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Trucking Interfaces Software

Trucking Software Interfaces

TruckMaster Trucking Software has interfaces with many 3rd party solution providers, and many more custom interfaces with in-house software systems.

Our interfaces with mobile communications systems (such as Omnitracs, Samsara, Motive, etc) allow drivers to send and receive email directly from their mobile units. You can set up a character limit and per-character charge to cover communication cost overhead, and it's automatically deducted from their payroll.

Given regular position information, we can alert your dispatchers if a load is going to be late for pickup or delivery, taking into account the amount of time the driver needs to rest on the route, the time it takes to drive from his current position to destination, etc. Your dispatchers can be emailed when a problem is imminent, in many cases hours or even days prior to there being a problem. We can even set it up so that the system will call the dispatcher's cell phone until a receipt of the alert is acknowledged.

Drivers may access their pending payroll information directly from their in-cab device, or may be allowed secured access to the same via your website. They may also request route information provided by our routing system partners (such as PC*Miler, Rand McNally, etc) and have the results returned to their in-cab device. They may request the cheapest fuel stops for their route at any point, which are returned to them by cheapest net CPG (see our Fuel Finder for a demonstration). These features greatly enhance the driver's experience and aid in driver retention.

We have interfaces with all the major fuel card services (including Comdata, EFS, etc). We add more as we encounter them.

We have interfaces with several factoring companies, which allows painless upload of daily invoicing data.

We have interfaces with the major truck stop scanning services, which allows you to get the necessary paperwork returned much more quickly and get the revenue on it's way asap.

We have interfaces with many proprietary in-house software systems, from purchase order systems to ERP and warehousing.

We have interfaces with several fuel optimization services.

We have an awesome integration to web sites, you can click here to view an interactive demonstration.

TruckMaster excels at interfaces, if you don't see an interface listed with a company you do business with, let us know! Odds are we've added it since the website was updated, or we can quickly and cheaply add it for you.

Mobile Communications & Tracking

Mileage/Routing software

Fuel Service Providers

Factoring Companies

Truck Stop Imaging

Don't see your company's name on this list? Contact us.


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