The following truck stops are from the TruckMaster Fuel Finder™ truck stop database for the state of Illinois (IL).

We currently have over 9000 truck stops in our database. Diesel prices are updated hourly, and you can search for truck stops between two points, or within 100 miles of a specified point.

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Illinois Truck Stops

Truck StopCPGAddress
Thornton's #9I-355 & US20 Or I-290 Ex 7, Addison
Wal-MartHwy17, Aledo
Flying J #642I-255 Ex 17a (Hwy15), Alorton
Rest AreaI-74W MM 30, Alpha
Gas City #301I-294 Ex 127 (Hwy50), Alsip
Pilot #1030I-294/27th St, Alsip
Gasland Food MartI-57 Ex 203, Arcola
Ray's Fast StopI-55 Ex 140 (E South St), Atlanta
Rest AreaI-80E MM 117, Aux Sable
Welcome CenterI-57N MM 32, Balcom
Welcome CenterI-57S MM 32, Balcom
Welcome CenterI-24N, Bargerville
Barry Travel PlazaI-72 Ex 20, Barry
Thornton's #2Hwy59, Bartlett
Jay & JackHwy25, Beardstown
Wal-Mart SupercenterBelleville
Road Ranger #1551705 S. State St., Belvidere
Belvidere OasisI-90 MM 54, Belvidere
Quick Fuel-Bensenville #1804Bensenville
Eighty-Three & Devon CitgoI-90 Or Hwy83 & Deven Ave, Bensenville
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-57 Ex 71 (Hwy14), Benton
Speedway #5400Hwy64 & N Gray Ave, Bloomingdale
Pilot Travel CenterI-55/I-74 Ex 160a (US150/Hwy9), Bloomington
Bloomington Travel CenterI-55/I-74/I-39 Ex 160a (US150), Bloomington
CitgoI-55/I-74 Ex 160 (US150), Bloomington
Circle K #1251I-55E Ex 160b, Bloomington
Farmtown Fuel 24I-55 & US150, Bloomington
Greater Chicago I 55 Auto & Truck PlazaI-55 Ex 267 (Hwy53), Bolingbrook
Wal-MartHwy70 Ex 46, Bolingbrook
Weigh StationI-55N MM 265, Bolingbrook
Weigh StationI-355S MM 265, Bolingbrook
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy50, Bourbonnais
K B JsUS50, Bridgeport
Circle K #6799I-55 Ex 283, Bridgeview
Pilot #1042I-294, Bridgeview
Weigh StationI-70E MM 71, Brownstown
Rest AreaI-57S MM 268, Buckley
Rest AreaI-74W MM 208, Bucktown
Bunker Hill ShortstopHwy159, Bunker Hill
Short Stop #1477Hwy159, Bunker Hill
Speedway #7422Hwy43, Burbank
Chuck Wagon CharliesI-64 Ex 117, Burnt Prairie
USCo Gas Station #2Hwy41/Hwy9, Bushnell
Wal-MartI-255 Ex 13, Cahokia
Rest AreaI-64W MM 130, Calvin
Huck's #344US51, Carbondale
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy13, Carbondale
Wal-Mart SupercenterCarlinville
Weigh StationI-74W MM 122, Carlock
Weigh StationI-74E MM 122, Carlock
Wal-MartUS50/Hwy127, Carlyle
Huck's #142Hwy14, Carmi
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy1, Carmi
Pilot Travel Center #1041Hwy64/Gary Ave, Carol Stream
Huck's #367Hwy13, Carterville
Thornton's #115US14, Cary
Wal-MartHwy161, Centralia
Road Ranger #526I-57 Ex 240, Champaign
MarathonI-57 Ex 229, Champaign
Super Pantry #48I-57 Ex 238, Champaign
Pilot Travel CenterI-55 Ex 248 (US6), Channahon
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy16, Charleston
Chenoa Travel PlazaI-55 Ex 187 (US24), Chenoa
Wal-MartHwy150, Chester
Road Ranger - Pilot #378I-55 Ex 289, Chicago
BP ConnectI-55 Ex 285, Chicago
Weigh StationUS30, Chicago Heights
Chicago North Travel CenterI-94 Ex 1 (Russell), Chicago North
