The following truck stops are from the TruckMaster Fuel Finder™ truck stop database for the state of Alabama (AL).

We currently have over 9000 truck stops in our database. Diesel prices are updated hourly, and you can search for truck stops between two points, or within 100 miles of a specified point.

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Alabama Truck Stops

Truck StopCPGAddress
BP Food Mart #109US431 & Hwy27, Abbeville
Sumter Welcome CenterI-59N/I-20E MM 0, Abbeville
Robert S. Hardy Welcome CenterI-20W MM 213, Abbeville
M&K One StopUS78, Adamsville
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS78, Adamsville
Wal-Mart SupercentereI-65 Ex 238, Alabaster
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS280, Alexander City
Citgo AmerimartHwy280, Alexander City
Pacific PrideUS280/Hwy38, Alexander City
Shop N Fill #3US280, Alexander Cty
Mapco #5124US431 & Hwy144, Alexandria
McBride Tire & Service CenterHwy17, Aliceville
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS29/US84, Andalusia
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy21, Anniston
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS23, Arab
Sun Valley Market & DeliUS84, Ashford
Ashville TexacoI-59 Ex 166 (US231), Ashville
Bama ChevronI-59 Ex 166, Ashville
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS72, Athens
Weigh StationI-65N MM 356, Athens
Weigh StationI-65S MM 355, Athens
Diamond Gas #4Hwy21, Atmore
Diamond FuelI-65 Ex 57 (Hwy21), Atmore
Diamond Gas #21I-65 Ex 54, Atmore
Creek Travel Plaza2.269I-65 Ex 54, Atmore
Pacific PrideHwy77 & W Covington Ave, Attalla
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-59 Ex 181, Attalla
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-85 Ex 51 (Hwy15), Auburn
Midway Truck StopUS43, Axis
Kangaroo #1578I-65 Ex 31 (Hwy225), Bay Minette
Pacific PrideBelk
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-20/I-59 Ex 108, Bessemer
Weigh StationI-20S/I-59S MM 100, Birmingham
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-59 Ex 134 (US11), Birmingham
Pacific PrideBirmingham
Pacific PrideBirmingham
Pacific PrideBirmingham
Pilot Travel Center #3692.399I-20/I-59 Ex 123 (US78) Or I-65 Ex 262b, Birmingham
Kangaroo Express #3672I-20/I-59 Ex 128 (Hwy79), Birmingham
Weigh StationI-20N/I-59N MM 100, Birmingham
Flying J Travel Plaza #6022.399I-65 Ex 264, Birmingham
Rainbow Fuel StopUS231 & US278, Blountsville
Cowboys #26US431, Boaz
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS431, Boaz
Boligee Truck StopI-20/I-59 Ex 32, Boligee
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy5, Brent
Supermart #355Hwy5, Brent
Diamond Gas #5US31, Brewton
Yellow Hammer Travel CenterI-65 Ex 69 (Hwy113), Brewton
KangarooI-65 Ex 77, Brewton
I-20/59 Travel CenterI-20/I-59 Ex 113, Brighton
Blue Bird BPUS11, Brighton
Mary's Travel CenterI-20/I-59 Ex 86, Brookwood
Brookwood Shell Truck StopI-20/I-59 Ex 86, Brookwood
Hobo Pantry #24US231 & Hwy10, Brundidge
PetroI-20/I-59 Ex 100, Bucksville
Rest AreaI-65S MM 89, Burmuda
Goco's #1Hwy17, Butler
Speed TrackI-65 Ex 228 (Hwy25), Calera
Rest AreaI-20W/I-59S MM 85, Cedar Cove
Rest AreaI-20E/I-59N MM 85, Cedar Cove
