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Time To Give Up, Or Time Of Opportunity?


Time To Give Up, Or Time Of Opportunity?

My job allows me the opportunity each week to talk with hundreds of people in the trucking industry. They represent a broad spectrum of companies from single truck owner operators, mid-sized trucking companies, large contract carriers, private fleets, and non-asset based operations. Some of the people are just venturing out into the trucking industry for the first time, but the majority of them have been in the trucking business for at least a decade or more. With few exceptions despite the negative news reports, and mountains of statistical data declaring how horrible the economy is these people are tenaciously optimistic. While acutely aware of their business challenges, they are creative, and motivated to overcome them.

Times like these always bring about new opportunities. Manufacturers and distributors are constantly evaluating their supply chains in search of increased efficiencies. Where a larger carrier may have had a dedicated fleet, decreased demand may open up an opportunity for a smaller carrier, or a brokerage firm with the right mix of capacity to fill the gap. Staying in contact with your customers, networking, and being prepared for opportunities has never been more important. New business are sprouting up where larger and/or less efficient companies have failed. New opportunities are all around us. If we're too busy complaining or watching the news we will miss them. History has many stories of people that have made their success during the worst economic times. These successful people were not sitting around complaining with the masses.

Customers do not want to hear gloom and doom from their vendors, they want to know they are financially viable, and have an efficient operation that provides excellent customer service. As a service provider this is your opportunity to not just survive but thrive. Your attitude with your co-workers, employees, vendors, and customers will directly affect your success with them. Where others may be constantly complaining about the economy and barely making it, be optimistic and let them know how well you are doing. Share your successes with them. Is a customer going to remember another person sharing how horrible things are, or will they remember the person who was optimistic and positive.

Finally, we need to continue to invest. Invest in our people, our equipment, and our systems. This may not be in just dollars, but in time. Staff need to know we are optimistic about the future so they can help look for opportunities, and stay productive. Most trucking companies already know the importance of maintaining their equipment. Almost nothing is more expensive then an equipment failure. It is also true for the often over looked office equipment. Empowering your people with a positive environment and efficient systems is more important now than it has ever been.

Please provide us feedback on how your company is staying positive and thriving in this time of opportunity. Attitudes are contagious, and you never know who your positive attitude is going to infect.

TruckMaster is where positive attitude can be found. Call or write us today and find out for yourself.

Kurtis Brown
TruckMaster Solution Provider
TruckMaster Your Trucking Operation

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