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While the current financial climate is more favorable for truckers than some other professions in the logistics industry, many banks are still reluctant to give out loans and financing for owner-operators. Sometimes it is better to get commercial truck financing rather than approaching a lender since the truck itself makes for excellent collateral. more »


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If You're Not Buying Trucks Now, You'll Hate Yourself Later. The recent economic events have brought a great amount of uncertainty to the financial markets, but they have also brought a number of more personally relevant changes that are not often me… more »


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I think we are all glad to see the end of 2009 and start a new year, in fact a new decade! more »


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Do you see things getting better? Has your trucking business been improving over the last few weeks? Have you felt more optimism from those that you do business with? more »


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Is the economy improving for the trucking industry? more »

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