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TruckMaster Fuel Finder™ truck stops for New Jersey (NJ)

The following truck stops are from the TruckMaster Fuel Finder™ truck stop database for the state of New Jersey (NJ).

We currently have over 9000 truck stops in our database. Diesel prices are updated hourly, and you can search for truck stops between two points, or within 100 miles of a specified point.

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New Jersey Truck Stops

Truck StopCPG
Atlantic City Service Area
I-295 MM 41, Absecon
Metro 1 Fuel
I-95/NJ TPK Ex 12, Avenel
Brookdale Service Area (SB)
I-295S Ex 153, Bloomfield
Brookdale Service Area (NB)
I-295N MM 153, Bloomfield
Weigh Station
I-78W MM 6, Bloomsbury
Pilot Travel Center
I-78 Ex 7 (Hwy173), Bloomsbury
Bloomsbury Travel Center
I-78 Ex 7 (Bloomsbury Rd), Bloomsbury
I-95 Ex 7 (US206), Bordentown
Petro Bordentown
I-295 Ex 56 Or NJ TRNPK Ex 7, Bordentown
Love's Travel Stop #404
I-295 Ex 57 Or I-95 Ex 7, Bordentown
Major Auto Truck Plaza
Hwy56, Bridgeton
Vineland Truck Stop Gulf
US40 & Rt54, Buena
US130 Ex 6, Burlington
Flying J #688
I-295 Ex 2c (Hwy140), Carney's Point
Weigh Station
I-295N MM 3, Carney's Point
I-295 Ex 2c, Carneys Point
Pilot Travel Center
I-295 Ex 2b, Carneys Point
Deepwater Truck Stop
I-295 Ex 1b (US130), Carneys Point
Walt Whitman Service Plaza
I-95S MM 30, Cherry Hill
Clinton Valero
I-78 Ex 16, Clinton
Rest Area
I-80E MM 1, Columbia
Rest Area
I-80W MM 1, Columbia
ACI Truck Stop
I-80 Ex 4 (Hwy46) Or I-80 Ex 4b (Hwy46), Columbia
Columbia Travel Center
I-80 Ex 4 (Hwy94), Columbia
Molly Pitcher Service Plaza
I-95S MM 71, Cranbury
Welcome Center
I-295N MM 3, Deepwater
Deleware Truck Stop
US46, Delaware
US Gas
I-80 Ex 4b (US46), Delaware
Joyce Kilmer Service Plaza
I-95N MM 78, East Brunswick
Rest Area
I-295N, East Burlington
Rest Area
I-295S, East Burlington
Hess Exp #30268
I-95 Ex 10 & I-287, Edison
Edison Fuel Stop
US1 & Eastside Ave, Edison
Hess Exp #30518
I-95 Ex 13a Or US1/US9, Elizabeth
Xtra Auto Truck Stop
US1/US9, Elizabeth
Forked River Service Area
I-295 MM 76, Forked River
Gloucester Sunoco
I-76 Ex 1c (Market St), Gloucester City
Gloucester Coastal
I-76 Ex 1c (Market St), Gloucester City
Richard Stockton Service Plaza
I-95S MM 58, Hamilton
Woodrow Wilson Service Plaza
I-95N MM 58, Hamilton
Pilot Travel Center
I-78 Ex 12, Hampton
I-78W Ex 17, Hampton
Sunoco Jamesburg #7704
I-95 Ex 8a, Jamesburg
Putnam Truck Stop
I-95 Ex 16e, Jersey City
Brar Suman Gas and Go
US9/US1, Jersey City
I-95 Ex 15e (Lincoln Hwy), Jersey City
Ultra Truck Auto Plaza
I-95E Ex 15, Jersey City
Tullo Truck Stop
I-95 Ex 15e, Kearny
New Jersey Truck Stop
I-95 Ex 15e, Kearny
Kingtown Truck Stop - Pilot #891
I-80 Ex 27b, Ledgewood
Route 1 Vantage Truck Stop
I-278 Ex 0 Or I-95, Linden
Kings Mahwah Truck Stop
I-287 Ex 66, Mahwah
Pilot Travel Center
Hwy17, Mahwah
Rt17 Ex 66, Mahwah
Mahwah Fuel Stop
I-287 Ex 66 (Rt17), Mahwah
Monmouth Service Area/ Lukoil
I-295 MM 100, Monmouth
Montague Valero
I-84 Ex 1, Montague
Luk Oil Truckstop/Pilot #880
I-84 Ex 1 (Hwy23), Montague
Montvale Service Area
I-295 MM 171, Montvale
James Cooper Service Plaza
I-95N MM 39, Mount Laurel
Rest Area
I-287N, New Vernon
Power Oil
US1/US9, Newark
B & S Fuel
I-95 Ex 16, North Bergen
Hess Exp #30332
US1, North Brunswick
Ocean View Service Center
I-295 MM 18, Ocean View
Clara Barton Service Plaza
I-95S MM 5, Oldmans
John Fenwick Service Plaza
I-95N MM 5, Oldmans
Sunoco Palisades Park #7123
US46/Abbott Ave, Palisades Park
Patriot Sales & Service
US46, Palisades Park
Paulsboro Travel Center
I-295 Ex 18a (Mt Royal), Paulsboro
US40, Penns Grove
Betsy Ross
US130, Pennsauken
Penn-Jersey Truck Stop
I-78 Ex 3 (US22), Phillipsburg
Weigh Station
I-78E MM 4, Phillipsburg
US Gas
I-78 Ex 3, Phillipsburg
22 Fuel Stop
I-78 Ex 3 (US22), Phillipsburg
Weigh Station
I-287N MM 9, Piscataway
Weigh Station
I-295S, Ramtown
Vince Lombardi Service Area
I-95N MM 116 Or I-95S MM 115, Ridgefield
Alex Hamilton Service Plaza
I-95S MM 111, Secaucus
Mongans Fuels
A C EXPY Ex 38 (Co Rt536), Sicklerville
Cheesequake Service Area
I-295 MM 123, South Amboy
Victory Truck Stop
US9 & Hwy35, South Amboy
Swedesboro Shell
Hwy 322, Swedesboro
Crown Point Truck Stop
I-295/US130 Ex 22, Thorofare
Welcome Center
I-80E MM 7, Vail
Vaux Hall Service Area
I-295N MM 142, Vauxhall
Major Auto Truck Stop
Hwy55N Ex 32a (Hwy56) Or Hwy55S Ex 32b, Vineland
Riggins Oil
Hwy55 Ex 35 (W Garden Rd), Vineland
Turn Out
I-78E MM 8, West Portal
Turn Out
I-78W MM 8, West Portal
NJTP Ex 5 Or I-295 Ex 47a, Westampton
Windsor Fuel King Gulf
US130, Windsor
Winslow Citgo
Hwy73, Winslow
Thomas Edison Service Plaza
I-95S MM 92, Woodbridge
Grover Cleveland Service Area
I-95N Ex 92, Woodbridge