-35 Ex 69 (Hwy19), Northfield
Shortstop Truckstop
Hwy5 & US212, Norwood
Holiday #371
US212, Norwood Young America
Turn Out
I-29N MM 216, Noyes
Rest Area
I-90W MM 171, Oakland
Kwik Trip #403
I-35 Ex 45, Owatonna
Wal-Mart Supercenter
I-35 Ex 42 (US14), Owatonna
Petro plus
Hwy210 & CR1, Pillager
SuperAmerica #4500
I-35 Ex 171, Pine City
US169 & Hwy95, Princeton
Racine Travel Plaza
I-90 Ex 209 (Hwy63), Racine
Rice Mini Service
US10 & Co Hwy21, Rice
Pine's Edge
US10 MM 165, Rice
Southside Truck Stop
Hwy23, Richmond
Kwik Trip #464
US63, Rochester
Rogers Travel Center
I-94 Ex 207 (Hwy101), Rogers
Rothsay Truck Stop & Cafe
I-94 MM 38, Rothsay
Holiday Travel Plaza
I-35 Ex 159 (Hwy361), Rush City
Rest Area
I-35N MM 154, Rush City
Weigh Station
US2 MM 244, Saginaw
Rest Area
I-94W MM 177, Saint Augusta
Amish Market Square B.P.
I-90 Ex 233 (Hwy74), Saint Charles
SuperAmerica #4171
US23 & 22nd Ave, Saint Cloud
SuperAmerica #4256
US10, Saint Cloud
Hwy60 & Hwy30, Saint James
Speedway SuperAmerica #4554
I-94 Ex 205 (Hwy241), Saint Michael
Cleanco Truck Wash
I-35W Ex 24, Saint Paul
Kwik Trip #662
Hwy55 & Hwy149, Saint Paul
Quick Fuel-Eagan #1601
I-35e Ex 98, Saint Paul
Holiday #372
I-94 Ex 237 (CRetin Ave N), Saint Paul
Trucker's Inn
I-94 Ex 127 (US71), Sauk Centre
Kranz Super Stop
I-94 & Hwy71, Sauk Centre
US169 & Hwy41, Shakopee
Holiday Station
US169 & Hwy41, Shakopee
Super America
Hwy101 & CR17, Shakopee
Kum & Go #187
I-90 Ex 87 (Hwy4), Sherburn
Stockmen's Truck Stop
I-494 Ex 64a, South Saint Paul
Kwik Trip #831
US63, Spring Valley
Pilot Travel Center
I-94 Ex 171 (CR75), St. Cloud
Rest Area
I-90E MM 202, Stewartville
Rest Area
I-35S MM 208, Sturgeon Lake
Lucky Seven One Stop
Hwy2 & Hwy65, Swan River
Welcome Center
I-35N MM 1, Twin Lakes
Lucky Seven General Store
US53, Virginia
Kwik Trip #843
US61 & Hwy60, Wabasha
Pit Stop #75
I-94 Ex 164 (Hwy23), Waite Park
Wal-Mart Supercenter
Hwy13, Waseca
Weigh Station
I-94W MM 257, WI State Line
Kum & Go #116
US71 & US12, Willmar
Wal-Mart Supercenter
US71, Willmar
Vet's Whoa N' Go
US71 & 1st Ave N, Windom
Worthington Travel Plaza
I-90 Ex 45, Worthington
Blue Line Travel Center
I-90 & Hwy60, Worthington
Travel Express Mobile
I-90 Ex 43 (Hwy59), Worthington
Weigh Station
I-90E MM 46, Worthington