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Your business relies on 'safe' drivers which means you need to stay informed. TruckMaster's Envision Safety Module makes this easy! No more digging through files or manually maintaining a spreadsheet to stay on top of critical information. EnVision is a safety director's best friend!

A brief list of features of TruckMaster EnVision Safety Module includes:

Automated Driver Qualification Management

Define the qualifications and document types that your company or the DOT requires to be on file and then EnVision does the rest! The system will alert dispatchers, management and the driver prior to any expiration dates. It can optionally even block a dispatcher from assigning a load to an 'un-qualified' driver.

Accident / Incident Tracking

The EnVision Safety module includes an excellent accident report that was developed with the guidance of a major insurance provider. This user-friendly, detailed accident report will save you a considerable amount of time and money when dealing with claims or physical damages.

ELD Integration

EnVision can pull HOS data directly from your Tracking/ELD system. This allows for informed decision making at the point of dispatch. See right on your dispatch screens whether or not a driver has enough hours to take a load and whether or not they would be late because of not having enough available hours.

Random Drug and Alcohol Test Selection

EnVision provides a built in Random Drug/Alcohol generator. You can also have the system send emails or print letters notifying the driver that they have been selected and what procedures to follow.

Easy to use Driver Management

EnVision allows you to easily manage Driver's vacation time, sick days, personal days, etc., and alerts you to possible conflicts right from the dispatching screens.