The following truck stops are from the TruckMaster Fuel Finder™ truck stop database for the state of Ohio (OH).

We currently have over 9000 truck stops in our database. Diesel prices are updated hourly, and you can search for truck stops between two points, or within 100 miles of a specified point.

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Ohio Truck Stops

Truck StopCPGAddress
ValeroUS52, Aberdeen
Rest AreaI-71N MM 128, Africa
East Market MarathonI-76 Ex 26 (Hwy8), Akron
Soni JunctionUS23 & US224, Alvada
Middle Ridge Service PlazaI-80W/I-90W MM 139, Amherst
Vermilion Valley Service PlazaI-80E/I-90E MM 139/139, Amherst
Joe Stop 99I-75 Ex 99 (Hwy119), Anna
Hawleys C StoreHwy60 & US30, Ashland
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS250, Ashland
Weigh StationI-71S MM 190, Ashland
Pacific PrideHwy84, Ashtabula
Friendship Store #71Hwy224 & Hwy4, Attica
Flying J #694I-90 Ex 223 (Hwy45), Austinburg
Pilot Travel CenterI-90 Ex 223 (Hwy45), Austinburg
Pilot Travel CenterI-80 Ex 223 (Hwy46), Austintown
Pilot Travel CenterI-90 Ex 151 (Hwy611), Avon
Rest AreaI-77N MM 141, Bath Center
Rest AreaI-77S MM 141, Bath Center
Pilot Travel CenterI-75 Ex 135 (Hwy696), Beaver Dam
Flying J #695I-75 Ex 135, Beaverdam
Tip Top Truck PlazaUS33 & US68, Bellefontaine
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS68, Bellefontaine
Two O Eight Fuel PlazaI-70 Ex 208, Belmont
Pilot Travel Center #449I-70 Ex 208, Belmont
Rest AreaI-71S MM 128, Berkshire
Weigh StationI-71N MM 129, Berkshire
Par Mar #11Hwy60, Beverly
Love's #594US35/Hwy850, Bidwell
Botkins Party MartI-75 Ex 104 (Hwy219), Botkins
Weigh StationI-75N MM 175, Bowling Green
Fuel Mart #767US6 & US23, Bradner
Rest AreaI-70W MM 163, Bridgeville
Rest AreaI-70E MM 71, Brighton
Rest AreaI-70W MM 71, Brighton
Great Lakes Service PlazaI-80 MM 170, Broadview Heights
Towpath Service PlazaI-80E MM 170, Broadview Heights
Quick Fuel-Brook Park #2306I-480W Ex 12a Or I-71 Ex 237, Brook Park
Speedway #1219I-70 Ex 21, Brookville
Speedway #8013Brookville
Bryan Fuel StopUS6, Bryan
Country Star Co-Op SunocoUS30 & Hwy4, Bucyrus
Pilot Travel CenterI-71 Ex 204 (Hwy83), Burbank
Love's Travel StopI-71 Ex 204 (Hwy83), Burbank
Rest AreaUS30E, Cairo
Rest AreaUS30W, Cairo
Pilot Travel CenterI-77 Ex 25 (Hwy78), Caldwell
Pilot Travel CenterI-70 Ex 178 (Hwy209), Cambridge
Weigh StationI-70E MM 173, Cambridge
North Canton Travel CenterI-77 Ex 111, Canton
Pilot Travel Center #469I-77 Ex 101, Canton
Speedway #9400US30, Canton
Pacific PrideI-77 Ex 103, Canton
Rest AreaUS23N, Carey
Rest AreaUS23S, Carey
Dogwood Crossing(Sunoco)US33 & Coonpath Rd, Carroll
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy29, Celina
Turn OutI-71N, Chesterville
Turn OutI-71S, Chesterville
Pilot Travel Center #597Hwy35/Hwy50, Chillicothe
SuperAmerica #9367I-275 Ex 42b, Cincinnati
Pacific PrideHwy747 & Duff, Cincinnati
Quick Fuel-Cincinnati #2301I-275 Ex 44, Cincinnati
