The following truck stops are from the TruckMaster Fuel Finder™ truck stop database for the state of Michigan (MI).

We currently have over 9000 truck stops in our database. Diesel prices are updated hourly, and you can search for truck stops between two points, or within 100 miles of a specified point.

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Michigan Truck Stops

Truck StopCPGAddress
Five Star Fuel StopUS223, Adrian
Pacific PrideUS223 & Hwy34, Adrian
Rest AreaUS131S, Alamo
Pacific PrideAlbion
Rest AreaI-75S MM 201, Alger
SpeedwayHwy40, Allegan
Pacific PrideHwy89, Allegan
SuperAmericaHwy45, Allendale
M-46 Travel Center #110US27 & Hwy46, Alma
Pacific PrideUS127/N State RD Ex 124, Alma
Wal-MartUS27 & US127, Alma
Mobil XI-69 Ex 168 (Hwy53), Almont
Pacific PrideHwy32 & Bagley St, Alpena
Rest AreaUS131, Amble
Rest AreaI-75N MM 96, Andersonville
Rest AreaI-75S MM 95, Andersonville
Ann Arbor Travel CenterI-94 Ex 167, Ann Arbor
Pacific PrideHwy142, Bad Axe
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy53, Bad Axe
Pilot Travel CenterI-94 Ex 104, Battle Creek
TA Battle CreekI-94 Ex 104, Battle Creek
Arlene's Truck StopI-94 Ex 92 (Hwy37), Battle Creek
Pacific PrideI-94, Battle Creek
Speedway #8716I-75 Ex 164 (Hwy13), Bay City
Rest AreaUS23, Bayport Park
Mobil Truck Stop & Service PlazaI-275 Ex 20, Belleville
Rest AreaI-94W MM 188, Belleville
Pilot #666I-94 Ex 30 (US31), Benton Harbor
Pri Mart Fuel CenterI-94 Ex 29, Benton Harbor
Stempihar(BP)Hwy2, Bessemer
Quick Sav #18 BPUS131, Big Rapids
Pacific PrideHwy20, Big Rapids
Paxson Oil Co(Marathon)I-75 Ex 136 (Main St), Birch Run
Welcome CenterI-75N MM 10, Bolles Harbor
Pacific PrideBreckenridge
Speedway #8723I-75 Ex 144a, Bridgeport
MarathonI-96 Ex 145, Brighton
Rest AreaI-96E MM 25, Bristol
Sonoco PlazaI-75 Ex 34b, Brownstown
Tel West Fil Up(Citgo)US24, Brownstown Township
Settler's Co-OpUS45 & Hwy28, Bruce Crossing
Sunoco Road Runner ExpressI-69 Ex 141 (Belsay Rd), Burton
Speedway #8753I-475 Ex 4, Burton
BP Gas At Bristol & Dort HWYHwy54, Burton
76th Street Auto/Truck PlazaUS131 Ex 75, Byron Center
Pacific PrideByron Center
Byron PetroleumUS131 Ex 72, Byron Center
Pacific PrideUS131, Cadillac
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS131, Cadillac
Rest AreaUS131N, Cadillac
Canton PetroleumI-275 Ex 22 (US12), Canton
Rest AreaI-275N MM 23, Canton Township
Pacific PrideI-69 Ex 176, Capac
Red Barron ExpressI-275 Ex 8, Carleton
Pacific PrideWill Carlton, Carleton
Rest AreaI-275S, Carleton
Pacific PrideCarson City
Fred Moore BPI-94 Ex 257 (Fred Moore Hwy), Casco
32 Mile PitstopCasco
Casco Convenience CenterI-94 Ex 257, Casco Township
Wild John'sCass City
Cedar River PlazaHwyM35, Cedar River
Speedway #2376US131 Ex 104 (Hwy46), Cedar Springs
Cedar Pantry Express MarketHwy134, Cedarville
Pacific PrideCenter Line
