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The Art of Service


The Art of Service

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25 years ago, I worked for a freight brokerage company in Yakima, WA. It is a good company and is still in operation today. I left there about 19 years ago, but the one thing I remember most from that experience was something the boss would say on a regular basis, "Guys, we don’t have any trucks, so we aren’t a trucking company; and we don’t have a warehouse, so we aren’t a shipper with product to sell, so what do we have to offer? Service! That’s all we have, that’s all we are – service. So let's be the very best we can be. Let’s offer our customers more than 'get-by' service, let's give them spectacular service.”

The boss reminded us of the time he was brokering produce in Southern California and sold a truck load of cantaloupe of a specific quality and size to a market place in New York City. When the truck arrived for pickup, the shipping warehouse was out of that quality and size. What did the shipper do? He loaded the truck up with a better quality fruit and sent it on its way. He didn't ask, or even suggest there should be a price change. He merely stated it was his fault so rather than cheating a customer by defaulting on the contract or sending a product of lesser quality; his philosophy was to send a better product. After all, "it doesn’t cost anymore to be magnanimous." He knew the customer would be back for more if he treated him right.

How is your service perceived by your customers? Do you stand out in the crowd of freight brokerage companies as one that cares about doing business the right way? As a freight brokerage company, all you have to offer is service. Here are some questions to ask yourself and your employees:

  1. Do our customers and their needs always come first?
  2. Are we looking for ways to better serve our customers?
  3. Is the service we have to offer going to bring new customers to the table?
  4. Is our service such that our customers tell their friends about us?

With excellent software available from TruckMaster Logistics Systems, Inc, offering superior service to your customers is easier than ever before. With information including; customer and customer load information, carrier information, truck location and check call information, available at your fingertips from anywhere in the world you are able to offer excellent service to your customers.

Now, the conclusion of the cantaloupe story, the NYC market was so impressed with the melons they received that they started ordering from this shipper exclusively.

What do you have to offer? Service! Does it cost you any more to be magnanimous? No! Call us at TruckMaster Logistics Systems, 888-891-9550, or visit us at our website and let us show you how you can stand out as a leader in freight brokerage service.

Dale Clark
TruckMaster Solution Provider
TruckMaster Your Freight Brokerage

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