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Fuel Finder Improvements - 03/15/09


Fuel Finder Improvements - 03/15/09

Based on input provided by users of the TruckMaster Fuel Finder™, we've implemented several new features this weekend. Special thanks to kent0242 who provided many of these great suggestions.

  • Registered users may now update prices for truck stops that we don't get direct pricing from. When you go to a truck stop page, such as this one, you'll see a link right under the "Diesel CPG" that will give you an area to update the CPG. The submitted CPG will be kept in our system for 2 days, or until someone else updates it with a more current figure.
  • If you see incorrect information that we have on a truck stop page, you can request a correction. Simply follow the "Report Incorrect Information" link at the top of any truck stop page (such as the one above). You'll be provided with an area to tell us what information is incorrect. A TruckMaster Solution Provider will receive your submission and, after verification, make the appropriate corrections. This new feature requires that you a registered user.
  • Registered users can suggest truck stops that they'd like to have added to the Fuel Finder™. Provide us with basic information about the truck stop, and we'll contact them to get the details that we need.
  • You'll now see ratings for truck stops on all truck stop listings, including the by-state, by-affiliation, and search results pages. These ratings are entered by registered users by way of our review system.
  • Truck stop results can now be viewed in a printer-friendly format. After you run a truck stop search from the Fuel Finder™ main page, you'll see a "Print-Friendly" link above the results. This opens in a new window, so that when you print it, you're not having to print all the "junk" that appears on our main page. It's important "junk" to us so that search engines are able to find us better, but we understand that it may not be as important to you :).

I think that's about it, quite a few big improvements, and more are headed your way. Thanks to all for the great feedback you've been giving us. It's wonderful to hear how useful people are finding the tool.

Greg Dodson
TruckMaster Logistics Systems, Inc.
TruckMaster Your Trucking Company™

To my brother, Lyle Dodson
12/07/1955 - 03/15/2009
You'll be greatly missed.

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