Grub Mart #13US411, Centre
Pacific PrideUS411/Hwy68, Centre
Chicasaw ShellUS43, Chickasaw
Kangaroo Express #3664US280, Childersburg
Love's Travel Stop #3682.379I-65 Ex 208 (CR28), Clanton
The Store #1I-65 Ex 205 (Hwy31), Clanton
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS31, Clanton
Headco Truck StopI-65 Ex 212 (Hwy145), Clanton
Lake Mitchell ExxonI-65 Ex 208, Clanton
Goco's #6US84 & Hwy69, Coffeeville
BP Food MartI-59 Ex 205, Collinsville
Pacific PrideUS11/Hwy7, Cottondale
Wilco Hess #5501I-20/I-59 Ex 77, Cottondale
Sibley Food N FuelAL20/Hwy72 Bypass, Courtland
Rocking Chair Truck StopI-59/I-20 Ex 1, Cuba
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy69, Cullman
Pacific PrideCullman
Jacks Truck Stop2.349I-65 Ex 304, Cullman
Wilco Travel PlazaI-65 Ex 304 (Hwy69), Cullman
Cusseta Travel Plaza2.399I-85 Ex 70, Cusseta
Freedom Fuel Truck StopUS280, Dadeville
Sun Stop #616US84, Daleville
Inland Sun Valley #616US84/AL85, Daleville
Cefco #406I-10 Ex 38 (Hwy181) & US90, Daphne
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS98, Daphne
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy67, Decatur
Owen's Quick MartHwy24, Decatur
Hill's BP Truck StopHwy24, Decatur
Pacific PrideUS43/US80, Demopolis
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS80, Demopolis
Diamond Gas #9US43, Demopolis
Parr's Highway 80 ChevronUS43, Demopolis
Flying J Travel Plaza #6032.399Ross Clark Hwy & Hwy 231, Dothan
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS231, Dothan
Pacific PrideUS431/Hwy210, Dothan
Hobo Pantry #6Dothan
Kangaroo Express #3643US431, Dothan
Rest AreaI-65S MM 213, Double Bridges
Rest AreaI-65N MM 213, Double Bridges
Taylor Tire & ServiceUS278, Double Springs
Kangaroo ExpressUS29, East Brewton
Circle K #5984Hwy217, Eight Mile
Super CHwy87 & Hwy134, Elba
Al's Truck StopI-65 Ex 361, Elkmont
Ardmore Welcome CenterI-65S MM 363, Elkmont
Mack's Travel PlazaUS82/Hwy6, Elrod
Cannon Oil Station #31Hwy27, Enterprise
Kangaroo ExpressUS84, Enterprise
Good To GoUS84 & Hwy27, Enterprise
Inland Sun Valley #606US84/Hwy167, Enterprise
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS84, Enterprise
Rest AreaI-20E/I-59N MM 38, Eutaw
Rest AreaI-20W/I-59S MM 38, Eutaw
Mott Oil #23I-20/I-59 Ex 45, Eutaw
Love's Travel Stop #2252.379I-65 Ex 93, Evergreen
Diamond Gas #2I-65 Ex 93 (US84), Evergreen
Spirit Travel CenterI-65 Ex 96, Evergreen
Rest AreaUS231S, Ewell
Texaco Truck StopUS72 & CR42, Fackler
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS11, Fairfield
Love's Travel Stop #3812.349I-65 Ex 322, Falkville
J-Mart/322 Truck StopI-65 Ex 322, Falkville
Fowler OilUS43, Fayette
Handy Mart Exxon #2Hwy159/Hwy171, Fayette
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy171, Fayette
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS43/US72 & Hwy133, Florence
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy59, Foley
Cefco #405US98 & Foley Beach Ex, Foley
Kangaroo Express #3668I-59 Ex 218, Fort Payne
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-59 Ex 218 (Hwy35), Fort Payne
Pacific PrideGadsden
Pacific PrideGadsden
Petro GadsdenI-59 Ex 181 (Hwy77), Gadsden
