The following truck stops are from the TruckMaster Fuel Finder™ truck stop database for the state of Vermont (VT).

We currently have over 9000 truck stops in our database. Diesel prices are updated hourly, and you can search for truck stops between two points, or within 100 miles of a specified point.

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Vermont Truck Stops

Truck StopCPGAddress
Crossroads Travel CenterUS2 & US78, Alburg
Mobil Short StopUS2, Alburg
Turn OutI-91N MM 154, Barton
Maplewood LimitedI-89 Ex 7 (Hwy62), Berlin Corners
Turn OutI-91S MM 100, Bradford
Rest AreaI-91N MM 100, Bradford
Mac's BrandonHwy7 & McConnell Rd, Brandon
Citgo StationI-91 Ex 3, Brattleboro
Turn OutI-91S MM 167, Brownington Village
Turn OutI-91N MM 167, Brownington Village
Champlain FarmsI-89 Ex 16 (Hwy2), Colchester
Short Stop #113I-91 Ex 28 (US5), Derby
Champlain FarmsI-91 Ex 28 (US5), Derby
Rest AreaI-91S MM 176, Derby Line
Rest AreaI-89S MM 34, East Braintree
Rest AreaI-89N MM 34, East Braintree
Turn OutI-91N MM 114, East Ryegate
Turn OutI-91N MM 143, East Sutton Ridge
Enosburg MobilHwy105, Enosburg Falls
Fair Haven Travel CenterUS4 Ex 2, Fair Haven
Mac's Truck StopUS4 Ex 2 (Hwy22A), Fair Haven
Rest AreaI-91N MM 68, Hartford
Rest AreaI-91S MM 68, Hartford
Rest AreaI-89S MM 129, Highgate Springs
MaplefieldsHwy15 & Hwy100C, Johnson
Welcome CenterI-93N MM 44, Lower Waterford
Rest AreaI-93N MM 1, Lower Waterford
Rest AreaI-91S MM 141, Lyndon Center
Turn OutI-91S MM 115, Mc Indoe Falls
Newport Carwash & MiniI-91 Ex 27 (Hwy191), Newport
Rest AreaI-91N MM 62, North Vernon
Rest AreaI-89N, Oakland
BART EnergyI-91 Ex 6 (Hwy103), Rockingham
Circle K #7403US4, Rutland
Jolley Short StopI-89 Ex 19, Saint Albans
Rest AreaI-89N, Saint George
Rest AreaI-89S, Saint George
Shoreham Service CenterHwy22A & Hwy74, Shoreham
Turn OutI-91N MM 122, South Peacham
Irving Springfield Circle KI-91 Ex 7, Springfield
Hometown SunocoI-89 Ex 21 (Hwy78), Swanton
Champlain FarmsI-89 Ex 21 (Hwy78), Swanton
Swanton Mobile MartI-89 Ex 21 (Hwy78), Swanton
Rest AreaI-89N MM 26, Waterbury Center
P&H Truck StopI-91 Ex 17 (US302), Wells River
Rest AreaI-89S MM 9, West Hartford
Rest AreaI-89N MM 9, West Hartford
Rest AreaI-89S MM 57.2, Wilder
Turn OutI-89N MM 57, Wilder