The following truck stops are from the TruckMaster Fuel Finder™ truck stop database for the state of North Dakota (ND).

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North Dakota Truck Stops

Truck StopCPGAddress
TA Wild Bison ND #259Hwy85/SR68, Alexander
Rest AreaI-94W MM 168, Apple Valley
Rest AreaI-94E MM 168, Apple Valley
Flying J #684I-94 Ex 1 (Hwy16), Beach
Interstate CenexI-94 Ex 1 (Hwy16), Beach
Weigh StationI-94E MM 0, Beech
Superpumper #22I-94 & US85, Belfield
Cenex Convenience PizzariaI-94 Ex 161, Bismarck
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy810, Bismarck
Cenex Convenience-Hot StuffI-94 Ex 57, Bismarck
Cenex BroadwayI-94 Ex 156, Bismarck
Stamart Travel Center #15I-94 Ex 161, Bismarck
Frontier Travel CenterHwy12/US85, Bowman
Stop-N-Go StoresHwy281, Carrington
Rest AreaI-29S MM 179, Cashel
Cavalier SupplyHwy5, Cavalier
Rest AreaI-94W MM 224, Crystal Springs
The General Store CenexI-94 Ex 61 (Hwy22), Dickinson
Cenex Museum General StoreI-94 Ex 61, Dickinson
Cenex Villard ConvenienceI-94 Ex 59, Dickinson
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-94 Ex 61, Dickinson
Tiger Discount Truck StopI-94 Ex 64 (I-94 BL East), Dickinson
Dales Truck Stop & MotelUS281/Hwy3, Dunseith
Cenex C-StoreHwy13 & US281, Edgeley
Weigh StationUS281N, Ellendale
PetroserveI-29 Ex 65 (Hwy10), Fargo
Stamart Travel Center #5I-29 Ex 66 (12th Ave W), Fargo
Petro Fargo3.799I-94 Ex 348, Fargo
Wal-Mart SupercenterFargo
Love's Travel Stop #353I-29 Ex 62, Fargo
Flying J #685I-29 Ex 62 Or I-94 Ex 349, Fargo
Petro Serve USA #086I-29 Ex 64, Fargo
Welcome CenterI-94E MM 2, First Interstate Bank
Flying J - Pilot #489I-29 Ex 138 (32nd Ave S), Grand Forks
Stamart Truck Plaza #13I-29 Ex 141 (Hwy2), Grand Forks
Simonson Travel CenterI-29 Ex 141 (Hwy2), Grand Forks
Welcome CenterI-29N MM 3, Hankinson
Turn OutI-94W MM 135, Hannover
Rest AreaI-94W MM 119, Hannover
Rest AreaI-94E MM 119, Hannover
Turn OutI-94E MM 152, Huff
Jamestown Truck PlazaI-94 Ex 260, Jamestown
Super Pumper #26I-94 Ex 258 (US281), Jamestown
Rest AreaI-94W MM 254, Jamestown College
Rest AreaI-94E MM 254, Jamestown College
Weigh StationI-29 Ex 203 (US81), Joliette
Rest AreaI-29S MM 99, Kelso
Rest AreaI-29N MM 99, Kelso
Cenex C-StoreUS52, Kenmare
Cenex ManadanI-94 Ex 155 (Hwy6), Mandan
Freeway 147 Stop - Flying J #511I-94 Ex 147, Mandan
Welcome CenterI-94 Ex 32, Medora
Shatz CrossroadsUS2, Minot
Behm's Truck Stop - Pilot #550US2/US52, Minot
Weigh StationI-29, Mooreton
Cenex U-ServeI-94 Ex 127 (Hwy31), New Salem
Rest AreaI-29N MM 179, Oakwood
Rest AreaI-94E MM 304, Oriska
Rest AreaI-94W MM 304, Oriska
GastrakI-29 Ex 215, Pembina
Regent Oil ComanyHwy21, Regent
Cenex C Store Truck PlazaUS2 & Hwy3, Rugby
Welcome CenterI-94E MM 12, Sentinel
Coffee Cup Fuel Stop #2I-94 Ex 200, Steele
Sterling Cenex Tops Truck StopI-94 Ex 182, Sterling
Rest AreaI-94E MM 221, Tappen
Tower Fuel StopI-94 Ex 307, Tower City
Petro Serve USA #071I-94 Ex 292 (8 Ave), Valley City
Cenex Truck StopHwy210 Byp, Wahpeton
Williston Fuel PlazaHwy2 & Hwy85, Williston
West Side FuelUS2, Williston
Ok Fuel StopUS2/US85, Williston
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS2, Williston
Weigh StationUS2W/US85W, Williston
Pilot Travel Center #589Hwy85/Hwy2, Williston
Love's Travel Stop #474Hwy85/Hwy6, Williston