The following truck stops are from the TruckMaster Fuel Finder™ truck stop database for the state of Virginia (VA).

We currently have over 9000 truck stops in our database. Diesel prices are updated hourly, and you can search for truck stops between two points, or within 100 miles of a specified point.

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Virginia Truck Stops

Truck StopCPGAddress
Rest AreaI-85N MM 32, Alberta
Rest AreaI-85S MM 32, Alberta
Weigh StationI-85N MM 21, Alberta
Weigh StationUS50E, Aldie
360 Truck StopUS360, Amelia
Ashland Travel CenterI-95 Ex 92 (Hwy54), Ashland
Richmond Travel CenterI-95 Ex 89 (Hwy802), Ashland
MapcoI-95 Ex 92b, Ashland
Kangaroo Express #3373I-81 Ex 50 (US11), Atkins
Rest AreaI-81S MM 53, Atkins
Kangaroo Express #3710I-77 Ex 24 (Hwy69), Austinville
Wilco Hess #664US220, Bassett
Kangaroo ExpressI-77 Ex 58, Bastian
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS460, Bedford
Fas Mart #415US23 Ex 2, Big Stone Gap
Wal-MartUS23 Ex 1, Big Stone Gap
The Kangaroo ExpressUS29, Blairs
Pacific PrideUS29 & CO RD726, Blairs
Kangaroo ExpressI-77 Ex 52, Bland
Weigh StationI-77N MM 52, Bland
Simmons Travel Center(Exxon)I-85 Ex 4 (Hwy903), Bracey
Welcome CenterI-95S MM 131, Braehead Woods
Quick Stop #36I-81 Ex 10, Bristol
Brodnax Slip-InUS58, Brodnax
Welcome CenterI-81S MM 320, Brucetown
Rest AreaI-95N MM 37, Carson
Weigh StationI-95N MM 39, Carson
Frank's Trucking CenterI-664W Ex 13 Or I-664E Ex 13b, Chesapeake
Mapco Express #4065I-295 Ex 15b (Hwy10), Chester
Chester Chubby'sI-95 Ex 61 (Hwy10) Or US1, Chester
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy10, Chester
Pacific PrideUS460, Christiansburg
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy114, Christiansburg
Flying J #752I-81 Ex 323, Clear Brook
The Olde Stone TruckstopI-81 Ex 321, Clear Brook
Weigh StationUS220 AltE, Cloverdale
Pilot Travel CenterI-95 Ex 58, Colonial Heights
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-95 Ex 53, Colonial Heights
Weigh StationUS301N, Dahlgren
Pilot Travel CenterUS58 & US29, Danville
Wilco Hess #673US58, Danville
Pacific PrideUS58/US360, Danville
Pacific PrideUS58, Danville
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS750, Danville
Rest AreaI-85N MM 55, Dinwiddie
Rest AreaI-85S MM 55, Dinwiddie
Speedway - TC #4656I-295 Ex 3a (US460), Disputanta
MapcoI-295 Ex 3 (US460), Disputanta
Disputanta C StoreI-295 Ex 3, Disputanta
Stop In T/S #142I-81 Ex 101, Dublin
Dublin Handy MartI-81 Ex 98, Dublin
Weigh StationI-95S MM 154, Dumfries
Weigh StationI-95N MM 154, Dumfries
Kelley's MarketHwy220, Eagle Rock
Stop In T/S #144I-81 Ex 128, Elliston
Simmons Travel Center(Exxon)I-95 Ex 8 (US301), Emporia
Sadler Travel Plaza/Pilot #898I-95 Ex 11b (Hwy58), Emporia
MS 58 PlazaI-95 Ex 11 (US58), Emporia
Rest AreaI-81S/I-64 MM 199, Fairfield
Rest AreaI-81N MM 108, Fairlawn
Kangaroo Express #3367I-77 Ex 8 (Hwy148), Fancy Gap
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS264A, Farmville
