The following truck stops are from the TruckMaster Fuel Finder™ truck stop database for the state of Arizona (AZ).

We currently have over 9000 truck stops in our database. Diesel prices are updated hourly, and you can search for truck stops between two points, or within 100 miles of a specified point.

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Arizona Truck Stops

Truck StopCPGAddress
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy88 & Apache Trail, Apache Junction
Rest AreaI-19N, Arivaca Junction
Rest AreaI-19S, Arivaca Junction
Turn OutI-40W, Ash Fork
Pilot Travel Center #459I-10 Ex 133a, Avondale
Pilot Travel CenterI-40 Ex 185, Bellemont
Bellemont Truck RepairI-40 Ex 185, Bellemont
Rest AreaI-40E MM 182, Bellemont
Rest AreaI-40W MM 183, Bellemont
Love's Travel Stop #460I-10 Ex 302 (Hwy90), Benson
Love's #9I-10 Ex 302, Benson
Weigh StationI-15S Ex 9, Black Rock
Weigh StationI-15E MM 9, Black Rock
Love's Travel StopI-10 Ex 114, Buckeye
Quicktrip #266I-10 Ex 114, Buckeye
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy95, Bullhead City
Rest AreaI-17S MM 252, Bumble Bee
Speedy's #501US89 & Hwy64, Cameron
Camp Verde Shell #48I-17 Ex 287 (Hwy260), Camp Verde
Love's Travel StopI-10 Ex 200, Casa Grande
Pride Travel CentersI-10 Ex 200, Casa Grande
Pacific PrideCasa Grande
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy287, Casa Grande
Love's Travel StopI-10 Ex 162, Chandler
Wal-MartHwy87, Chandler
Pacific PrideChino Valley
Pacific PrideChino Valley
Wal-MartUS60, Claypool
Pacific PrideCoolidge
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS266, Cottonwood
Weigh StationI-40, Crookton
Turn OutI-8E, Dome
Turn OutI-8W, Dome
Weigh StationHwy80W MM 370, Douglas
Rest AreaI-10E MM 320, Dragoon
Rest AreaI-10W MM 320, Dragoon
Weigh StationUS70 MM 384, Duncan
Flying J Travel Plaza #608I-10 Ex 1, Ehrenberg
Sunmart #640I-10 Ex 5, Ehrenberg
Rest AreaI-10E MM 4, Ehrenberg
Weigh StationI-10E MM 3, Ehrenberg
Weigh StationI-10W MM 3, Ehrenberg
Flying J Travel Plaza #609I-10 Ex 208, Eloy
Pilot Travel Center #458I-10 Ex 208, Eloy
Eloy Travel CenterI-10 Ex 203 (Toltec Rd), Eloy
Petro #3064.459I-10 Ex 200 (Sunland Gin Rd), Eloy
Circle K #2947I-10 Ex 203, Eloy
Little America Travel CenterI-40 Ex 198, Flagstaff
Carter Travel CenterUS89, Flagstaff
Pacific PrideFlagstaff
Pacific PrideI-40 Ex 198, Flagstaff
Wal-MartI-40 Ex 195 Or I-17N Ex 340a, Flagstaff
Weigh StationUS89 AltS, Freedonia
Love's Travel StopI-8 Ex 115, Gila Bend
Holt's Truck StopI-8 Ex 119, Gila Bend
ShellHwy85/I-8Bus, Gila Bend
Bill Henry's Food MartI-8 Ex 115 (Hwy85), Gila Bend
Wal-MartHwy101 & W Bell Rd, Glendale
Pacific PrideGlobe
Rest AreaI-10E MM 52, Harcuvar
Rest AreaI-10W MM 52, Harcuvar
TA Holbrook #246I-40 Ex 283, Holbrook
Hopi Travel PlazaI-40 Ex 292, Holbrook
Pacific PrideI-40 Ex 285 (US180), Holbrook
Love's Travel StopI-40 Ex 277, Joseph City
Speedy's #508US160/US163, Kayenta
Flying J Travel Plaza #610I-40 Ex 53, Kingman
Kingman Travel CenterI-40 Ex 48, Kingman
Love's Travel StopI-40 Ex 59, Kingman
Petro4.759I-40 Ex 66 (Blake Ranch Rd), Kingman
Crazy Fred's T/SI-40 Ex 44, Kingman
USA Travel CenterI-40 Ex 48, Kingman
Hallum Stores Fuel MartI-40 Ex 48 (US93), Kingman
Blue Beacon Of KingmanI-40 Ex 66, Kingman
Weigh StationUS93 MM 67, Kingman
Pilot Travel Center #211I-40 Ex 9 (Hwy95), Lake Havasu City
Love's Travel Stop #386I-40 Ex 9 (Hwy95), Lake Havasu City
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy95, Lake Havasu City
Rest AreaI-17S MM 297, Lake Montezuma
Weigh StationHwy85 MM 80, Lukeville
Speedy's LandmarkI-40 Ex 359 (Grants Rd), Lupton
Welcome CenterI-40E MM 359, Lupton
Shell Travel Center #323I-17 Ex 262 (AZ69), Mayer
Pacific PrideW Broadway RD, Mesa
Pacific PrideUS60 & S Stapley Dr, Mesa
Pacific PrideHwy202 Ex 20, Mesa
Dave's Fast Stop #4US 60 MM 248, Miami
Pacific PrideUS60, Miami
Rest AreaI-40E MM 235, Moqui
Rest AreaI-40W MM 235, Moqui
