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If You're Not Buying Trucks Now, You'll Hate Yourself Later.


If You're Not Buying Trucks Now, You'll Hate Yourself Later.

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If You're Not Buying Trucks Now, You'll Hate Yourself Later.

The recent economic events have brought a great amount of uncertainty to the financial markets, but they have also brought a number of more personally relevant changes that are not often mentioned on the news. For example, the prices of commercial vehicles have begun to increase dramatically due to the changes in the market place and the financial markets around the world.

As people begin to tighten their wallets and knuckle down, the prices of all kinds of commodities and vehicles have begun to increase, including those of heavy duty trucks like Freightliner trucks or Kenworth trucks. This article will discuss some of the reasons why now might paradoxically be the best time to buy trucks despite the financial uncertainty that seems to be everywhere.

The reasons behind the price increases in commercial trucks are not intuitive, but with a bit of thought, they do make sense. When the stock market becomes less stable, the typical actions taken by people and businesses are not that different: both tend to stop buying, producing, or spending in general. The approach taken instead is to wait and see.

This means that fewer trucks are going to be made as manufacturers wait to see what the market will do. It also means that dealers are likely to increase the prices of the trucks they already have as a way of making sure that they will still make some money even if the markets continue to be unstable. What this means for the end user, such as a small business like a shipping or transportation fleet, is that it will become more expensive to buy the trucks they need to keep business as usual running.

Therefore, even though the natural thing to do when one does not know what the market may do from one day to the next is to sit tight and hold off any big purchases, the financially savvy thing to do is actually the opposite. If you need a quality truck like a Kenworth or a Freightliner, you should buy it now instead of later, because the prices of such trucks will only continue to increase in the future, and passing on a deal now might mean spending thousands of dollars more even just a few short months from now. Furthermore, getting a good truck now before prices start to climb higher will ensure that you make a reasonable purchase out of practicality now instead of out of desperation later.

Jim McCormack
Trucker To Trucker LLC

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