The following truck stops are from the TruckMaster Fuel Finder™ truck stop database for the state of Utah (UT).

We currently have over 9000 truck stops in our database. Diesel prices are updated hourly, and you can search for truck stops between two points, or within 100 miles of a specified point.

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Utah Truck Stops

Truck StopCPGAddress
Hart's Fuel StopI-15 Ex 276, American Fork
Eagle's Landing - Flying J #509I-15 Ex 112 (Hwy160), Beaver
Ernie's Truck PlazaI-15 Ex 112, Beaver
Cove Fort ChevronI-15 Ex 135 (Hwy161), Beaver
Flying J Fuel #776I-15 Ex 362, Brigham City
Weigh StationI-15N/I-84W MM 358, Brigham City
Love's Travel StopI-15 Ex 62, Cedar City
JR's Truck StopI-15 Ex 62, Cedar City
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-15 Ex 57, Cedar City
Cedar City Travel PlazaI-15 Ex 59 (Hwy56), Cedar City
Walkers #510US89, Centerfield
Rest AreaI-80E MM 54, Clive
Rest AreaI-80W MM 54, Clive
Holiday HillsI-80 Ex 162, Coalville
Welcome CenterI-15S MM 369, Corinne
Rest AreaI-70E MM 181, Crescent Junction
Rest AreaI-84E MM 269, Curlew Junction
Rest AreaI-84W MM 269, Curlew Junction
Hart'sUS6 & US50, Delta
Thomas PetroleumDelta
Flying J Travel PlazaI-15 Ex 291 (Hwy71), Draper
Gateway 66US40, Duchesne
Rest AreaI-80E MM 170, Echo
Welcome CenterI-80W MM 170, Echo
Weigh StationI-80W MM 180, Echo
I80 Turn OutI-80s/US189 MM 165, Echo
I80N Turn outI-80N MM 166, Echo
Rest AreaI-70 Ex 85, Emery
Rest AreaI-70 Ex 85, Emery
Turn OutI-70E MM 102, Emery
SunmartI-15 Ex 163, Fillmore
Miller ChevronI-15 Ex 167, Fillmore
Rest AreaUS40 MM 70, Fruitland
Delle City StationI-80 Ex 70, Grantsville
Pilot #892 West WindsI-70E Ex 160 (Hwy19) Or I-70W Ex 164, Green River
Gas-n-Go #13I-70 Ex 160, Green River
Rest AreaI-70E MM 141, Green River
Rest AreaI-70W MM 141, Green River
Rest AreaI-70W MM 146, Green River
Horner's CornerHwy40, Heber
Weigh StationUS40W MM 20, Heber City
K&Ts Silver EagleHwy40, Heber City
Coral Canyon ChevronI-15 & Hwy9, Hurricane
Blu Truck StopI-15 & exit 16, Hurricane
Weigh StationUS89N MM 67, Kanab
Rest AreaI-15S MM 44, Kanarraville
Rest AreaI-15S MM 137, Kanosh
Turn OutI-15N MM 151, Kanosh
Turn OutI-15S MM 153, Kanosh
Flying J Travel Plaza #742I-80 Ex 99, Lake Point
LW's Truck StopHwy30, Logan
Thomas PetroleumLogan
Meadow Conoco & C-StoreI-15 Ex 158, Meadow
Out West Food & Fuel #12US191, Monticello
Weigh StationUS491 MM 2, Monticello
Rest AreaI-70E MM 114, Moore
Rest AreaI-70E MM 120, Moore
Rest AreaI-70W MM 120, Moore
Rest AreaI-70 Ex 116, Moore
Turn OutI-70W MM 102, Moore
Blu Truck StopHWY 40 & Sand Wash Rd, Myton
Flying J Travel Plaza #743I-15 Ex 222 (Hwy28), Nephi
Circle C Top StopI-15 Ex 222, Nephi
Rest AreaI-15N MM 126, North Creek
Flying J Fuel Stop #772I-215 Ex 28 (Hwy68), North Salt Lake
LW Miller Truck & Trailer RepairI-215 Ex 28, North Salt Lake
Thomas PetroleumI-15 Ex 315, North Salt Lake
Flying J Travel PlazaOgden
