The following truck stops are from the TruckMaster Fuel Finder™ truck stop database for the state of Arkansas (AR).

We currently have over 9000 truck stops in our database. Diesel prices are updated hourly, and you can search for truck stops between two points, or within 100 miles of a specified point.

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Arkansas Truck Stops

Truck StopCPGAddress
County Line Super StopI-30 Ex 126, Alexander
Hilltop Travel CenterI-540N Ex 24 (Hwy282), Alma
Alma Travel MartI-40 Ex 13 (Hwy162/US71), Alma
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-40 Ex 12, Alma
Weigh StationI-40E, Alma
Weigh StationI-40W/I-540W MM 8, Alma
Jordan's Kwik StopI-30 Ex 78 (Vally St), Arkadelphia
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-30 Ex 73, Arkadelphia
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS412, Ash Flat
Road Mart #108US71/US59, Ashdown
Weigh StationUS59, Ashdown
HessHwy64, Augusta
Snappy Mart #7(Exxon)US67 Ex 55 (US167), Bald Knob
Bald Knob Travel CenterUS67 Ex 55 (US167), Bald Knob
Marty Mart #12US64/US67/US167 Ex 55 (Hwy367), Bald Knob
Tiger Mart #102US167, Batesville
Hawgs ExxonUS167 & Hwy69, Batesville
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy69, Batesville
J&P Flash MarketUS65, Bee Branch
Exxon Auto & Truck CenterUS67/US167 Ex 28 (Hwy64), Beebe
Rest AreaI-30E MM 56, Beirne
Rest AreaI-30W MM 56, Beirne
White OakUS65/US62/US412, Bellefonte
Pilot Travel Center #118I-30 Ex 121, Benton
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-30 Ex 117, Benton
Fastrip #25US71 Bus, Bentonville
E-Z Mart #425I-540/US71 Ex 86 (Hwy102), Bentonville
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS71, Bentonville
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS62, Berryville
Kum & Go #379US63/US412, Black Rock
Flash Market #177I-55 Ex 67 (Hwy151), Blytheville
Overman's TexacoI-55 Ex 63, Blytheville
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-55 Ex 67 (Hwy18), Blytheville
Weigh StationI-55S, Blytheville
Love's #671I-55 Ex 63, Blytheville
Easy MartUS71, Boles
Wal-MartHwy10, Booneville
Flash Market #49I-40 Ex 216 (US49), Brinkley
Speedzone - MapcoI-30 Ex 123 (N Reynolds Rd), Bryant
Rest AreaI-40E, Bucks Landing
Rest AreaI-40W, Bucks Landing
Exxon Travel centerUS67/US167 Ex 16b, Cabot
Pilot Travel Center #492I-30 Ex 78 (Valley St), Caddo Valley
Gas MartUS79, Camden
Pit StopHwy7 & Goodgame St, Camden
Horizon Food-Gas InHwy24, Camden
Double B'sI-40 Ex 183 (Hwy13), Carlisle
Flash MarketUS65 & Hwy9, Choctaw
Exit 57 Auto Truck Express.I-40 Ex 57, Clarksville
Hi-Way 109 Truck PlazaI-40 Ex 55 (Hwy109), Clarksville
Exxon TigermartI-40 Ex 55 (W Main St), Clarksville
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-40 Ex 58, Clarksville
Flash Market #46US65, Clinton
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS65, Clinton
Mapco Express #3059I-40 Ex 129 (Industrial Bld), Conway
Wal-Mart SupercentereHwy65, Conway
Wal-MartUS62/US67, Corning
Weigh StationUS67N, Corning
Weigh StationHwy67S, Corning
P&D One StopUS82 & N Florida St, Crossett
Road MartUS82/Hwy133, Crossett
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS82, Crossett
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy7, Dardanelle
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS71/US59, De Queen
Break Time #3031Hwy70, De Valls Bluff
ConocoHwy1, De Witt
Flash Market #104Hwy65/US165, Dermott
Ward's Fuel StopUS70, Dierks
Welcome CenterI-40E, Dora
Cash's Travel PlazaUS65, Dumas
Matthews Little StoreHwy65 & US165, Dumas
West Memphis Travel Center(TA)I-40 Ex 260 (Hwy149), Earle
Valero Travel CenterI-40 Ex 260 (Hwy149), Earle
Missle MartUS82, El Dorado
Missle Mart #1US167, El Dorado
Mobile ExpresswayUS167 Bypass & US63, El Dorado
T-Models Pit StopUS82 Ex 18 (Hwy15), El Dorado
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy167, El Dorado
Tobo's 66I-540 Ex 58, Fayetteville
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-540 Ex 62 (US62), Fayetteville
