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Are You Prepared?


Are You Prepared?

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Freight Broker Software – Being Prepared

Are you prepared for what your customer is going to ask for next? Having a good freight broker software system will ensure that you are.

Just this week I spoke with two different freight brokerage companies who stood to lose customers due to their inability to communicate electronically. Their customers are demanding to have either website visibility of their shipments and/or EDI capabilities for shipment tendering, acceptance, and status updates. Both brokerages had no or very limited freight broker software and were furiously looking for a solution to provide their customers what they needed.

In both cases these broker's long time customers were very happy with their over-all services. However with ever increasing demands for efficiency and demands from their own customers for shipment visibility and faster communication they are being forced to work only with transportation service providers that offer website and/or EDI shipment management options.

The bottom line, the brokerage or trucking companies that had made investments in quality freight broker software and trucking software are in a significant competitive advantage. Despite the brokerage companies that had worked hard for years to provide excellent service, their failure to invest in quality software has them in a precarious situation. Not only do they have to invest in freight brokerage and trucking software but they have to do it quickly in order to retain the business they have worked so hard to build.

Providing freight broker software is much more than just providing an efficient environment from which to manage your business. Today it is about expanding that power to your customers and vendors to ensure you are offering the best service, and maximizing your profitability. While EDI transactions are old school technology these standardized formats are still very much in use, and of course the Internet is providing more opportunities to share information in near real time. Your freight broker software of choice should have the ability to easily provide you solutions for these and other custom forms of communications.

As our economy continues to struggle there is a unique time of opportunity for companies to improve their technologies so that they are better positioned for the inevitable recovery. As I mentioned in an earlier blog regarding improving business practices, improving your ability to communicate with your customers and vendors electronically, providing near instant visibility of their information is another step toward improving your future profitability and success.

For more information on how your freight brokerage can offer electronic communications to your current and future customers, please contact TruckMaster today.

Kurtis Brown
VP Sales
TruckMaster Logistics Systems, Inc.
TruckMaster Your Freight Brokerage™

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