Koski KornerUS41 & M95, Champion
Pacific PrideI-69 Ex 61, Charlotte
BPI-94 Ex 162, Chelsea
Rest AreaI-96W MM 141, Chilson
Adair Rest AreaI-94E MM 255, China
Welcome CenterUS10N/US127N, Clare
Welcome CenterUS10/US127, Clare
Rest AreaI-75N MM 129, Clio
Rest AreaI-75S MM 129, Clio
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS12, Coldwater
Weigh StationI-69N, Coldwater
Blodgett Food MartUS10 & Coleman Rd, Coleman
Rest AreaI-94E MM 36, Coloma
SuperAmericaUS131 Ex 91, Comstock Park
Pacific PrideI-96 Ex 16, Coopersville
Speedway #6278I-96 Ex 16, Coopersville
North 141 Travel PlazaUS141 & Hwy28, Covington
Truck City Fuel PlazaI-94 Ex 210, Dearborn
BPI-94 Ex 200 Or I-94 Ex 202, Dearborn Heights
Rest AreaI-94E MM 167.5, Delhi Mills
Marathon T/SI-94 Ex 212a, Detroit
Motor City Truck PlazaI-75N Ex 43 Or I-75S Ex 43b, Detroit
Fuel Mart Of AmericaI-75 Ex 43, Detroit
Ammex IncorporatedI-75N Ex 47a Or I-75S Ex 47b, Detroit
US Petro Mart Truck StopI-75 Ex 47a, Detroit
Dragoon Fort Service(Marathon)I-75 Ex 46, Detroit
Ambassador BPI-75 Ex 47B, Detroit
Speedway Truck Stop #8740I-69 Ex 87 (US27), Dewitt
Speedway #7534I-69 Ex 87 (US27), Dewitt
Pilot Travel CenterI-94 Ex 167, Dexter
Pilot Travel CenterI-94 Ex 167, Dexter
Windmill Truck StopI-96 Ex 98a Or I-69 Ex 70, Dimondale
Dundee Travel CenterUS23 Ex 17, Dundee
Pacific PrideI-69 Ex 118 (Hwy71), Durand
Speedway Truck StopI-96 Ex 86 (Hwy100), Eagle
Speedy QI-94 Ex 257, East China Township
Rest AreaEast DeWitt
Len Beck #1891Hwy32, East Jordan
Rest AreaUS127N, East Lansing
Rest AreaEdgerton
Welcome CenterI-75 MM 338, Edgewater Beach
Bohnet Oil/CitgoUS131 & Hwy32, Elmira
Bisco's Truck StopI-69 Ex 184 (Hwy19), Emmett
Weigh StationI-75N, Erie
Citgo Quik Food MartUS2/US41/Hwy35, Escanaba
Welcome CenterI-75N MM 343, Evergreen Shores
Rest AreaI-75N MM 277, Eyedylwild Beach
Hartland MobileUS23 Ex 70, Fenton
SunocoUS24, Flat Rock
Flatrock Fuel Center(Oasis)US24, Flat Rock
SunocoUS24, Flat Rock
Speedway #8748I-69 Ex 138 (Hwy54), Flint
Bristol MobilI-75 Ex 116, Flint
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy25, Fort Gratiot
Weigh StationI-96E MM 125, Fowlerville
Shepard's CornerUtica & Groesbeck, Fraser
Rest AreaI-75S MM 262, Frederic
Rest AreaUS31N, French Town
Rest AreaI-96W MM 79, Frost Corners
Rest AreaI-94W MM 85, Galesburg
Bronco BPI-75 Ex 282 (Hwy32), Gaylord
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-75, Gaylord
Johnson Oil(Marathon)I-75 Ex 279, Gaylord
Rest AreaI-75N MM 317, Giauque Beach
Citgo Quik Food MartHwy35 & US2/US41, Gladstone
Rest AreaI-196E MM 25, Glenn Stores
Speedway #8591Hwy23 Ex 88, Grand Blanc
Flying J #667I-96 Ex 90 Or I-69 Ex 81, Grand Ledge
Pohl Oil Travel Plaza #2I-96 Ex 86 (Hwy100), Grand Ledge
Pacific PrideI-96 Ex 26, Grand Rapids
Pacific PrideUS131 Ex 84a, Grand Rapids
Pacific PrideGrand Rapids
Pacific PrideUS131 Ex 78, Grand Rapids