Fuel 24 ChrismanHwy1 & US36, Chrisman
Huck's #114Hwy14 & Hwy148, Christopher
Thornton's #5Hwy50, Cicero
Luke's One StopHwy49, Cissna Park
Wal-MartHwy54, Clinton
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-70 Ex 11 (Hwy157), Collinsville
Weigh StationUS30, Compton
Rest AreaI-74E MM 114, Congerville
Rest AreaI-74W MM 114, Congerville
Weigh StationHwy14, Crossville
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy31, Crystal Lake
Hamson's Trading PostHwy142, Dahlgren
Danville MarathonI-74 Ex 220 (Lynch Rd) & US136, Danville
Pilot Travel CenterI-72 Ex 144 (Hwy48), Decatur
Road Ranger #134I-72 Ex 144 (Hwy121), Decatur
Svendsen Service CenterI-72 Ex 144 (Hwy48), Decatur
Thornton's #381Hwy121/Hwy48, Decatur
Pacific PrideI-72/Hwy48 Ex 144, Decatur
Road Ranger #166Hwy38 & Ann Glidden Rd, DeKalb
Road Ranger #167Rt23, DeKalb
Road Ranger #172Hwy23, DeKalb
Pacific PrideHwy38 & N Peace Rd, Dekalb
Dekalb OasisI-88 MM 93, Dekalb
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy23, Dekalb
Des Plaines OasisI-90E MM 5, Des Plaines
Speedway #7576Hwy83, Des Plaines
Auburn Travel CenterI-55 Ex 82 (Hwy104), Divernon
Road Ranger - Pilot #523I-88 Ex 54 (Hwy26), Dixon
Wal-Mart SupercenterDixon
Downs Travel MartI-74 Ex 142, Downs
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS51, Du Quoin
Thornton's #128Hwy31, Dundee
USCo Gas Station #8Hwy91 & Birch St, Dunlap
Circle KI-55 Ex 217 (Hwy17), Dwight
Circle K #1207I-55 Ex 220 (Hwy47), Dwight
Love's Travel Stop #292I-55 Ex 220, Dwight
Wal-MartHwy72, East Dundee
Weigh StationI-80E MM 2, East Moline
Weigh StationI-80W MM 2, East Moline
Huck's #357I-74 Ex 94, East Peoria
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-74 Ex 94, East Peoria
Pilot Travel CenterI-55/I-70 Ex 4 (Hwy203), East St. Louis
Freedom OilI-74 Ex 82, Edwards
Flying J #643I-57 Ex 160 (Hwy32/Hwy33) Or I-70 MM 94, Effingham
Pilot Travel CenterI-57 Ex 162 (US45) Or I-70 MM 96, Effingham
Effingham Travel CenterI-57 Ex 160 (Hwy32/Hwy33) Or I-70 MM 94, Effingham
PetroI-57 Ex 159 (W Fayette Ave) Or I-70 MM 93, Effingham
Truckomat Of EffinghamI-57 Ex 159 (Fayette Ave) Or I-70 MM 93, Effingham
Jumpin Jimmies Econo FuelI-57 Ex 159 Or I-70 MM 93, Effingham
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-57 Ex 160 Or I-70 MM 94, Effingham
Fast StopHwy33, Effingham
Mach 1 Food StopHwy32/Hwy33, Effingham
El Paso Shell Fast N FreshI-39 Ex 14 (US24), El Paso
TA ElginI-90 MM 36.5 (US20), Elgin
Eagles Roost BpUS20, Elizabeth
Thornton's #122I-90 & York RD, Elk Grove Village
Forrest Fuel 24US24 & Hwy47, Fairbury
Wal-Mart SupercenterFairfield
Jack Flash FarinaI-57 Ex 135 (Hwy185), Farina
Huck's Farmer CityI-74 Ex 159 (Hwy54), Farmer City
Rest AreaI-74E MM 156, Farmer City
Rest AreaI-74W MM 156, Farmer City
Farmersville Jumpin JimmysI-55 Ex 72, Farmersville
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS45/US50, Flora
Mach 1 Food Shop 17US50/US45 & State Rd, Flora
Comfort Pro(Fast Stop)Flora
Weigh StationI-80W MM 147, Frankfort
Weigh StationI-80E MM 143, Frankfort
Flashes JunctionHwy104, Franklin
Mannheim Gas & Mini MartUS12/US45, Franklin Park
Thornton's #7US12/US45, Franklin Park