Thornton's #551I-75 Ex 15, Cincinnati
Thornton's #63US27, Cincinnati
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy32, Cincinnati
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS27 & Hwy126, Cincinnati
Speedway #9574US50, Cincinnati
Pilot Travel CenterUS23 & Pittsburg Rd, Circleville
23 Truck PlazaUS23, Circleville
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS23, Circleville
True North ShellI-70 Ex 26, Clayton
Commodore Perry Service PlazaI-80E/I-90E MM 100, Clyde
Erie Island Service PlazaI-80W/I-90W MM 100, Clyde
Speedway Truck Stop #9266US52 & Hwy243, Coal Grove
Rest AreaHwy11, Colebrook
M&S Truck StopHwy14 & Hwy7, Columbiana
Pilot Travel CenterI-70 Ex 94 (Wilson Rd), Columbus
Certified Oil #38Columbus
Certified Oil #125US23, Columbus
Pacific PrideColumbus
Pacific Pride5th & N Yearling, Columbus
Pacific PrideColumbus
Pacific PrideI-670 Ex 6, Columbus
Quick Fuel-Frank Rd #2303I-71 Ex 104, Columbus
Quick Fuel-Westbelt Dr #2304I-270 Ex 10, Columbus
Certified Oil #217Hwy3, Columbus
Love's Travel Stop #389I-90 Ex 241, Conneaut
Rest AreaUS30E MM 8, Convoy
Rest AreaUS30W MM 8, Convoy
Rest AreaCool Ridge Heights
Cool Spot Truck StopUS50/Hwy7, Coolville
Fuel Mart #782I-75 Ex 118, Cridersville
Pacific PrideI-75 Ex 58 (Needmore RD), Dayton
Pacific PrideDayton
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-675 Ex 7, Dayton
True North ShellI-75 Ex 56, Dayton
Love's #427I-75 Ex 51, Dayton
Pacific PrideUS24 & Hwy15/Hwy18, Defiance
Pacific PrideDelphos
Country Corral Travel CenterI-80 Ex 39 (OH Tpke), Delta
Rest AreaI-76E, Diamond
Rest AreaI-76W, Diamond
Pilot Travel CenterI-70 Ex 10 (US127), Eaton
Dayton Travel CenterI-70 Ex 10 (US127), Eaton
Weigh StationI-70E MM 0, Eaton
Englewood TruckI-70 Ex 29 (Hwy48), Englewood
Rest AreaUS33E, Enterprise
Rest AreaUS33W, Enterprise
R & H Restaurant & Repp OilUS20, Fayette
Pilot Travel CenterI-75 Ex 164 (Hwy613), Findlay
Speedway #8502I-75 Ex 161, Findlay
Weigh StationI-75S MM 162, Findlay
Rest AreaI-70E MM 131, Firemans Park
Rest AreaI-70W MM 131, Firemans Park
Pilot Travel CenterI-75 Ex 36 (Hwy123), Franklin
Speedway #7409I-75 Ex 38, Franklin
Six Gate (BP)I-80/I-90 Ex 91 (Hwy53), Fremont
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy53, Fremont
Williams Fuel Stop/SunocoHwy7/US35 Byp, Gallipolis
Kwik Fill A/T Plaza #227I-90 Ex 218, Geneva
Blue Heron Service PlazaI-80W/I-90W MM 76, Genoa
Wyandot Service PlazaI-80E/I-90E MM 76, Genoa
Dash MeshUS20, Gibsonburg
Pilot Travel CenterI-80 Ex 226 (Salt Springs), Girard
Petro Girard3.889I-80 Ex 226 (Salt Springs), Girard
Mr Fuel #5 - Pilot #732I-80 Ex 226, Girard
SheetzI-80 Ex 226, Girard
Thornton's #75Hwy127, Hamilton
Par Mar #13Hwy7, Hannibal
Rest AreaI-77N MM 3, Harmar
74 Fuel StopI-74 Ex 3, Harrison
Weigh StationI-74E MM 2, Harrison
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy79, Heath
Pilot Travel CenterI-70 Ex 126 (Hwy37), Hebron
