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TruckMaster's EnVision Payroll Software, makes payroll simple. Manage payroll for Drivers, Leasors, Mechanics and Office Staff all in the same system. It is easy to use and seamlessly integrated with the rest of EnVision's suite of products which means there is very little manual entry. Never dread payday again!

A brief list of features of EnVision's Payroll Module includes:

Automated Payroll Calculations

Because EnVision's Payroll Module is seamlessly integrated with everything else, in most cases the information you need to do payroll has already been entered. It knows how many miles are on each trip, how many stops, whether there was loading/unloading charges and any other trip related charges. Simply review the information on Driver or Leasor Settlement and you are done! And non-driver payroll is even easier!

Make Deductions Easy

EnVision allows for complex recurring deductions such as Cafeteria Plans, 401k, Roth IRA, extra Federal or State Withholdings and more. You can set them up to be fixed amounts, percentage of gross, before tax, after tax, etc. and even tell the system to stop deducting once it reaches a certain $ amount.

Pay Any Way You Want

EnVision's completely user defined pay code system allows you to define what you pay your Drivers, Leasors, and Employees for. Many TMS packages on the market have 'fixed' codes that may not match your business model. With EnVision you will never have to throw everything into the Misc. field because the pay code you need doesn't exist.

Pay your Leasor's Drivers

EnVision supports the ability to deduct driver payroll costs directly from your Leasors, allowing them to concentrate on keeping their trucks busy rather than having to worry about the bookwork involved in employing their drivers. You might even be able to charge a little extra for this service!

W2 and 1099 Generation

EnVision allows you to print W2's and 1099's directly from the system as well as upload them to the IRS's FIRE system.

Automated Tax calculations

EnVision has full State, Federal, and County tax calculations built in. TruckMaster automatically updates them as there are changes and includes them in your maintenance updates.

Canadian, Provincial, EI, CPP Calculation

The EnVision Payroll Module was designed to automatically calculate all Canadian payroll taxes as well.

Direct Deposit

EnVision gives you the ability to pay Drivers, Leasors, and Office Employees via direct deposit with the option to have multiple accounts assigned for each. Do you have a driver that wants 10% of his paycheck to go to savings and the rest split between two checking accounts? No problem!

Remote Access to Drivers Pay Information Info

EnVision gives your Drivers the ability to access their pay information while on the road either via a 3rd party Tracking System or on our Driver App.

Easy Settlement Reimbursements or Deductions

EnVision lets you set up recurring or one time reimbursements and deductions for Drivers, Leasors and Carriers. Keep track and auto deduct advances whether you paid them via check, EFT or on a fuel card. Automatically deduct fuel, insurance, and reserve account contributions from your Leasors.