Road Ranger #147US20 & Hwy26, Freeport
The Junction / Phillips 66I-74 Ex 51 (US150), Galesburg
Thornton's #349US150, Galesburg
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS34 & US150, Galesburg
Deck Oil Truck StopI-80 Ex 19, Geneseo
Wal-MartI-80 Ex 19 (Hwy82), Geneseo
K&H Truck PlazaI-57 Ex 283 (US24/US45), Gilman
GilmanI-57 Ex 283 (US24), Gilman
MarathonI-57 Ex 283 (US24), Gilman
Fred's Fuel 'n FoodI-57, Exit 283, Gilman
Pilot Travel Center #468I-57 Ex 283, Gilman
Wal-MartHwy159, Glen Carbon
Speedway #4249I-355 & Hwy64, Glen Ellyn
Freedom OilI-74 Ex 112, Goodfield
Flying J Travel Plaza #645I-270 Ex 6b (Hwy111), Granite City
Grayville Shell PlazaI-64 & Hwy1, Grayville
Rick's ServiceHwy1, Grayville
Road Ranger - Pilot #886I-64 Ex 130, Grayville
Love's Travel Stop #384I-70 Ex 45, Greenville
Gurnee Truck Stop4.709US41/RT21, Gurnee
Rest AreaI-55N MM 27, Hamel
Rest AreaI-55S MM 28, Hamel
Love's #578I-55 Ex 30, Hamel
Arrowhead Travel PlazaI-90 Ex 36 (Hwy20), Hampshire
Road Ranger/Pilot Travel CenterI-90 Ex 36, Hampshire
Starks CornerUS20 & Hwy47 & Hwy72, Hampshire
Harrisburg Fuel 24US45, Harrisburg
Huck's #212US45, Harrisburg
Wal-MartUS45, Harrisburg
I-39 Express Lane(Shell)I-39 Ex 115, Harrisville
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS14, Harvard
Weigh StationHwy14S Ex 14, Harvard
Extra Mile Truck StopHavana
Thornton's #367US136, Havana
Henry Fast StopHwy29, Henry
Herrick Fast StopCo Hwy15, Herrick
Huck's #366Hwy148, Herrin
Wal-MartHwy148, Herrin
Huck's Travel Plaza #186US51 & US136, Heyworth
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy143, Highland
Rest AreaI-70E MM 27, Highland
Rest AreaI-70W, Highland
Hillsdale ExpresslaneI-88 Ex 10 (Hwy2), Hillsdale
ExxonI-294 Ex 28, Hinsdale
Hinsdale OasisI-294 MM 28, Hinsdale
Love's Travel StopI-57 Ex 83, Ina
Lake ViewI-57 Ex 83, Ina
Ipava Fast StopUS136 & Hwy2, Ipava
Hannel's Truck StopUS67/Hwy104, Jacksonville
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS67, Jacksonville
Road Ranger #150Jerome
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS67, Jerseyville
Huck's #107I-57 Ex 59 Or Hwy37, Johnston City
Rockdale CitgoI-80 Ex 130a, Joliet
Thornton's Quick Cafe #302I-80 Ex 130 Or US52, Joliet
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS52, Joliet
Pilot #1024I-80 Ex 132, Joliet
Speedway #1415I-57 Ex 308 (US52), Kankakee
Love's Travel Stop #395I-57 Ex 308, Kankakee
Rest AreaI-70E MM 86, Keptown
Rest AreaI-70W MM 86, Keptown
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS34, Kewanee
Tri Power BPI-74 Ex 51, Knoxville
Love's #685I-74 Ex 51, Knoxville
Compass Gas IncorporatedI-55 Ex 282b, La Grange
Flying J #644I-80 Ex 77 (Hwy351), La Salle
Lacon Shell Fast N FreshHwy17, Lacon
Lake Forest Mobil OasisI-94 MM 18, Lake Forest
Wal-MartUS12, Lake Zurich
Wal-MartHwy250, Lawrenceville
Le Roy Travel PlazaI-74 Ex 149, Le Roy
Thornton's Travel Plaza #369I-55 Ex 126 (Hwy10), Lincoln
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-55 & Hwy10, Lincoln
Fast Stop Travel CenterI-55 Ex 52 (Hwy16), Litchfield
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-55 Ex 52, Litchfield