Pacific PrideI-296 Ex 88 Or I-96 Ex 30, Grand Rapids
Pacific PrideUS131 Ex 80, Grand Rapids
Pacific PrideUS131 Ex 83a, Grand Rapids
Speedway #8766I-96 Ex 30, Grand Rapids
Rest AreaI-94W MM 149, Grass Lake
Weigh StationI-94E MM 151, Grass Lake
Charlie's Country CornerI-75 Ex 251, Grayling
Pacific PrideHwy72/Hwy93, Grayling
Pacific PrideHwy91, Greenville
Gulliver CrossroadsUS2 & Jackson RD, Gulliver
Blaney Park Quik StopUS2 & Hwy77, Gulliver
K-D Quik StopUS127 Ex 170 (Hwy61), Harrison
Hartland Towing Inc.US23 Ex 67 (Hwy59), Hartland
Welcome CenterUS41, Harvey
Wildwood Truck StopUS2, Hermansville
Rest AreaUS127S, Higgins Lake
Pacific PrideHwy99 & W Fayette, Hillsdale
Tulip City Truck StopI-196 Ex 49 (Hwy40), Holland
Pacific PrideI-196 Ex 49 (Hwy40), Holland
Pacific PrideI-196/Chicago Dr & 112th Ave, Holland
Pilot #1021I-196 Ex 49, Holland
East Holly Truck StopI-75 Ex 98 (East Holly Rd), Holly
Alex's Market & GrillI-75 Ex 101, Holly
M-46 Auto / Truck PlazaUS131 Ex 120 (Hwy46), Howard City
M-46US131 Ex 120, Howard City
Pacific PrideUS131/Hwy46 Ex 120, Howard City
Outlet Oasis/Road Trip OasisI-96 Ex 133 (Hwy59), Howell
Pacific PrideI-196 Ex 62, Hudsonville
Rest AreaI-69N MM 160, Hunters Creek
Speedway #8772 Travel CenterI-69 Ex 168 (Hwy53), Imlay City
Spencer OilI-69 Ex 168 (M53), Imlay City
Speedway #8391I-69 Ex 168 (Hwy53), Imlay City
Pacific PrideI-75 Ex 310 (Hwy68), Indian River
Pilot Travel CenterI-96 Ex 67 (Hwy66), Ionia
Pacific PrideUS127 Ex 117 (E Washington R), Ithaca
Rest AreaUS127N, Ithaca
Pacific PrideI-94/US27 Ex 139/139 (Hwy106), Jackson
Pacific PrideUS127 & South St, Jackson
Rest AreaI-94E MM 135, Jackson
Pacific PrideHwy121 & Port Sheldon, Jenison
SpeedwayI-94 Ex 76, Kalamazoo
D Avenue Fuel PlazaUS131 Ex 44, Kalamazoo
Raceway CitgoUS131 Ex 44, Kalamazoo
Double O ExpressI-94 Ex 80, Kalamazoo
Pacific PrideKalamazoo
Pacific PrideKalamazoo
Pacific PrideKalamazoo
Pacific PrideKalamazoo
Pilot Travel Center #596I-69 Ex 196, Kimball
Tone Road Travel & ConvenienceI-75 Ex 379, Kinross
Rest AreaI-75S MM 158, Kochville
Rest AreaI-75N MM 251, Lake Margrethe
Speedway #3589Hwy50 & Hwy66, Lake Odessa
Pacific PrideLansing
Pacific PrideLansing
Pacific PrideI-96/W Grand River Ex 90, Lansing
Pacific PrideHwy43/Oakland & Center St, Lansing
CMS Fueling CenterI-69 Ex 153, Lapeer
Speedway SuperAmerica #8797I-69 Ex 123 (Hwy13), Lennon
Quick Fuel-Lincoln Park #1704I-75 Ex 42 Or I-94 Ex 206, Lincoln Park
Rest AreaI-75N MM 175, Linwood
Quick Fuel-Livonia #1702I-96 Ex 173, Livonia
Pacific PrideLowell
Synergy Petroleum #5I-75 Ex 6, Luna Pier
Weigh StationI-75N, Mackinac Bridge
Pacific PrideMancelona
Lakeshore ShellUS2, Manistique
Pacific PrideMarine City
Scott's Quik StopHwy53 & Hwy46, Marlette
Hilltop Truck StopHwy53, Marlette
CenexUS41, Marquette
Crossroads Truck RepairCo Rd & Hwy553, Marquette
