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Dispatching Software


Dispatching Software

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There are several different choices when it comes to dispatching software, and some are more suited to the small business environment. When it comes to dispatching, we all know how difficult it can be to keep track of all of the loads, drivers, and appointments and while trying to keep all of your drivers and customers happy.

Inside a trucking company there can be many different dispatch departments. Some handle only brokerage, some only company trucks, some only owner operators. There are some smaller companies that don’t have a lot of people but those few people handle everything. In cases where dispatchers run both the company trucks and find outside carriers for their extra freight having a great system that can handle all of these situations is vital.

That's what TruckMaster is all about. Our software is very versatile in being able to handle all of the complex issues of dispatching. When it comes to dispatching, things change every few minutes, from drivers and carriers not being able to take or deliver loads to customers who need loads moved in a hurry.

Inside the TruckMaster dispatch system you are able to:

  • Create the load so that you can see it before putting it on a truck. You are able to enter the customer, shipping and receiving information dates and times, weights, comments and your rates to be billed.
  • Take that load and put it on a truck whether it is a company truck or outside carrier. If it’s an outside carrier you can rate it and send them a confirmation.
  • View all of the available loads that are waiting to be dispatched on a truck or carrier.
  • View all of the available loads on the top and all of the trucks and their status on the bottom. From this screen you can select a load and click on the truck you wish to put the load on which dispatches the truck.
  • View the status, destination, last call in and PTA of a truck or a trailer.

Knowing where your trucks are at all times is vital and by having a screen specifically to record those check calls from drivers and carriers where they are showing, what they are doing, and if there running on time, as a dispatcher having easy access to tell anyone where they are makes life so much easier, more efficient, therefore more cost effective.

With all of these features that tie dispatching together for both company trucks or outside trucks, TruckMaster Logistics Systems is the trucking system for you. It is easy to learn and easy to use. You are able to keep on top of your loads and able to keep drivers and customers informed. Contact TruckMaster today for a free demo; learn how having a great system can make your life so much better.

Donna Braxton
TruckMaster Solution Provider
TruckMaster Your Trucking Company

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