Stephens Express MartHwy77, Gadsden
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS278/US431, Gadsden
KangarooI-59 Ex 181 (Hwy77), Gadsen
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-65 Ex 271, Gardendale
M&M MarketHwy17 & CR30/Hwy16, Geiger
Wal-MartHwy52, Geneva
TA Mobile Travel Center #54I-10 Ex 4, Grand Bay
Grand Bay Welcome CenterI-10E MM 0, Grand Bay
Wal-Mart SupercenterGreenville
Rest AreaI-65S MM 133, Greenville
Rest AreaI-65N MM 133, Greenville
Dunn's ExxonUS43 & Hwy295, Grove Hill
Diamond Gasoline Station #12Hwy12, Grove Hill
Pacific PrideGuin
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS431, Guntersville
Pacific PrideUS431/Hwy79, Guntersville
Scott's Quick MartHwy195, Haleyville
Wal-MartHwy195, Haleyville
Moore's Sugar BendUS278, Hamilton
One StopUS43 & Hwy187, Hamilton
A & D PetroI-22/Hwy17 Ex 11, Hamilton
Moore's Super StoreI-22 Ex 16, Hamilton
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS43, Hamilton
Watha'sUS43, Hamilton
Parker's I-65I-65 Ex 291 (Hwy91), Hanceville
Dodge City Petro2.459I-65 Ex 299 (Hwy69), Hanceville
Dodge City Shell2.459I-65 Ex 299 (Hwy69), Hanceville
Sun Stop #622 Big LittleHwy52 & Hwy167, Hartford
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS31, Hartselle
Herndon Oil #103US431 & Hwy173, Headland
Hobo Pantry #18US431, Headland
Shell Travel Center 205I-20 Ex 205 (Hwy46), Heflin
State Line Fuel CenterI-20 Ex 205 (Hwy46), Heflin
Super Mart #225I-20 Ex 199 (Hwy9), Heflin
I-20 TexacoI-20 Ex 199 (Hwy9), Heflin
Highland Home StarUS331, Highland Home
Highway 72 Fuel StopHwy72, Hollywood
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-65 Ex 255, Homewood
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy150, Hoover
Flying J Travel Plaza #6042.389I-65 Ex 158, Hope Hull
Saveway Travel CenterI-65 Ex 164 (Hwy31), Hope Hull
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS72, Huntsville
Wal-MartUS231 & Drake Ave, Huntsville
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-565 Ex 21 (Hwy2), Huntsville
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS231, Huntsville
City Fuel ExpressUS72, Huntsville
Jackson CitgoUS43, Jackson
Bumpers OilAL177, Jackson
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy21, Jacksonville
Food & FuelUS78, Jasper
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS78, Jasper
Love's Travel Stop #4662.389Hwy78 Ex 65, Jasper
Pacific PrideJasper
Jemison ExxonI-65 Ex 219 (CR42), Jemison
4 Way Quick StopHwy67 & Hwy69, Joppa
Crossroads BPUS78, Kansas
All N 1 ExxonUS280 & Washington St, Kellyton
Kilpatrick Quick MartHwy68, Kilpatrick
Kangaroo Express #3726I-20/I-59 Ex 52 (Hwy11/Hwy43), Knoxville
Lanett Welcome CenterI-85S MM 78, Lanett
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-20 Ex 144 (US411), Leeds
Inland Sun Valley #619US84, Level Plains
Lillian ChevronUS98, Lillian
I-20 Truck StopI-20 Ex 165, Lincoln
Pilot Travel Center #4972.399I-20 Ex 165, Lincoln
TA LincolnI-20 Ex 168 (Hwy77), Lincoln
165 Auto & Truck PlazaI-20 Ex 165, Lincoln
Diamond Gasoline Station #19US45 & Hwy69, Linden
L&B Travel PlazaI-59/I-20 Ex 17 (Hwy28), Livingston
Rest AreaI-65N MM 85, London
Rest AreaI-65S MM 301, Loretto