Columbus East Travel CenterI-70 Ex 126 (Hwy37), Hebron
SuperAmerica #9385I-70 Ex 129b (Hwy79), Hebron
TA Hebron Travel CenterI-70 Ex 126, Hebron
Certified Citgo #423I-70 Ex 126, Hebron
Rocky Fork Truck StopUS50 & Hwy753, Hillsboro
Circle KHwy2, Holland
Flying J #697I-80W Ex 234 (Hwy62) Or I-80E Ex 234b, Hubbard
Love's Travel StopI-80W/I-80E Ex 234/234a (US62), Hubbard
Truck WorldI-80W Ex 234b (US62) Or I-80E Ex 234a, Hubbard
Weigh StationI-80W MM 232, Hubbard
Speedway Truck Stop #8241I-70 Ex 36, Huber Heights
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-70 Ex 38, Huber Heights
A&A TruckstopUS35 Ex 41, Jackson
Jackson BPHwy32, Jackson
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy93, Jackson
Flying J #698I-71 Ex 69 (Hwy41), Jeffersonville
Jeffersonville East Travel CenterI-71 Ex 65 (US35), Jeffersonville
Love's Travel StopI-71 Ex 65 (Hwy435), Jeffersonville
True North ShellI-71 Ex 65 (US35), Jeffersonville
Rest AreaI-71N MM 68, Jeffersonville
Speedway #7611I-71 Ex 65, Jeffersonville
Rest AreaI-71S MM 68, Jeffersonvlle
Kingsville Travel CenterI-90 Ex 235 (Hwy193), Kingsville
Circle K #5564I-90 Ex 235, Kingsville
Short Stop Truck PlazaI-80 Ex 209 (Hwy5), Leavittsburg
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS42, Lebanon
Flying J #552I-71 Ex 32, Lebanon
Buckeye Truck StopHwy613 & CoRd5, Leipsic
Welcome CenterI-75N MM 27, Liberty Township
Welcome CenterI-75S MM 27, Liberty Twnship
Speedway #3547I-75 Ex 135, Lima
Speedway #5236I-75 Ex 122 (Hwy65), Lima
Wal-MartHwy81, Lima
Marathon Four Star Party MartI-75 Ex 122 (Hwy65), Lima
Par Mar #14US50, Little Hocking
Rest AreaUS30E, Little York
Rest AreaUS30W, Little York
Lodi Travel CenterI-71 Ex 209 Or I-76 Ex 0 (US224), Lodi
Pilot Travel CenterI-70 Ex 79 (US42), London
Columbus West Travel CenterI-70 Ex 79 (US42), London
Speedway Travel Plaza #5360I-70 Ex 79 (US42), London
Rest AreaI-70E MM 211, Loomis
Welcome CenterI-70W MM 211, Loomis
Go Mart #57I-70 Ex 186, Lore City
Rest AreaI-77N MM 85, Loudon
Rest AreaI-77S MM 85, Loudon
Circle K #5557I-275 Ex 62, Loveland
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy430, Mansfield
Brady's Leap Service PlazaI-80E/I-90E MM 197, Mantua
Portage Service PlazaI-80W/I-90W MM 197, Mantua
Pilot Travel CenterI-71 Ex 140 (Hwy61), Marengo
Go Mart #58I-77 Ex 1, Marietta
Par Mar #7Hwy7, Marietta
Moto MartHwy309/Hwy95, Marion
Pacific PrideMarion
Circle K(Marathon)Hwy585 & Hwy57, Marshallville
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS33, Marysville
Wal-Mart SupercenterMason
Speedway #9314US30 & US62, Massillon
SunocoUS6 & Hwy65, Mc Clure
Motor Inn Truck PlazaUS127 & US33, Mendon
Ramblers RoostUS30, Middle Point
Speedway #5405Hwy73, Middletown
M & H MarathonHwy4/Oxford State, Middletown
Sunoco #7613I-280 Ex 2, Millbury
Flying J #699I-70 Ex 122 (SR158), Millersport
Rest AreaI-90E MM 198, Mol
Rest AreaI-90W MM 198, Mol