Flying J Travel Plaza #744I-15 Ex 343 (Hwy104), Ogden
Flying J Travel PlazaHwy204, Ogden
Pilot Travel CenterI-15/I-84/Hwy39 Ex 344, Ogden
West HavenI-15 Ex 346, Ogden
Thomas PetroleumI-15/I-84 Ex 342, Ogden
Ramsay Oil CoUS89 & UT9, Orderville
Owens Travel CenterHwy89, Panguitch
Tod's Travel Center Truck StopHwy89, Panguitch
Rest AreaI-15N MM 88, Paragonah
Rest AreaI-15S MM 88, Paragonah
Bell's Silver Creek JunctionI-80 Ex 146 (Silver CReekRd), Park City
Parowan Travel CenterI-15 Ex 78 (Hwy274), Parowan
Welcome CenterI-80E MM 410, Partoun
Flying J #508I-15 Ex 362 (US91), Perry
Tri Valley Fast StopI-15 Ex 392, Plymouth
Rest AreaI-84E MM 91, Porterville
Rest AreaI-84W MM 94, Porterville
Thomas PetroleumUS6/US191 Ex 240, Price
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS191 Ex 243, Price
Flying J Fuel Stop #773I-70 Ex 40, Richfield
Top StopI-70 Ex 40, Richfield
Thomas PetroleumI-70 Ex 37, Richfield
Riverside CornerHwy30 & Hwy13, Riverside
Top Stop #66Hwy40, Roosevelt
Western Petroleum CardLock #140Hwy40, Roosevelt
Flying J Fuel Stop #775I-15 Ex 4, Saint George
Haycock PetroleumSaint George
Weigh StationI-15S MM 1, Saint George
Weigh StationI-15N MM 1, Saint George
Scenic Quick StopI-70 Ex 54, Salina
Love's #581I-70 Ex 56, Salina
Love's Travel Stop #436I-80 Ex 118 (Hwy68), Salt Lake City
Tooele Travel Center #60I-80 Ex 99, Salt Lake City
Sapp BrosI-215 Ex 21, Salt Lake City
Dunn Oil ChevronI-215 Ex 21, Salt Lake City
Flying J #510I-15 Ex 188 (US50), Scipio
Flying J Fuel Stop #774I-84 Ex 7, Snowville
Rest AreaUS6 Ex 203, Soldier Summit
Flying J Travel Plaza #747I-15 Ex 261 (Hwy75), Springville
Love's #518I-15 Ex 260, Springville
Welcome CenterI-15W Ex 2, St. George
Welcome CenterI-70W MM 188, Thompson
Out West Food & Fuel #34I-70 Ex 187 (Hwy94), Thompson Springs
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy36, Tooele
RJ's Fuel StopI-15 Ex 379 Or I-84 Ex 40, Tremonton
Sun MartI-15/I-84 Ex 376, Tremonton
Golden Spike Travel PlazaI-84 Ex 40 (Hwy102), Tremonton
Transport Diesel ServiceI-84 Ex 40, Tremonton
Pacific PrideTremonton
Split Mountain Travel Plaza& Hwy40, Vernal
Top Stop #40US40, Vernal
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS40, Vernal
Pilot Thomas Cardlock #108Vernal
Pilot Thomas Cardlock #109Vernal
Freeway ChevronI-15 Ex 10, Washington
Millers Travel CenterUS6 & US191, Wellington
Wendover Truck StopI-80 Ex 4 (Pilot Peak Rd), Wendover
Bonus Star MartI-80 Ex 4 (Pilot CReek Rd), Wendover
Weigh StationI-80E MM 3, Wendover
Weigh StationI-80W MM 3, Wendover
R Place Truckers PlazaI-80W/I-80E Ex 1/410, Wendover
Flying J #746I-15/I-80 Ex 17 (Hwy201), West Valley City
Joann's Gear JammerHwy201 Ex 11 (5600West), West Valley City
Flying J Travel Plaza #748I-15 Ex 357 (Hwy315), Willard
Rest AreaI-15N MM 363, Willard
Weigh StationI-15S/I-84E MM 358, Willard
Weigh StationI-15N/I-84W, Willard
Welcome CenterI-15N MM 2, Winchester Hills
RB's One StopI-15 Ex 316, Woods Cross