Weigh StationI-55N MM 57, Litchfield
Rest AreaI-57N MM 268, Loda
Speedway #7382I-355 & Hwy64, Lombard
Road RangerI-90/I-39 & Riverside Blvd, Loves Park
Road Ranger #146Forrest Hills & Harlem Rd, Loves Park
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS67/US136, Macomb
P & G Quick StopUS51 & Hwy32, Macon
Super Pantry #42I-74 Ex 174, Mahomet
Gas City #09I-57 Ex 322 (E CO Hwy9), Manteno
Rest AreaI-64E, Marcoe
Pilot #595I-57 Ex 54b (Hwy13), Marion
Huck's #247I-57 Ex 54 (Hwy13) Or Hwy37, Marion
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy13, Marion
Weigh StationI-57N MM 46, Marion
Weigh StationI-57S MM 47, Marion
Interstate 66I-70 Ex 147 (Hwy1), Marshall
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-70 Ex 147 (Hwy1), Marshall
Weigh StationI-70W MM 151, Marshall
Road Ranger - Pilot #579I-70 Ex 147, Marshall
Travel MartI-70 Ex 136, Martinsville
Weigh StationI-55W/I-70W MM 13, Maryville
Eddies Travel CenterI-64 Ex 23, Mascoutah
Wal-MartI-57S/I-57N Ex 340a, Matteson
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-57 Ex 190 (Hwy16), Mattoon
Mc Cook MarathonI-55 Ex 282, Mc Cook
Wal-MartHwy31, Mchenry
Rest AreaI-70W MM 149, Mckeen
Pilot Travel Center #347I-55 Ex 145 (US136), McLean
Rest AreaI-55N MM 149, Mclean
AF Truck CenterI-290 Exit 13A, Melrose Park
Gromann's I-39 Auto/Truck PlazaI-39 Ex 72 (US34), Mendota
Road Ranger #132I-39 Ex 7 (US34), Mendota
Metropolis Truck PlazaI-24 Ex 37 (US45), Metropolis
Veach Short StopI-24 Ex 37, Metropolis
Road RangerI-39 Ex 27, Minonk
Pilot Travel CenterI-80 Ex 122, Minooka
Minooka CitgoI-80 Ex 122 (S Ridge Rd), Minooka
Rest AreaI-80W MM 119, Minooka
Gas City #94I-80 Ex 145 (US45), Mokena
Circle K #6703 - MokenaI-80 Ex 145, Mokena
Weigh StationI-74W/I-280W MM 8, Moline
Weigh StationI-74E/I-280E MM 6, Moline
Weigh StationI-80E MM 2, Moline
Pilot Travel CenterI-57 Ex 335, Monee
PetroI-57 Ex 335, Monee
Welcome CenterI-57N MM 332, Monee
Welcome CenterI-57S MM 332, Monee
Monroe Center OasisI-39 Ex 111 (Hwy72), Monroe Center
Piatt Service Fuel 24Hwy105, Monticello
Morris Travel CenterI-80 Ex 112 (Hwy47), Morris
MarathonI-80 Ex 112, Morris
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-80 Ex 112 (Hwy47) Or US6, Morris
Pilot Travel Center #483I-80 Ex 112, Morris
Morton Travel CenterI-74 Ex 102 (N Morton Ave), Morton
K&KI-57 Ex 8 (Mounds Rd), Mounds
Mt Sterling Fast StopUS24, Mount Sterling
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-64 Ex 95 (Hwy15), Mount Vernon
Huck's #173US36 & Hwy121, Mount Zion
Pilot Travel CenterI-57/I-64/Hwy15 Ex 95, Mt. Vernon
Mt. Vernon Travel CenterI-57/I-64 Ex 95 (Hwy15), Mt. Vernon
Huck's Travel Ctr-Flying J #889I-57 Ex 95, Mt. Vernon
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy13, Murphysboro
Speedway Truck Stop #7448Hwy59 & 111th St, Naperville
Wal-MartHwy59, Naperville
Speedway #1428Hwy59/95th St, Naperville
Little Nashville Truck StopI-64 Ex 50 (Hwy127), Nashville
Marathon Truck StopI-57 Ex 177 (US45), Neoga
Neoga Truck StopI-57 Ex 177 (US45), Neoga
Rest AreaI-64W, New Baden
Love's #583I-64 Ex 27, New Baden
Road Ranger/Pilot #520I-72 Ex 82, New Berlin
Rest AreaI-72E MM 152, Newburg