Stony Ridge Travel CenterI-75 Ex 29 (Hwy63), Monroe
Speedway #9893I-75 Ex 29, Monroe
Easy TripUS20 & Hwy99, Monroeville
Love's Travel StopI-75 Ex 167 (Hwy18), N. Baltimore
Pilot Travel CenterUS24/US6 & Industrial Dr, Napoleon
Napoleon Travel CenterUS6 & US24, Napoleon
Petro NapoleonUS6/US24 & Industrial Dri, Napoleon
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS6 & Hwy108, Napoleon
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS52, New Boston
Rest AreaHwy99, New Buffalo
Rest AreaNew Buffalo
Friendship Store #99US224, New Haven
Par Mar #4Hwy7, New Matamoras
Petro New Paris3.999I-70 Ex 156b (Indiana exit#), New Paris
Fuel Mart #604I-70 Ex 156a (Indiana Exit#), New Paris
Eagle Auto Truck PlazaI-77 Ex 81 (Hwy39), New Philadelphia
Rest AreaUS24, New Rochester
Mahoning Valley Service PlazaI-76W MM 237, New Springfield
Glacier Hills Service PlazaI-76E MM 237, New Springfield
One Stop #2US127, New Weston
Rest AreaI-70W MM 3, New Westville
Welcome CenterI-70E MM 3, New Westville
Pacific PrideNewark
Speedway Truck Stop #3328I-77 Ex 159a, Newburgh Heights
Newcomerstown Truck StopI-77 Ex 65 (US36), Newcomerstown
Petro North Baltimore3.849I-75 Ex 167 (Hwy18), North Baltimore
Interstate Truck Stop/Fuel MartI-75 Ex 168, North Baltimore
Pilot Travel CenterI-76 Ex 232 (Hwy7), North Lima
Penn Ohio PlazaI-76 Ex 232, North Lima
Williams Fuel StopOak Hill
Pacific PrideAlum Creek & Williams, Obetz
Maumee Bay General StoreHwy2, Oregon
Welcome CenterI-71N MM 34, Oregonia
Welcome CenterI-71S MM 34, Oregonia
Flying J #700I-280 Ex 1b Or I-80 Ex 71, Perrysburg
Pilot Travel Center #12I-80/I-90 Ex 71, Perrysburg
Toledo Travel CenterI-80/I-90 Ex 71 Or I-280 Ex 1a, Perrysburg
Petro Perrysburg3.919I-280 Ex 1b Or I-80/I-90 Ex 71, Perrysburg
Love's Travel Stop #456I-280 Ex 1b, Perrysburg
Pacific PrideUS23, Piketon
Rest AreaI-75N MM 81, Piqua
Rest AreaI-75S MM 81, Piqua
Marathon Super StationI-75 Ex 83, Piqua
Pacific PridePlain City
Rest AreaI-77N MM 39, Pleasant City
Rest AreaI-77S MM 36, Pleasant City
Rest AreaI-71N MM 196, Pleasant Home
Rest AreaI-71S MM 196, Pleasant Home
One Twenty Four MartHwy124 & Hwy7, Pomeroy
Port Clinton Shell Stop #123OH163, Port Clinton
Friendship Store #70Hwy2 & Hwy53, Port Clinton
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy163, Port Clinton
Rest AreaI-75N MM 179, Portage
Rest AreaI-75S MM 179, Portage
The Roadside Hot SpotUS33 & Hwy124, Portland
Fuel Mart # 727I-70 Ex 193 (Hwy513), Quaker City
Certified Oil #410I-76 Ex 43, Ravenna
Pilot Travel CenterI-77 Ex 146 Or I-80 Ex 173 (Hwy21), Richfield
Rest AreaI-271N MM 8, Richfield Heights
Rest AreaI-271S MM 8, Richfield Heights
Barney's Convenience Mart #15I-75 Ex 195, Rossford
True North ShellI-75 Ex 197 (Buck RD), Rossford
Rest AreaI-70E MM 189, Salesville
Rest AreaI-80W MM 237, Salow Corners
Shell #122Hwy2 & US250, Sandusky
Meggett's Strawberry HillI-80/I-90 Ex 110 (Hwy4) & Hwy99, Sandusky
