Trucking Dispatching Software Details

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Trucking Dispatching Software

Dispatching involves critical decision making and timely execution. Decisions are only as good as the information available. Execution in today's world demands effective, effortless communication across multiple channels. TruckMaster Trucking Dispatch Software provides you and your personnel with real time visibility of the information they need, and multiple communication tools to execute their decisions from a single screen. In addition management may easily track the decisions and timing of execution in real time or via numerous manual and automatic reporting capabilities.

A brief list of TruckMaster Trucking Dispatch Software features includes:

  • Easy To Use
  • Available Order Visibility
  • Order Status Visibility From Pending to Delivered
  • Complete EDI System: Receive, Tender, ACE
  • Full Integration With Mobile Tracking Solutions
  • Allows Complex Drop and Hook Scenarios
  • Quick and Easy Historical Queries
  • Easy Duplication Of Repeat Loads
  • Powerful Rate Calculator
  • Pallet and Equipment Tracking
  • ETA Tracking
  • Carriers May Accept And Enter Statuses On Loads Via Your Website
  • Customers May View Load Statuses Via Your Website
  • Dispatchers May Be Automatically Emailed On Problem Loads

TruckMaster Trucking Dispatching Software provides multiple tools that format information from all of your resources so your dispatchers can monitor your shipments and equipment effectively regardless of how the data is provided to you. Whether the position, and status information is entered manually, or via website, EDI, Email, or wireless tracking integration, TruckMaster automatically ties the information in useful formats to the related Order and Trip for easy access before, during and after the dispatch process. TruckMaster Trucking Dispatch Software is the data hub, decision support, and execution tool that will allow your people to drive more savings to your bottom line.

TruckMaster's transportation management system is a completely integrated solution. Once a Trip is completed, the Order information is immediately available for Invoicing and Driver Settlement processing, which is where the information for Payroll, Fuel Management, and Road and Fuel Tax is audited and finalized.

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