Woody's Food StoreI-17 Ex 322, Munds Park
Weigh StationI-17N, Munds Park
Navajo Travel CenterI-40 Ex 325, Navajo
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-19 Ex 4 (Hwy189), Nogales
Rest AreaI-8W MM 55, Owl
Lake Powell Convenience CenterUS89 MM 547, Page
Pacific PrideUS89 MM 547, Page
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy98, Page
Weigh StationUS89 AltS MM 551, Page
Weigh StationHwy62 MM 0, Parker
Pacific PridePayson
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy87, Payson
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS60, Peoria
Flying J Travel Plaza #611I-10 Ex 137, Phoenix
Valero Corner Store #1652I-10 Ex 139 (51st Ave), Phoenix
Circle K #2885I-10 Ex 141 (35th Ave), Phoenix
Liberty FuelI-10 Ex 138 (59th Ave), Phoenix
Blue Beacon Truck WashI-10 Ex 138 (N 59th Ave), Phoenix
QuikTrip Travel Center #444I-10 Ex 139, Phoenix
Pacific Pride57th & W Roosevelt, Phoenix
Pacific PrideI-17 Ex 215a, Phoenix
Pacific PrideI-10 Ex 151, Phoenix
Pacific PrideI-17 Ex 195b, Phoenix
Pacific PrideI-10 Ex 142, Phoenix
Pacific PrideI-17N Ex 198 Or I-17S Ex 199a, Phoenix
Pacific PrideS 7th & E Jones, Phoenix
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-10W/I-10E Ex 137/136a, Phoenix
Wal-MartHwy51 Ex 13, Phoenix
Pacific PrideHwy89, Prescott
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy69, Prescott
Pacific PridePrescott Valley
Pacific PridePrescott Valley
Pilot Travel Center #328I-10/US95 Ex 17, Quartzsite
Love's Travel StopI-10 Ex 17, Quartzsite
Quik Chek ShellI-10E Ex 17 Or I-10W Ex 19, Quartzsite
ArcoI-10 Ex 19, Quartzsite
Pilot Travel Center #279I-19 Ex 12 (Hwy289), Rio Rico
Rest AreaI-10E MM 181, Sacaton
Rest AreaI-10W MM 183, Sacaton
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS70, Safford
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-19 Ex 69, Sahuarita
Zip Travel CenterI-10 Ex 45, Salome
Tomahawk Truck PlazaI-10 Ex 45, Salome
Circle K #8691Hwy95, San Luis
Weigh StationUS95 MM 1, San Luis
Sunmart Truck StopI-10 Ex 378, San Simon
Weigh StationI-10E MM 383, San Simon
Weigh StationI-10W MM 383, San Simon
Weigh StationI-40W MM 340, Sanders
Weigh StationI-40E MM 340, Sanders
Weigh StationHwy286 MM 0, Sasabe
Wal-Mart SupercenterScottsdale
Johnson's Travel CenterI-40 Ex 123, Seligman
Rest AreaI-8E Ex 84, Sentinel
Rest AreaI-8W Ex 85, Sentinel
Pacific PrideShow Low
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy73, Show Low
Wal-MartHwy90, Sierra Vista
Diesel StopUS60/US180/US191, Springerville
Weigh StationUS60W/US180W MM 387, Springerville
Turn OutI-8E, Stanfield
Turn OutI-8W, Stanfield
Turn OutI-17S MM 312, Stoneman Lake
Weigh StationUS64/US160 MM 465, Teec Nos Pos
Pacific PrideTolleson
Love's #659I-10 Ex 135, Tolleson
TA Tonopah #225I-10 Ex 103 (339th Ave), Tonopah
Minute Mart #42I-10 Ex 94, Tonopah
Rest AreaI-10E MM 86, Tonopah
Rest AreaI-10W MM 86, Tonopah
Weigh StationI-40E MM 4, Topock
Weigh StationI-40W MM 4, Topock
Tucson T/T (Triple T/Mr T's)I-10 Ex 268 (Craycroft), Tucson
Super Stop #619I-19 Ex 99 (Hwy86), Tucson
Pacific PrideI-10 Ex 252, Tucson
Pacific PrideE Michigan & S Contractors, Tucson
Wal-MartHwy77, Tucson
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-19 Ex 95, Tucson
Pilot Travel Center #593I-10 Ex 268, Tucson
Pacific PrideWickenburg
TA Willcox #226I-10 Ex 340, Willcox
Willcox Truck PlazaI-10 Ex 340, Willcox
Freeway ChevronI-10 Ex 336, Willcox
Love's #553I-40 Ex 163, Williams
Flying J Travel Plaza #612I-40 Ex 255, Winslow
Pacific PrideI-40 Ex 255, Winslow
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-40 Ex 253, Winslow
Rest AreaI-40E MM 23, Yucca
Rest AreaI-40W MM 23, Yucca
Love's Travel StopI-8 Ex 3, Yuma
Barney's Auto/Flying J #505I-8 Ex 12, Yuma
Circle K Truck StopI-8 Ex 7, Yuma
Barney's #30I-8 Ex 3, Yuma
Pacific PrideI-8 & US80, Yuma
Pacific PrideYuma
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-8/US80, Yuma
Weigh StationI-8E MM 1, Yuma
Weigh StationI-8W, Yuma