Love's Travel StopI-94 Ex 112, Marshall
Marshall Shell(IGA)I-94 Ex 110, Marshall
The 115 Truck StopI-94 Ex 115, Marshall
P.S. Food MartI-94 Ex 110 (US27), Marshall
Pacific PrideMarshall
Rest AreaI-69S MM 41, Marshall
Rest AreaI-94W MM 113, Marshall
Pacific PrideUS127 Ex 66 (Hwy36/N Cedar), Mason
Speedway #6604I-94 Ex 66, Mattawan
Rest AreaUS31S, Mears
Sunrise MarathonI-69 Ex 184 (Hwy19), Memphis
Pacific PrideUS10/Hwy20 & E Indian St, Midland
Pacific PrideUS10/Hwy20 & S Saginaw Rd, Midland
Pilot Travel CenterI-75 Ex 15, Monroe
Pilot Travel CenterI-75 Ex 18, Monroe
Monroe Travel CenterI-75 Ex 15, Monroe
Pacific PrideMonroe
Rest AreaUS31N, Montague
BPI-94 Ex 237, Mount Clemens
N River MobilI-94 Ex 237, Mount Clemens
Quick Sav #7I-75 Ex 126, Mount Morris
BP Truck StopI-75 Ex 126, Mount Morris
Blodgett OilUS127 & Hwy20, Mount Pleasant
Pacific PrideMount Pleasant
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy20, Mount Pleasant
Superior ShellHwy28, Munising
Citgo Quick Food MartHwy28 & Brook St, Munising
Pacific PrideHwy46, Muskegon
Pacific PrideUS31 Ex 113, Muskegon
Rest AreaI-69W, Mussey
Rest AreaI-94W MM 251, Muttonville
Pacific PrideNashville
Rest AreaUS2, Naubinway
Rest AreaUS127N, Nellsville
Speedway Truck Stop #2314I-94 Ex 243 (Hwy29), New Baltimore
Chapp's LandingI-275 Ex 11, New Boston
Plaza 1 Truck StopI-94 Ex 1 (Hwy239), New Buffalo
Welcome CenterI-94E MM 0, New Buffalo
Weigh StationI-94E MM 2, New Buffalo
BP Express New HavenHwy19, New Haven
New Haven SunocoHwy19 & 27 Mile RD, New Haven
Pickelmans Total 1 StopHwy28 & Hwy123, Newberry
Newberry Express MarketHwy28 & Hwy123, Newberry
Frenchtown Mini MartUS24, Newport
Fifth Wheel Truck Stop & RestUS24, Newport
J&D's Citgo Fuel StopUS31 Ex 3, Niles
M & N MarketHwy24, North Branch
Krist Oil CompanyUS2, Norway
Rest AreaI-96E MM 135, Oak Grove
Rest AreaI-96W MM 111, Okemos
M 64 Truck StopHwy64, Ontonagon
Pilot Travel CenterUS23 Ex 5 (US223), Ottawa Lake
Big Daddy's Truck StopUS23 Ex 5 (US223), Ottawa Lake
Pacific PrideOwosso
Rest AreaI-196W MM 43, Oxbow
Rest AreaUS131S, Paris
Parma Citgo Truck StopI-94 Ex 130, Parma
Parma Travel CenterI-94 Ex 128, Parma
Pacific PrideI-94 Ex 128, Parma
Roadhawk Travel Center #9I-94 Ex 56 (Hwy51), Paw Paw
Lawsons M 51 ServiceI-94 Ex 56 (Hwy51), Paw Paw
Rest AreaI-94W MM 42, Paw Paw Lake
Blodgett SunocoHwy57, Perrinton
Road Trip OasisI-69 Ex 105 (Hwy52), Perry
Pacific PridePetoskey
Pinconning Express StopI-75 Ex 181, Pinconning
Pacific PrideUS131 Ex 49b (Hwy89), Plainwell
Admiral PetroleumUS131 Ex 49b (Hwy89), Plainwell
Rest AreaI-75S MM 328, Point Nipigon
Pacific PrideUS24 Bus, Pontiac
Weigh StationI-75S, Pontiac
By-Lo Speedy QI-69/I-94 Ex 274, Port Huron
Pacific PridePort Huron
Welcome CenterI-94W MM 274, Port Huron
Weigh StationI-69W/I-94W MM 275, Port Huron
MobilI-69 Ex 199 Or I-94 Ex 271, Port Huron