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-540 Ex 67 (US71), Fayetteville
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS62 & US412, Flippin
Bailey's Super StoreUS79 & Hwy273, Fordyce
Circle N #47US79/US167 Bypass & AR8, Fordyce
Wal-MartUS79 & Hwy8, Fordyce
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-40 Ex 241 (Hwy1), Forrest City
Jam Mart #2I-540 Ex 12, Fort Smith
Diamond Shamrock #464I-540 Ex 5 (Kelley Hwy), Fort Smith
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-540 Ex 11 (Hwy255), Fort Smith
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy22, Fort Smith
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-540 Ex 6, Fort Smith
Red River Truck StopI-30 Ex 18 (US67), Fulton
On The RunHwy62/US412 & Hwy126, Gassville
Flash MarketUS62 & N Johnson St, Gassville
E-Z Mart #39US71, Gillham
J & P Flash Market #354US62, Glencoe
Welcome CenterI-55S, Gosnell
Powell's One StopUS62/Hwy103, Green Forest
Colt's Quick DrawUS65, Greenbrier
Southfork Truck StopI-30 Ex 63 (Hwy53), Gurdon
Missle Mart #2US167 & US278, Hampton
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS62/US412, Harrison
Hazen SuperstopI-40 Ex 193 (Hwy11), Hazen
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy25B, Heber Springs
Forest Tower Food MartHwy167, Hensley
Hermitage ShellUS63, Hermitage
Rest AreaI-55N, Hilton
Shell Fuel StopI-30 Ex 31 (N Hazel St), Hope
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-30 Ex 30 (Hwy4), Hope
Weigh StationI-30E, Hope
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS270, Hot Springs
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy7, Hot Springs
Wal-MartHwy23, Huntsville
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS67/US167, Jacksonville
Rest AreaI-55S, Joiner
Snappy Mart #19US63 Ex 39, Jonesboro
Best Stop #2US63 Ex 49 (Hwy91/Hwy18), Jonesboro
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy18, Jonesboro
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS63 Ex 45 (US49), Jonesboro
Love's #607US63 Ex 40, Jonesboro
Rest AreaI-40E, Knoxville
Rick's Express #7US65 & US82, Lake Village
Dixon Road ExxonI-530 Ex 3, Little Rock
Cracker Box #37I-440 Ex 5 (Fourche Dam Pike), Little Rock
Double Bee'sI-440 Ex 5 (Fourche Dam Pike), Little Rock
Phillips 66I-440 Ex 5, Little Rock
Flash Market #19Hwy365, Little Rock
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-30 Ex 130, Little Rock
Wal-MartLittle Rock
Love's Travel Stop #457I-30 Ex 128, Little Rock
Rest AreaI-40W, London
Cracker Box #35I-40 Ex 175, Lonoke
Wal-MartHwy31, Lonoke
Magnolia T/CUS82 & US371, Magnolia
JJs Truck StopI-30 Ex 106, Malvern
Super Stop #80I-30 Ex 98a (Oliver Lancaster Bl, Malvern
Winner's Circle #1I-30 Ex 98a (Hwy270), Malvern
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-30 Ex 98 (US270B), Malvern
71 ExpressUS71, Mansfield
Kings RiverUS412, Marble
Jump StopI-40 Ex 271, Marion
Fast MartI-55 Ex 14, Marion
Mapco #3058I-55 Ex 10 (Military Rd), Marion
Weigh StationI-55S, Marion
Marshall Travel CenterHwy65, Marshall
Morgan Shell #1032I-40 Ex 142 (Hwy365), Maumelle
Flash Market #391US64 & Hwy145, Mc Crory
Wal-MartUS65, Mcgehee
ExxonUS59/Hwy71 & Hwy8, Mena
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS59, Mena
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy425, Monticello
Love's Travel StopI-40 Ex 107 (Hwy95), Morrilton
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-40 Ex 108 (Hwy9), Morrilton
Rest AreaI-40E, Mountain Grove
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS412, Mountain Home
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy5/Hwy9/Hwy14, Mountain View
Kountry XpressI-40 Ex 20, Mulberry
Wal-Mart SupercenterNashville
Newport Truck PlazaUS67 Ex 85 (Hwy18), Newport
Flash Market #17Hwy367 & Hwy18, Newport
Wal-MartHwy67, Newport
Pilot Travel Center #332I-40 Ex 161 (Hwy391), North Little Rock
Love's Travel StopI-40 Ex 161 (Hwy391), North Little Rock
PetroI-40 Ex 161, North Little Rock
Flash Market #123I-40 Ex 157 (Hwy161), North Little Rock
