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Comment from: Paul  

LOL!! Tell me that review wasn’t written by the Boz Brother’s financial manager!!! Hahahahahahahahaha!!!! Please, how stupid do you think the public is?

07/22/10 @ 07:14 am

In response to: New Feature - Truck Stop Reviews

Comment from: richard

Recently I stopped back in Boz Bros after being out west for a few months. I was saddened to see that my Ray Of Sunshine was no longer there- Asst Mgr Carrie. She always had a smile on her face, a happy word for anyone who walked into the building and kept us laughing on the radio. When I asked the manager Julie what happened, she had no comment. Maybe I broke up the smokers lounge with my comment. I decided to stop for something to eat and the waitress- JoJo-NoTeeth- was as surly as ever. She may be a favorite amongst locals but when someone new comes in, tone down the foul language and the smoke breaks.
All I can say is that I will let the other drivers know that Carrie is no longer there and to keep driving either to Mauston or Oakdale. What a pity…..

01/26/10 @ 10:13 am

In response to: New Feature - Truck Stop Reviews


I stumbled upon Boz Bros. Truck Stop
(New Lisbon, WI Exit #61) and was, quite frankly, amazed at the notion of an American family-owned business taking on the nearly impossible financial challenge of operating and revamping a major truck stop (formerly CITGO). During my visits there, it felt like Aunt Martha was baking biscuits in the kitchen while Uncle Charlie was hobnobbing with hungry, spirited diners. One would think in such a revenue-pressurized situation that a down home, friendly atmosphere would be unsustainable. Their shop is meticulous and clean enough to be a satellite dining area. Attached is contact informaton.

Like many businesses in the past year, we have received surprise ‘credit line reduction’ calls from stammering, panicked Financial Managers who spread fear like hot sauce at a Texas barbeque.
We all need to hear about optimistic entrepreneurs like the Boz (Bozovich) Brothers . Their fortitude and unflinching faith in free enterprise gives us strength to fight our own battles. Most truckstops today are corporate-owned and bear little resemblance to cozy trucker havens of the past.

05/20/09 @ 04:32 pm
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