Rest AreaI-72W MM 152, Newburg
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-55 Ex 167, Normal
Speedway SuperAmerica #7459US41 & Hwy137, North Chicago
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-64 Ex 14, O Fallon
Weigh StationI-64E MM 18, O'Fallon
Thornton's #112Hwy50, Oak Forest
Thornton's #113Hwy50, Oak Lawn
Colonial Pantry Travel PlazaI-74 Ex 206, Oakwood
Pilot Travel Center #171I-74 Ex 206, Oakwood
Casey's General Store #2638Hwy33, Oblong
Love's #529I-39 Ex 54, Oglesby
Road Ranger #157I-64 Ex 41 (Hwy177), Okawville
Red Rooster TerminalUS50 & SR130, Olney
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy130, Olney
Rest AreaI-64W, Opdyke
Rest AreaI-74E MM 28, Opheim
Boco OrangevilleHwy26 & W Orangeville Rd, Orangeville
Wal-MartOrland Hills
Express Lane ShellI-80 Ex 93 (Hwy71), Ottawa
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-80 Ex 90 (Hwy23), Ottawa
Road Ranger - Pilot # 515I-80 Ex 93, Ottawa
Wal-MartHwy16, Pana
Paris Fuel 24Hwy16, Paris
Rest AreaI-39N MM 85, Paw Paw
Rest AreaI-39S MM 85, Paw Paw
USCo Gas Station #6Hwy29, Pekin
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy9, Pekin
ParasUS150, Peoria
Bartonville BPI-474 Ex 6a (US24), Peoria
Three Way Mini MartUS24 & Hwy9, Peoria
Wal-MartI-74 Ex 90, Peoria
Weigh StationI-57N MM 330, Peotone
Weigh StationI-57S MM 330, Peotone
Sapp BrosI-80 Ex 73 (Plank Rd), Peru
Express Lane #56 Clock TowerI-80 Ex 75 (Hwy251), Peru
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-80 Ex 75 (US251), Peru
Rest AreaI-57N MM 222, Pesotum
Rest AreaI-57S MM 222, Pesotum
Wal-MartUS41, Pittsfield
Weigh StationHwy36, Pittsfield
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy34, Plano
Pontiac BPI-55 Ex 197 (Hwy116), Pontiac
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy116, Pontiac
Blue Beacon TruckwashI-270 Ex 6b (Hwy111), Pontoon Beach
J & D Country SideHwy76 & Hwy173, Poplar Grove
Road Ranger #221I-80 Ex 56 (Hwy26), Princeton
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy26, Princeton
Pacific PrideQuincy
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-172 Ex 14 (Hwy104), Quincy
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-57 Ex 250 (US136), Rantoul
Weigh StationUS12, Richmond
Huck's #210Hwy33, Robinson
Wal-MartHwy33, Robinson
PetroI-39 Ex 99 (Hwy38), Rochelle
Road RangerI-39 Ex 99 (Hwy38), Rochelle
Super Pantry #14I-39 Ex 99 (Hwy38), Rochelle
Stop N Go #527I-88 & Hwy251, Rochelle
Wal-MartHwy251, Rochelle
Wal-MartHwy40 & US30, Rock Falls
Road RangerRockford
Road RangerRockford
Road RangerUS20 & Hwy2, Rockford
Road RangerHwy2, Rockford
Road RangerBell School & E State/US20, Rockford
Road RangerRockford
Maggio's Auto Truck PlazaI-39 Ex 115, Rockford
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS20, Rockford
Speedway #1411I-55 Ex 263, Romeoville
Love's Travel StopI-90/I-39 Ex 3, Roscoe
Road Ranger #140Roscoe
Road RangerHwy251, Roscoe
Weigh StationUS41S, Rosecrans
Thornton's #114Hwy83 & Hwy31, Round Lake
Wal-MartUS83, Round Lake Beach
Rest AreaI-55N MM 194, Rugby
Rest AreaI-55S MM 194, Rugby
Rushville Fuel 24US24 & W Adams, Rushville
