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Tips for Running a Successful Freight Brokerage Company, Part II


Tips for Running a Successful Freight Brokerage Company, Part II

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In July, this blog ran an article loaded with tips for a budding freight brokerage company to get up and going. We discussed ways to build both a strong carrier base and a strong customer base. Now it’s time to discuss how to keep your company making money for you, your employees and for the carriers that work with you; and to offer competitive pricing to the customers who give you freight.

Even with a strong carrier base and a strong customer base, if you or your employees are hard to get along with these carriers and customers aren’t going to be willing to continue to do business with you. Your strong carrier or customer base will weaken and eventually collapse.

Hiring employees that will work for your business instead of working over your business is the first key. If you could hire someone with great people skills and freight brokerage experience, you would have the ideal situation. So how do you find these people?

Some people think that "retired" truck drivers make great brokers since they know the trucking industry so well. And granted, I know a number of brokers that came from the ranks of drivers who are exceptional brokers. But generally, a driver is always going to think like a driver and that’s not in the best interest of a brokerage company.

Some people think that stealing brokers away from the competition is the best way to get good employees. But, in my mind, I have to ask if he left the other guy, how long will he stay here before he moves on to the next company – and takes the freight we have built up with him?

When hiring employees, don't be afraid to ask the tough questions. Ask why they want to come to work for you. Ask what they are willing to do to be successful at your company. Ask whether the money or the customer is the most important thing in a business transaction. Ask if they are dedicated to building relationships with fellow employees, customers, and carriers that will foster continued company growth. Ask all of the questions that will help you assess the prospective employee’s character and work ethic.

Treat your employees with the respect you would like them to show you and your customers and carriers. Whether you pay your brokers a salary, by the hour or by commission, be generous but not to the extreme. Offer benefits you can afford and are appealing to your employees. Discounted health or dental insurance, and 401k matching options are good examples. An auto-renewing subscription to Field and Stream magazine may be your heart's greatest desire, but not necessarily theirs.

Provide your employees with the tools that will help them do their jobs efficiently and correctly. One of those tools is the correct software. Freight Brokerage Software from TruckMaster Logistics Systems, Inc. is the perfect solution to all of your freight brokerage needs. Our Freight brokerage software is easy to use and, at the same time, completely handles all of the tasks required to run an efficient and profitable freight brokerage company. To find out how we can help you be more profitable and more efficient, and have a greater presence in the marketplace, call us at 888-891-9550 or visit TruckMaster on the web. We look forward to showing you how you can be successful too.

Dale Clark
TruckMaster Solution Provider
TruckMaster Your Freight Brokerage

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