Pacific PridePortage
Speedway Truck Stop #2319I-96 Ex 77, Portland
Weigh StationI-96E MM 69, Portland
Weigh StationUS2 & US41, Powers
Rest AreaI-69N MM 126, Rankin
Pantry Restaurant & 76 A/T StopUS2/US41, Rapid River
Rapid River Mini MartUS2 & US41, Rapid River
Synergy Petroleum #27US24, Redford
Northwind Travel CenterUS131 & US10, Reed City
Rest AreaUS127, Rives Junction
Madco Truck PlazaI-94E Ex 198 Or I-94W Ex 200, Romulus
Van Born DieselRomulus
Quick Fuel-Romulus #1703Romulus
Rest AreaI-75S MM 235, Roscommon
Groesbeck MarathonRoseville
Flying J #668I-75 Ex 151 (Hwy81), Saginaw
Saginaw I-75 Travel CenterI-75 Ex 144, Saginaw
M-81 Express StopI-75 Ex 151, Saginaw
Welcome CenterUS23N, Saint Anthony
Mobil Truck StopI-94 Ex 262 (S Wadhams Rd), Saint Clair
St Ignace Truck StopI-75 Ex 344 (US2), Saint Ignace
Rest AreaI-75S MM 346, Saint Ignace
Mc Gregor Oil CompanyI-75S Ex 344 Or I-75N Ex 344b (US2), Saint Ignace
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS27, Saint Johns
Welcome CenterI-75S MM 394, Salt Ste. Marie
Sandusky MarathonSandusky
Pacific PrideI-10 & Hwy30, Sanford
Rest AreaI-69N MM 6, Sans Souci Beach
Rest AreaI-96E MM 63, Saranac
Holiday StationI-75 Ex 394, Sault Ste Marie
Sawyer Travel CenterI-94 Ex 12, Sawyer
Dunes Auto/Truck PlazaI-94 Ex 12, Sawyer
Pacific PrideUS131, Schoolcraft
Rest AreaI-69S MM 101, Shaftsburg
Sunrise MarathonI-94 Ex 266 (Hwy25), Smiths Creek
By-Lo Speedy QI-69 Ex 196, Smiths Creek
Pacific PrideI-94 Ex 266, Smiths Creek
M-140 Truck StopI-196 Ex 18 (Hwy140), South Haven
Rest AreaI-96W MM 8, Spring Lake
Rest AreaI-94E MM 96, Springfield
Pacific PrideUS23, Standish
Pacific PrideHwy66, Stanton
Pacific PrideSturgis
US 23 Travel CenterUS23 Ex 88, Swartz Creek
Pacific PrideTecumseh
TA TekonshaI-69 Ex 25 (Hwy60), Tekonsha
Snappy Food Mart BPI-69 Ex 25 (Hwy60), Tekonsha
Chums Corner ShellUS31, Traverse city
Town Hall ShellUS31, Traverse City
Pacific PrideTraverse City
Rest AreaUS131S, Tustin
Pacific PrideUS131 Ex 72, Van Buren Township
Rest AreaI-75S MM 287, Vanderbilt
Rest AreaI-196E MM 58, Vriesland
Rest AreaI-96E MM 87, Wacousta
Mound Truck Stop(BP)I-696 Ex 22, Warren
Quick Fuel-Warren II #1701Warren
Quick Fuel-Warren II #1705Warren
ValeroHwy97 & 9Mile Rd, Warren
Dorr Truck StopUS131 Ex 68, Wayland
Pacific PrideUS131 Ex 164 (W superior St), Wayland
Nadas MobilI-96 Ex 122, Webberville
Corner ExpressHwy55 & Hwy37, Wellston
Jaxx Snaxx West BranchI-75 Ex 212, West Branch
Pacific PrideI-75, West Branch
Rest AreaI-75N MM 210, West Branch
Rest AreaI-69N MM 68, Whaley Drain
Stop & GoUS12, White Pigeon
Speedway Truck Stop #8876US23 Ex 50, Whitmore Lake
South East SunocoUS23 Ex 49, Whitmore Lake
Rest AreaUS23S, Whitmore Lake
Pacific PrideI-96 Ex 117 (NWilliamston R), Williamston
Pacific PrideI-96/S Wixom RD Ex 159, Wixom
Detroiter T C - Flying J #895I-75 Ex 32, Woodhaven