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TruckMaster offers freight bill processing for food service corporations and other companies that find it more cost effective to "farm out" carrier payment to a 3rd party rather than have the expense of office personnel and systems in-house. We have provided the following links as a convenience to our clients:

If you would like to bid on one or more of the lanes handled by clients of TruckMaster, press the "Bid" button and enter your quotes on the desired lanes*

Carriers paid by TruckMaster:
Please enter your carrier # and password in the fields provided to access your trip / payment history. If you do not yet have your carrier # and password, call 208-324-5191 x 210.

Carrier #:

Companies interested in 3rd party freight bill management: Please call 208-324-5191 x 102

* Note: TruckMaster has absolutely no control over this freight-approved payment for services rendered.