Friendship Store #96Hwy2 & Hwy101, Sandusky
Tanker's Truck StopHwy32 MM 13, Sardinia
Pilot Travel CenterI-71 Ex 209, Seville
Pacific PrideHwy135 & Campbell Rd, Sidney
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-75 Ex 92 (Hwy47), Sidney
Circle K #5357US23 & Hwy316, South Bloomfield
Clarks #20Hwy450, South Point
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS52, South Point
Fuel Mart #764I-70 Ex 66, South Vienna
Pacific PrideI-70 Ex 59 (Charleston Pik), Springfield
Love's #605I-70 Ex 59 (Hwy41), Springfield
Valero Truck StopUS22 & Hwy43, Steubenville
Fuelmart TruckstopI-80/I-90 Ex 71 Or I-280 Ex 1a, Stony Ridge
Flying J #696I-71 Ex 131 (US36), Sunbury
Pilot Travel CenterI-71 Ex 131 (US36/Hwy37), Sunbury
Fallen Timbers Service PlazaI-80E MM 49, Swanton
Oak Openings Service PlazaI-80W/I-90W MM 49, Swanton
G & L ShellUS224 & SR100, Tiffin
Pilot Travel CenterI-75 Ex 210 (Hwy184), Toledo
Convenience ExpressI-75 Ex 207, Toledo
Barney's Convenience Mart #2US20, Toledo
Pacific PrideToledo
Quick Fuel-Toledo #2304I-75 Ex 210 (Hwy184), Toledo
Bp/Circle KI-75 Ex 210 (Hwy184), Toledo
Rest AreaUS50E, Torch
Rest AreaUS50, Torch
Pacific PrideI-75 Ex 74, Troy
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-75 Ex 74, Troy
Sheetz #0393I-480 Ex 36 (Hwy82), Twinsburg
Pilot Travel CenterUS23/US30 & E Wyandot, Upper Sandusky
KFC Travel MartHwy199 & US23/US30, Upper Sandusky
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS36, Urbana
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS127, Van Wert
Flying J Travel Center #97I-75 Ex 64, Vandalia
Friendship Store #98Hwy60, Vermilion
Rest AreaHwy2E, Vermilion
Rest AreaHwy2, Vermilion
Weigh StationI-76E MM 5, Wadesworth
Rest AreaUS23N, Waldo
Rest AreaUS23S, Waldo
Wapakonenta Travel CenterI-75 Ex 111 (Hwy501), Wapakoneta
Circle K/BPUS24, Waterville
Turnpike ShellI-80/I-90 Ex 34 (Hwy108), Wauseon
Crossroads MarathonUS32 & Germany Rd, Waverly
Speedway #3405I-75 Ex 21, West Chester
Rest AreaI-75N MM 153, West Park
Rest AreaI-75S MM 153, West Park
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy41, West Union
Rest AreaI-80W MM 21, West Unity
Rest AreaI-80E/I-90E MM 21, West Unity
Tiffin River Service PlazaI-80-90E MM 21, West Unity
Indian Meadow Service PlazaI-80-90W MM 21, West Unity
Speedway # 7690Hwy20, Westlake
Rest AreaI-71N MM 225, Weymouth
Rest AreaI-71S MM 224, Weymouth
Wheelersburg #522 C-StoreHwy522, Wheelersburg
Pilot Travel CenterI-71 Ex 50 (US68), Wilmington
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS22, Wilmington
Weigh StationI-71S MM 53, Wilmington
True North ShellI-71 Ex 50, Wilmington
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS35, Xenia
Youngstown Travel CenterI-80 Ex 223 (Hwy46), Youngstown
Fuel MartI-80 Ex 223, Youngstown
Love's Travel StopI-70 Ex 160, Zanesville
Certified Oil #84US40, Zanesville
Pacific PrideZanesville
Pacific PrideZanesville
Sheetz #0406US22, Zanesville