Rest AreaI-81N MM 232, Fort Defiance
Rest AreaI-81S MM 232, Fort Defiance
Rest AreaI-81N MM 13, Fractionville
Duck Thru Food Store #5US258, Franklin
Kangaroo ExpressUS58 & Hwy671, Franklin
Love's #560Hwy58/Hwy258, Franklin
Mapco Express #4050I-95 Ex 133 (US17), Fredericksburg
Q Stop #629 Country ClubI-66 Ex 6, Front Royal
Wal-Mart SupercenterGalax
Petro Glade Spring4.899I-81 Ex 29, Glade Spring
Pacific PrideHwy1, Glen Allen
Mapco #4040I-95 Ex 83 Or US1, Glen Allen
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-64 Ex 177, Glen Allen
Lil Mac's GroceryUS460, Glen Lyn
Rest AreaI-95N MM 107, Golansville
Rest AreaI-95S MM 107, Golansville
Crossing Pointe CitgoI-64 Ex 136, Gordonsville
Rest AreaI-64E MM 105, Greenwood
Harrisonburg Travel CenterI-81 Ex 243 (US11), Harrisonburg
Pilot Travel Center #491I-81 Ex 251, Harrisonburg
Rest AreaI-81S MM 108, Haven Hei
Rest AreaUS250, Head Waters
Rest AreaI-77N MM 59, Hicksville
Cockerham Fuel CenterI-77 Ex 14 (US221/US58), Hillsville
Woco Express Travel PlazaUS460, Ivor
Rest AreaI-64W MM 113, Ivy
Sav-U-TimeUS360, Keysville
Mapco #4005US1, Ladysmith
Rest AreaI-81N MM 129, Lafayette
Welcome CenterI-77N MM 1, Lambsburg
Love's Travel Stop #399I-77 Ex 1, Lambsburg
TA Lexington #202I-81/I-64 Ex 195 (US11), Lexington
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-64 Ex 55 (US11), Lexington
Pacific PrideLynchburg
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS29, Lynchburg
Sheetz #0303US29, Madison
Wilco Hess #693US29, Madison Heights
Wal-MartI-81 Ex 47 (US11), Marion
Ideal Market - Pit StopUS220 & US58, Martinsville
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS220, Martinsville
Rest AreaI-95N MM 155, Marumsco Acres
Rest AreaI-95S MM 156, Marumsco Acres
Flying J #750I-81/I-77 Ex 80 (US52), Max Meadows
Love's Travel StopI-81 Ex 84 (Hwy619), Max Meadows
I-81 Travel PlazaI-81 Ex 86, Max Meadows
Kangaroo Express #3716I-81 Ex 84, Max Meadows
Love's #613I-81 Ex 24, Meadowview
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-295N/I-295S Ex 37a/37b, Mechanicsville
Weigh StationUS11, Middletown
Mapco #4044US360, Midlothian
Rest AreaI-95N MM 153, Montclair
Rest AreaI-95S MM 153, Montclair
Stop In T/S #143US460/US221, Montvale
Sheetz Travel Center #701I-81 Ex 273, Mount Jackson
Shenandoah Truck CenterI-81 Ex 273, Mount Jackson
Rest AreaI-81S MM 158, Nace
LibertyUS460, Narrows
Welcome CenterUS13 MM 133, New Church
Weigh StationUS13S, New Church
Royal Farms #79US13, New Church
Rest AreaI-64W MM 213, New Kent
Rest AreaI-81S MM 262, New Market
Miller Mart #40I-64 Ex 255b, Newport News
Kangaroo ExpressUS13, Norfolk
Tazewell Happy MartUS460, North Tazewell
Fas Mart #414US23 Ex 2 (US58), Norton
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS58, Norton
Rest AreaI-64E MM 169, Oilville
Rest AreaI-64W MM 168, Oilville
Wilco Hess #759US15, Orange
Thrift Mart Travel PlazaI-85 Ex 63a (US1), Petersburg
U.S. GasI-95 Ex 41, Petersburg
Mapco Express #4064I-85 Ex 61 (US1/US460), Petersburg
Stateline Food MartUS23, Pound
