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This week is "National Transportation Week", instituted by President John F. Kennedy in 1962. It is a Federal holiday declaring the importance of all modes of transportation that we enjoy in the United States. Of course we would like to concentrate on our favorite mode of transportation, "Trucking".

The trucking industry really got started in the early 20's when our country experienced the first major trucking boom. At first trucks served the rail industry and ports shuttling products. As better tires were created and better roads built, the trucking industry began to fiercely compete with the rail industry. As trucks performance improved and their length of haul increased, they were often directly competing with the rail. This threat to the rail industry is what lead the government to institute regulations on the trucking industry in 1935, controlling not only the freight rates, but the type of freight a trucking company could haul. However as trucking companies continued to expand their reach, rail traffic continued to decline. In 1980 the Motor Carrier Act partly deregulated the trucking industry leading to the next huge explosion in the trucking industry.

Since then there have been many changes, and challenges. From the "North American Free Trade Act" in 1994, to the current recession and dynamic fuel price changes. However, the spirit that started the trucking industry in the early days with under powered, open cab trucks on solid rubber tires running over dirt roads or cobble stones is still alive today. There is the romance of the open road that still calls, and the entrepreneurial spirit that is a part of each and every trucking company in America. It is what drives us all to push beyond and through the tough times to at least the less tough times, and keep dreaming of the good days to come.

Today the trucking industry truly ties our country together. It is what keeps our country fed, clothed, and supplied with every convenience. Thanks to all of you that make it happen each and every day.

Have a great "National Transportation Week".

Kurtis Brown
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