Rest AreaI-65N MM 301, Loretto
Highway 80 Amoco(BP)US80 & Hwy21, Lowndesboro
Love's Travel Stop #2062.389I-10 Ex 44 (Hwy59), Loxley
Luverne TexacoUS331, Luverne
Moore Natural Bridge ShellHwy278 & Hwy5, Lynn
Shop & Fill #20US82 & AL22, Maplesville
Flying J Travel Plaza #6012.399I-20 Ex 104 (I-59), Mc Calla
Caffee Junction ChevronI-20/I-59 Ex 97, Mc Calla
Caffee Junction TexacoI-20/I-59 Ex 97, Mc Calla
231 Truck StopUS231, Midland City
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy143, Millbrook
Neighborhood MarketCollage Hill, Mobile
Wal-Mart SupercenterMobile
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-10 Ex 17, Mobile
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-65 Ex 4, Mobile
Neighborhood MarketCottage Hill R, Mobile
Express Truck Wash & FuelI-65 Ex 8, Mobile
Love's #6242.379I-65 Ex 8, Mobile
Wal-MartHwy21, Monroeville
Montgomery Travel CenterI-65 Ex 168 (US80), Montgomery
Byrd's Pit StopUS31, Montgomery
Montgomery MarathonHwy271 & US231/US82, Montgomery
Pacific PrideMontgomery
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS80, Montgomery
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS80 & US231 Or I-85 Ex 6, Montgomery
Moody Valero #27002.369I-20 Ex 147, Moody
Love's #5302.389I-20 Ex 147, Moody
Brompton Valero 2690I-20 Ex 147, Moody
Weigh StationI-65S MM 278, Morris
Weigh StationI-65N MM 278, Morris
J Mart #508Hwy157, Moulton
Cowboy'sHwy157, Moulton
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy24, Moulton
Shelton Jiffy MartHwy33 & Hwy157, Moulton
OC's Quick StopUS43, Mount Vernon
Happy's Chevron #3Hwy184, Muscle Shoals
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS43/US72, Muscle Shoals
Weigh StationI-20E MM 214, New Hopewell
Weigh StationI-20W MM 209, New Hopewell
Pacific PrideNorthport
Rest AreaI-85N MM 43, Notasulga
Rest AreaI-85S MM 45, Notasulga
Kangaroo ExpressUS84 & Hwy21, Ollie
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy75, Oneonta
Joe's GroceryI-85 Ex 64, Opelika
Circle KI-85 Ex 62, Opelika
M&M GroceryHwy169, Opelika
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy15, Opelika
Hobo Pantry #23US331, Opp
Owassa BPI-65 Ex 101, Owassa
Owassa ExxonI-65 Ex 101, Owassa
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-20 Ex 185 (Hwy21), Oxford
Kangaroo Express #3667I-20 Ex 185, Oxford
Love's #5662.389US231 Ex 12, Ozark
Diamond QualityUS231, Ozark
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS231, Ozark
Hobo Pantry #21US231 & Hwy249, Ozark
Kangaroo ExpressHwy231 & 123 Cross, Ozark
Allen's Food MartI-65 Ex 242, Pelham
The Store #4I-65 Ex 246, Pelham
Pacific PrideUS31/Hwy119, Pelham
Kangaroo Express #3682I-65 Ex 246, Pelham
Diamond Gas #18I-65 Ex 45, Perdido
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS431, Phenix City
Spectrum Store #39US80, Phenix City
MarathonUS431, Phenix City
Ameri FoodsUS231, Pine Level
Welcome CenterI-85N MM 0.5, Plant City
Wal-Mart SupercenterPrattville
Pilot Travel Center #4412.359I-65 Ex 334 (Hwy67), Priceville
J mart #567I-65 Ex 334 (Hwy67), Priceville
Inland Sun ValleyUS84, River Falls
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS431 & Hwy22, Roanoke