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-57 Ex 116 (US50), Salem
Sandoval BPUS50 & US51, Sandoval
Moto MartHwy3, Sauget
O'hare OasisI-294 MM 38, Schiller Park
Rest AreaI-57N MM 114, Selmaville
Rest AreaI-57S MM 114, Selmaville
Weigh StationUS52/US24, Sheldon
Rest AreaI-55S MM 104, Sherman
Rest AreaI-57N MM 165, Sigel
Rest AreaI-57S MM 165, Sigel
Flying J #646I-39/I-90 Ex 1 (Hwy75), South Beloit
Road RangerSouth Beloit
Road RangerI-90/I-39 Ex 1 (Hwy75), South Beloit
Rest AreaI-39S/I-90E MM 2, South Beloit
Thornton's #117Hwy31, South Elgin
Quick Fuel-South #1803I-80/I-294, South Holland
Lincoln OasisI-80/I-294 MM 159, South Holland
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy4, Sparta
Rest AreaI-55N MM 102, Spaulding
Happy's Super ServiceI-80 Ex 70 (US6/Dakota St), Spring Valley
Road RangerSpringfield
Road RangerSpringfield
Road Ranger #525I-55 Ex 100a (Hwy54), Springfield
Wal-MartHwy4, Springfield
Road Ranger - Pilot #512I-55 Ex 90, Springfield
Rest AreaI-57N MM 74, Steel City
Huck's #219Hwy150, Steeleville
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy2, Sterling
Rock River Lumber And Grain CoSterling
Stewardson Citgo StoreHwy32, Stewardson
Stockton Travel CenterHwy20/Hwy78, Stockton
Wal-MartHwy19, Streamwood
Country Stop CitgoUS30/Hwy47 & Co Hwy24/Jericho Rd, Sugar Grove
E-K Petro ExpressHwy32 & Hwy121, Sullivan
Welcome CenterI-64E, Summerfield
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy29, Taylorville
Pilot Travel CenterI-55/I-70 Ex 18 (Hwy162), Troy
Troy Travel CenterI-55/I-70 Ex 18 (Hwy162), Troy
Road Ranger #205I-57 Ex 212a (US36), Tuscola
Fuel Mart #787I-57 Ex 212 (US36), Tuscola
Lambo'sHwy36, Tuscola
Urbana Fuel 24I-74 Ex 185 (US150), Urbana
Love's Travel StopI-80 Ex 81, Utica
Fast Stop Travel CenterI-70 Ex 61 (US40), Vandalia
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-70 Ex 61, Vandalia
Fast StopVandalia
Wal-MartHwy60, Vernon Hills
Thornton's #40Hwy38, Villa Park
Weigh StationHwy83, Villa Park
Toor's Car & Truck PlazaI-94 Ex 1a, Wadsworth
Weigh StationUS41N, Wadsworth
Rest AreaI-55N MM 64, Waggoner
Rest AreaI-55S MM 64, Waggoner
Speedway #1429Hwy59 & Hwy56, Warrenville
Wal-Mart SupercenterWashington
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy3, Waterloo
Pacific PrideUS30 & Hwy23, Waterman
Wal-MartUS24, Watseka
Wenona Food & FuelI-39 Ex 35 (Hwy17), Wenona
West Chicago CitgoHwy38, West Chicago
Thornton's #127Hwy83 & W 63rd St, Westmont
Rest AreaI-57S MM 79, Whittington
Rest AreaI-74E MM 62, Williamsfield
Rest AreaI-74W MM 62, Williamsfield
Love's Travel StopI-55 Ex 109 (Hwy123), Williamsville
Weigh StationI-55S MM 106, Williamsville
Speedway #1432I-294 Ex 75, Willow Springs
Mobil Travel PlazaI-55 Ex 240, Wilmington
Petro Wilmington #402I-55 Ex 240, Wilmington
Road RangerUS20 & Winnebego Rd/Elida St, Winnebago
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy255 Ex 8 (Hwy111), Wood River
Pilot Travel Center #476I-74 Ex 32, Woodhull
Express Lane BPI-74 Ex 32, Woodhull
The Homestead Travel PlazaI-74 Ex 32 (Hwy17), Woodhull
Thornton's #121I-355, Woodridge
Rest AreaI-80E MM 51, Wyanet
Rest AreaI-80W MM 51, Wyanet
Circle K #6716Hwy71/Hwy47, Yorkville