Pilot Travel CenterI-64 Ex 211 (Hwy106/Hwy609), Providence Forge
Welcome CenterI-64E MM 213, Providence Forge
Radford Travel CenterI-81 Ex 109 (Hwy177), Radford
Petro Raphine4.899I-81/I-64 Ex 205 (Hwy606), Raphine
Speedway - TC #4649I-81/I-64 Ex 205 (Hwy606), Raphine
Smiley Fuel CityI-81/I-64 Ex 205, Raphine
Corner Mart 2Rt460, Richlands
Pacific PrideRichmond
Mapco #4017US250, Richmond
Mapco #4016I-95 Ex 73 Or US360, Richmond
E-Z Stop #107US220, Ridgeway
Wilco Hess #663Greensboro Rd, Ridgeway
Wilco Hess #681US460/US220/US221, Roanoke
Pacific PrideUS11 & SR648, Roanoke
Pacific PrideHwy115, Roanoke
Wal-MartUS220, Roanoke
Welcome CenterI-77S MM 62, Rocky Gap
Dudleys Truck Stop & RestaurantUS220, Rocky Mount
Sheetz #0238US29, Ruckersville
Village Truck StopI-81 Ex 54, Rural Retreat
Goldy's Truck PlazaUS29, Rustburg
Foster ConvenienceUS29 & Calohan Rd, Rustburg
Flying J Travel Plaza #749I-95 Ex 104 (Hwy207), Ruther Glen
Love's Travel Stop #435I-95 Ex 104 (Hwy207), Ruther Glen
Flying J-Patriot Farms #876I-95 Ex 104 (Hwy207), Ruther Glen
Mr Fuel #2 - Pilot #753I-95 Ex 104, Ruther Glen
Sentry FoodUS460, Salem
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS11, Salem
Mapco #4013I-64 Ex 197 (Hwy156) Or US60, Sandston
Weigh StationI-64E MM 203, Sandston
Love's Travel StopI-95 Ex 4, Skippers
Speedway - TC #4651I-95 Ex 4, Skippers
Pacific PrideSouth Boston
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS129, South Boston
Speedway - TC #4622US58/US360, South Boston
South Hill Shell/Pilot #899I-85 Ex 12a (Hwy58), South Hill
Love's Travel Stop #469I-85 Ex 15, South Hill
Mapco #4060Hwy610, Stafford
Pilot Travel CenterI-81 Ex 213a (US11), Staunton
Kangaroo Express #3713I-64/I-81 Ex 217, Staunton
Pacific PrideHwy261, Staunton
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS250, Staunton
High Point Truck StopI-81 Ex 307 (Fairfax St), Stephens City
Weigh StationI-81N MM 304, Stephens City
Davis Travel CenterI-95 Ex 33 (Hwy602), Stony Creek
Miller Mart #55US58 & Hwy460, Suffolk
Wilco Hess #797US13, Suffolk
Wilco Hess #796US58, Suffolk
Weigh StationUS13N/US58E/US460N, Suffolk
Rest AreaI-81N MM 262, Tenth Legion
Love's Travel StopI-81 Ex 291, Toms Brook
Pilot TC #4642I-81 Ex 291 (SR651), Toms Brook
Lankford Truck PlazaRt13, Townsend
Pilot Travel CenterI-81 Ex 150a, Troutville
Kangaroo ExpressI-81 Ex 150, Troutville
Weigh StationI-81N MM 148, Troutville
Big Charlies Truck PlazaI-64 Ex 282, Virginia Beach
Davis Travel Center #108I-85 Ex 39 (Old Stage Rd), Warfield
Quarles Truck StopUS15/US17/US29, Warrenton
East Coast OilUS29 & US17, Warrenton
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-81 Ex 313a, Winchester
Flying J Travel Plaza #754I-77/I-81 Ex 77, Wytheville
Wytheville Travel CenterI-77 Ex 41 Or I-81 Ex 72, Wytheville
Speedway - TC #4619I-81/I-77 Ex 77, Wytheville
Kangaroo Express #3706I-77 Ex 41, Wytheville
Kangaroo Express #3705I-77/I-81 Ex 80, Wytheville
Kangaroo ExpressI-77/I-81 Ex 77, Wytheville
Wilco Hess #605I-81 Ex 77, Wytheville