Trucking Brokerage Software Details

Trucking Brokerage Software

Trucking Brokerage Software Details

To call TruckMaster Trucking Brokerage Software a "module" is really not accurate, as it's tightly integrated into the appropriate areas throughout the TruckMaster trucking software system.

Load information may be imported or exported from a load posting service as required, may be manually entered, or imported via EDI or 3rd party software system.

Carrier selection may be automated, with carriers selected by lane availability, rate, or past performance criteria. Loads may be tendered to carriers via EDI, website/email, or faxed load confirmation. Carriers in turn may update their progress on tendered trips via EDI or your website.

If desired, your customers may be granted access to your website to view their load statuses, or may be set up to receive automated status emails as their received from your carriers. You can set up automatic faxed or emailed trip payment status reports to your carriers, showing why they haven't received payment, due to non-payment of your customer, discrepancy between your confirmed rate and the rate on their invoice, payment pending, etc..

TruckMaster Trucking Brokerage Software will monitor your carrier's insurance expiration dates, and block any carrier with expired or expiring insurance certificates from being dispatched (without management override). At any point in time an evaluation may be requested, which will generate warning letters to any carriers who will expire within the defined time period, along with a recap for your records. This process may be automated, so that it happens on a regular basis without the need for human interaction.

A brief list of TruckMaster Trucking Brokerage Software features includes:

  • Load Posting Service Integration
  • Load Tendering via EDI/Website/Email/Fax
  • Carrier Status Updates via EDI/Website
  • Automated Pay Status Notifications To Carriers
  • Insurance Expiration Monitoring
  • Easily Split Loads Between Company and Outside Equipment
  • Carrier Invoice Discrepancy Reconciliation
  • Automated Rate Calculation
  • Lane Analysis with Carrier Performance Reporting
  • Profit / Loss Reporting
  • Versatile Commission Reporting
  • Freight Agent / Freight Finder Payables
  • Carrier Factoring Company Support
  • Supports Partial Carrier Payments
  • Carriage Contract / Confirmation on Trip-by-Trip Basis

TruckMaster Trucking Brokerage Software's integration into the TruckMaster 2000 trucking software system means that you don't have to go to an outside product to run the brokerage side of your trucking business. Brokerage features are found throughout the system, frequently on the same screens as their trucking system counterparts.

TruckMaster Trucking Brokerage Software is a "must have", whether you are a large brokerage operation, or a trucking company that has an occasional need to broker a few loads.