Trucking Records Software Details

Trucking Records Software

TruckMaster Records Details

TruckMaster Trucking Software serves as a consolidation point for all of your vital business information. We've spent many years developing the entry screens to be well-organized and complete.

Although "Records" is a broad term that could easily refer to most of the data the TruckMaster Trucking Software system concerns itself about, this section is specifically about the records we provide to define your customers, shippers, receivers, carriers, drivers, creditors, and employees (we call these "rolodex" records).

In addition to the ability to attach scanned documents to any record (which is not limited to rolodex records), you may also attach permanent comments to them, keep track of important dates (birthdays, anniversaries), track important contacts for each (wife, emergency contact, after-hours contact). You may secure sensitive information from view, modification, or deletion. Changes made to these records are kept in a "change log" that tells you who, when, what.

This is a small sampling of what we allow you to track (we don't want to give our competitors too many features to copy! Request a demo and we'll show you much more!)