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TruckMaster's EnVision Quote Module is a powerful tool that gives you the ability to quickly create, send and save quotes for all of your customers.

A brief list of the features of the EnVision Quote Module includes:

Flexible Quote Engine

EnVison gives you the ability to easily create quotes using user defined Accessorial charges and/or your saved rates in the system. You can quickly create multiple quotes for the same load based on different Accessorial charges to give your customer options.

See your Profit BEFORE you quote

Search for historical rates from your carriers that have hauled similar loads in the past. EnVision can also search current industry rates through our integrations with 3rd party rate monitoring services to see the low and high RPM for similar loads right now. This data makes it easy to provide customers with quotes that are good for your bottom line!

One Click Load Creation

Once a quote has been approved by your customer, it takes only one click to create the load directly from the quote. Just like everywhere else in EnVision the Quotes module is seamlessly integrated with all of the other parts of the system.