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Trucking Billing Software

Trucking Software Billing

We are certain you will not find a more powerful or simpler to use billing system for trucking on the market.

You set the rules for when a load is "billable", whether it is when the load is booked or when the load is delivered, and TruckMaster Trucking Billing Software "pops" it into the queue to be billed at the appropriate time. From there your billing clerk double checks the bill-to information and the automatically calculated rates, and ok's the invoice to be generated.

PODs and other required paperwork may be scanned and attached to the invoice, so that when it is printed or faxed, the attachments are printed or faxed along with the invoice. Our interfaces with truck stop scanning solutions allow for a quicker flow of paperwork to you so that you can speed up the collection process.

Invoices may be printed on one of our many standard forms or any custom format that you supply to us. Invoices may be automatically faxed to customers where you designate, or sent via EDI. Simultaneously your invoicing data may be automatically sent to a factoring company of your choice, should that be required.

After the load is invoiced, TruckMaster Trucking Billing Software has multiple tools to manage collection of funds, including past-due statements and collections conversation tracking.

A brief list of TruckMaster Trucking Billing Software features includes:

  • Automated Rating
  • Customer Credit Limits
  • On-Demand Customer Billing
  • On-Demand Customer Payment History
  • Paperless POD / BOL Submission
  • OS&D Claims Management
  • Collections Management
  • EDI 210 Generation
  • Non-Freight Invoicing
  • Custom Invoice Formats
  • Can Track Accessorials Separately
  • Many Standard Reports