Circle K #6689US431, Roanoke
Oasis Travel Center2.419I-10 Ex 53 (Hwy64), Robertsdale
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS43, Russellville
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-65 Ex 13 (Hwy158), Saraland
Pilot Travel Center #752.389I-65 Ex 19 (US43), Satsuma
Kangaroo Express #3686US72, Scottsboro
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS72 & Hwy35, Scottsboro
Goosepond BP Food MartHwy279 & Hwy79, Scottsboro
Mr Roy's Convenience StoreUS80/Hwy14 & Bell Rd, Selma
Jones Truck StopUS80, Selma
Crossroads ExxonUS80 & Hwy14, Selma
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy14 & US80, Selma
Petro Food & GasUS80, Selma
Baldwin Welcome CenterI-10W MM 65, Seminole
Petro2.409I-85 Ex 22 (Hwy80), Shorter
Tiger PrideI-85 Ex 26, Shorter
Love's #5772.369I-85 Ex 22, Shorter
Quick Serve #23I-85 Ex 22, Shorter
Goco's #3US84 & Hwy17, Silas
Houston Welcome CenterUS231N MM 0, Slocomb
Steve's Mini MartUS278 & Hwy75, Snead
Snead BPUS278 & AL75, Snead
Snead ChevronUS278 & AL75, Snead
Love's Travel Stop #3042.389I-59 Ex 174, Steele
Steele City Truck StopI-59 Ex 174, Steele
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS280, Sylacauga
Shop N Fill #2US280, Sylacauga
AOC #2US280, Sylacauga
Allen's Food Mart #9US280, Sylacauga
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy77, Talladega
Wal-MartHwy14, Tallassee
Pilot Travel Center #3022.399I-10 Ex 13, Theodore
Shell Merri MartHwy193, Theodore
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS43, Thomasville
Cuzz'sUS43, Thomasville
Thomasville ShellUS43, Thomasville
Sefco #485US43, Thomasville
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS231, Troy
Kelly's Food MartUS231, Troy
Kangaroo ExpressUS231, Troy
Tuscaloosa Travel CenterI-20/I-59 Ex 77, Tuscaloosa
Pilot Travel Center #762.399I-20/I-59 Ex 76 (US11), Tuscaloosa
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-20/I-59 Ex 73 (US82) Or US11, Tuscaloosa
Food Mart #9US43, Tuscaloosa
Kangaroo Express #3728Hwy69 & Bear CReek Rd, Tuscaloosa
Mapco Express #5130I-59 Ex 71, Tuscaloosa
Quick Mart #18US72 & Hwy133, Tuscumbia
Arnold's Truck StopHwy20/US72, Tuscumbia
Happy's ChevronTuscumbia
Quick Stop #107US72, Tuscumbia
Sprint Mart #40US72, Tuscumbia
Love's #5802.389US72/Hwy157, Tuscumbia
Torch 85 Truck StopI-85 Ex 42 (Wire Rd), Tuskegee
Greenway ExpressUS82 & Hwy223, Union Springs
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-85 Ex 79 (US29), Valley
Spectrum #40I-85 Ex 77, Valley
Circle K #6697I-85 Ex 77 (Fob James DR), Valley
Alabama Welcome CenterI-59S MM 240, Valley Head
Shop N FillI-65 Ex 200 (CoRd59), Verbena
Kangaroo ExpressI-65 Ex 69 (Hwy113), Wallace
Exprezit #927Hwy52, Webb
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS231, Wetumpka
H&KHwy111 & Hwy14, Wetumpka
Rest AreaI-59S, Whitney Junction
Rest AreaI-59N Ex 165, Whitney Junction
JP's General StoreHwy10, Wills Crossroads
Token #19I-22 Ex 30 (Hwy129), Winfield
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS43/US78, Winfield
Price Pure Truck RepairUS78 & US43, Winfield
Love's Travel Stop #2272.389I-20/Hwy216 Ex 100, Woodstock
York Truck PlazaI-20/I-59 Ex 8 (Hwy17), York