Trucking Settlements Software Details

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Trucking Settlements Software

TruckMaster Settlements Module Details

TruckMaster Trucking Settlements Software takes the pain out of accounting for your trip expenses, payroll information, and road and fuel tax liabilities.

When you first receive the trip packet from your driver, the TruckMaster Trucking Settlements Software already knows all about it from the information that the dispatcher and billing clerk entered, so the settlement clerk basically double checks the information for exceptions and goes to the next settlement. How?

Our seamless internal integration allows us to know how many extra stops are needing to be paid, what load revenue an owner-operator gets a percentage of, etc.

Our interfaces with routing system partners such as PC*Miler, Rand McNally, and others, means that the trip miles are already there. Your clerk need only make adjustments for out of route and compare to the actual odometer if desired.

Our interfaces with fuel card providers such as Comdata, EFS, and others, means that fuel costs and driver advances are already in the system. If you require your drivers to submit a trip number with purchase, the transaction is automatically applied to the correct trip, otherwise a couple keystrokes will apply the outstanding transactions.

Automatic reimbursements and deductions may be set up for each driver or leasor, so the only ones that need to be manually entered are ones that occur on a per-trip basis, that were not accrued on a fuel card.

We have a voucher system that allows you to ensure that for reimbursable expenses such as lumpers and pallets, the customer is billed and the driver reimbursed. This also ensures that a dispatcher has signed off on the expense in advance of incurring the cost, and you're not blind-sided when you get the trip information back from the driver.

If you have leased trucks that employ someone else to drive them, TruckMaster Trucking Settlements Software can automatically deduct driver payroll costs from the leased operator. We also handle leasor reserve accounts for you.

Once the settlement has been entered for driver payroll purposes, all the required information has also been entered to pay your road & fuel taxes at the end of the quarter. Run a report, write out a check, it's that easy.

A brief list of features of TruckMaster Trucking Settlements Software includes:

  • Company Driver Settlements
  • Owner-Operator / Leasor Settlements
  • Deduct Driver Cost From Leasors
  • Owner-Operator Reserve/Escrow Tracking
  • Recurring and One-Time Deductions
  • Allows Complex Deductions
  • Road and Fuel Tax Reporting
  • Out-Of-Route Tracking
  • Trip-By-Trip Profit / Loss
  • Easy To Understand Pay Vouchers

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