TruckomatI-40 Ex 161, North Little Rock
Morgan Valero #471I-40 Ex 142, North Little Rock
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS67 Ex 1, North Little Rock
ShellI-55 Ex 48, Osceola
Wal-MartHwy119, Osceola
Love's Travel StopI-40 Ex 37, Ozark
Wal-MartHwy23, Ozark
The I-40 Travel CenterI-40 Ex 35, Ozark
Love's Travel StopI-40 Ex 233 (Hwy261), Palestine
I-40 Kwik StopI-40 Ex 233 (Hwy261), Palestine
North Pointe 66US49 Bus, Paragould
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS412, Paragould
Wal-MartHwy22/Hwy109, Paris
Flash Market #12US64/Hwy75, Parkin
Valero #473AR365 & US65/US79, Pine Bluff
Big Red/Big Jim'sI-530 Ex 34 (US270), Pine Bluff
Circle NUS65, Pine Bluff
Kwik Check Food MartI-530 Ex 35 (US65), Pine Bluff
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS67, Pocahontas
RCP EXPRESSHwy 67 North, Pocahontas
TA Prescott #224I-30 Ex 44 (US371), Prescott
Love's Travel StopI-30 Ex 46 (Hwy19), Prescott
Exit 44 Auto Truck StopI-30 Ex 44, Prescott
Vanco Exit 46 Truck StopI-30 Ex 46, Prescott
Paramount Travel CenterI-30 Ex 46 (Hwy19), Prescott
J-Mart #121I-530 Ex 20, Redfield
Weigh StationI-55 MM 1, Riverside
Fast Trax #7I-540 Ex 85, Rogers
Kum & Go #403I-540 Ex 86 (US62), Rogers
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS71, Rogers
Flying J Travel Plaza #605I-40 Ex 84, Russellville
Pilot Travel Center #430I-40 Ex 84 (Hwy331), Russellville
PDQHwy7, Russellville
PDQ #247Hwy7 & Hwy247, Russellville
Hob Nob ShellI-40 Ex 84, Russellville
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-40 Ex 84 (US64), Russellville
Flash Market #7US67/US167/US64 Ex 45, Searcy
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS64/US67/US167 Ex 46, Searcy
Love's #557US Ex 44, Searcy
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS167, Sheridan
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy107, Sherwood
Rest AreaI-30E, Shorewood Hills
Rest AreaI-30W, Shorewood Hills
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy412, Siloam Springs
Rest AreaI-40E MM 235, Slonikers Mill
Sumac MartHwy7, Smackover
Pilot Travel Center #145I-540 Ex 72 (US412), Springdale
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS71, Springdale
Weigh StationI-540S/US62/US71, Springdale
Teddy BearsUS82 & Hwy275, Strong
Valero #475US79, Stuttgart
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy130, Stuttgart
Flying J Travel Plaza #606I-30 Ex 7 (Hwy108), Texarkana
Camp I-30 Truck StopI-30 Ex 2, Texarkana
Cicle KI-30 Ex 2, Texarkana
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS59/US71, Texarkana
Welcome CenterI-30E, Texarkana
ValeroUS412 & Hwy112, Tontitown
Mapco Express #7334Hwy463, Trumann
Flash Market #32US63 Ex 29 (Hwy69), Trumann
Flash Market #23US63 Ex 29 (Hwy69), Trumann
Wal-Mart SupercenterTrumann
Snappy Mart #23I-55 Ex 21 (Hwy42), Turrell
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-40 Ex 5 (Hwy59), Van Buren
TWA Truck WashI-40 Ex 5 (Hwy59), Van Buren
Wal-MartUS71, Waldron
Wal-MartUS412, Walnut Ridge
E-Z Mart #432US 71, West Fork
Wycamp Truck StopUS49, West Helena
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS49, West Helena
Flying J Travel Plaza #607I-40 Ex 280 Or I-55 Ex 4, West Memphis
Love's Travel Stop #450I-40 Ex 280 Or I-55 Ex 4, West Memphis
Pilot Travel Center #429I-40 Ex 280 Or I-55 Ex 4, West Memphis
Petro - W. MemphisI-40 Ex 280 Or I-55 Ex 4, West Memphis
Flash Market #11I-40/I-55 Ex 278, West Memphis
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-40 Ex 276 Or I-55 Ex 7, West Memphis
Weigh StationI-40E/US63E MM 274, West Memphis
Weigh StationI-40W/US64W MM 284, West Memphis
Brown Tractor/TrailerWest Memphis
Blu Truck StopI-40 Ex 280, West Memphis
Sweet PeasI-40 Ex 221 (Hwy78), Wheatley
Mapco Express #3154I-40 Ex 221 (Hwy78), Wheatley
Pit Stop DinerI-40 Ex 221 (Hwy78), Wheatley
Big Red Travel PlazaI-530 Ex 34 (Hwy365), White Hall
Welcome CenterI-40W MM 275, Wylie Spur
Wynne Truck Plaza(Snappy Mart)US64 & Hwy1, Wynne
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS64, Wynne