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Document Management


Document Management

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Often document management is an option or 'add on' solution and it is usually an expensive option for most systems. TruckMaster's unique design and setup allows for system wide document imaging and management with no additional cost or hardware. This is an often over looked and under appreciated benefit.

I believe it is this way because the perception that "it is not real until it is printed on paper". Since papyrus took over from clay tablets this has been engrained in us. However, in the technological world we live in we simply do not have room, or time, for paper any longer. We generate so much data each day it would be insane to try to print it all. We see this in the form of websites, on-line banking, and even electronic billboards. Have you been through Las Vegas lately, wow! Just these examples represent tons of paper that we used to use. Now we trust digital images with just about everything in our daily lives, from medical records to our children's on-line grades.

Not so long ago we used to print the final draft of anything out of either fear that it could get destroyed or lost on a computer, or we had that deep seated need to hold the document in our hands to prove it was real. However, electronic data storage has become extremely inexpensive and very secure. With TruckMaster's system, it is also extremely organized and easily accessible.

Because you may attach documents to any file in the system, there is no need to worry about finding your documents. They are directly attached to the very record you attach them. There is no need to worry about extra cataloging or organizing. TruckMaster does it all for you. Anytime you access that record in the future TruckMaster will tell you and show you that a document is attached and available for you to retrieve. It's so simple, and yet so effective.

Think of anything you have to file for your trucking company or freight brokerage business. Anything; Employee files, Driver files, Equipment Inspection reports, Permits, and Licensing, Customer Proof of Delivery documents, Shipment Claim forms and pictures of product, the list just goes on and on. How many file cabinets do you own? Better yet, how many boxes of files do you have in storage?

Imagine all of those thousands of paper documents simply in your system backup file. Often the first reaction is how easy it would be to lose or accidentally delete that file. But wait, it's equally easy to create multiple, encrypted, backup files and save them to multiple locations. How easy is it to make backup copies of all that paper and distribute them to multiple locations? If, God forbid, you suffer one natural disaster how many documents could you lose forever? Now what is real and what isn't?

TruckMaster's document imaging saves you time, money, and keeps your company's data safe for as long as you need it. If you have a TruckMaster system and you haven't used document imaging, call us and we'll help you get started. If you don't have a TruckMaster system we can help you with that too! TruckMaster Your Company Today!

Kurtis Brown
TruckMaster Solution Provider
TruckMaster Logistics Systems, Inc.
TruckMaster Your Trucking Company

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