The following truck stops are from the TruckMaster Fuel Finder™ truck stop database for the state of Kentucky (KY).

We currently have over 9000 truck stops in our database. Diesel prices are updated hourly, and you can search for truck stops between two points, or within 100 miles of a specified point.

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Kentucky Truck Stops

Truck StopCPGAddress
Bill's AmocoUS127, Albany
House's MarketHwy30, Annville
Annville Town & CountryHwy30, Annville
JF Clark Fuel StopUS60, Ashland
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS23, Ashland
Super Quik #9I-64 Ex 185, Ashland
Samon's Service StationUS23, Banner
Parkway Service CenterUS25, Barbourville
Wal-MartUS459, Barbourville
Billy's One StopUS25, Barbourville
Friendly Mart # 809US25, Barbourville
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy245 & US62, Bardstown
150 Quick StopBlue Grass pky Ex 25 (US150), Bardstown
Speedy Mart #9US62, Bardstown
Huck's #133US51 & US62, Bardwell
Mott's BPUS51 & US62, Bardwell
Rest AreaI-24W MM 93, Barkers Mill
Appco #75Hwy11, Beattyville
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS231, Beaver Dam
WK Truck StopWestern KY Pky Ex 75 (US231), Beaver Dam
Western KY Travel CenterHwy5001 Ex 75 (US231), Beaver Dam
Rest AreaI-71S MM 71, Beaverlick
Bedford Stop N GoUS421, Bedford
Belfry Double Kwik #2014US119, Belfry
Prima 7 Eleven #5502US119, Belfry
Beanie's BPUS641 & Hwy58, Benton
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy348, Benton
Cheers Food and Fuel #132Purchase Pkwy Ex 41 (Hwy641), Benton
76 Fuel CenterI-75 Ex 76 (Hwy21), Berea
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-75 Ex 76, Berea
Speedway #8496I-75 Ex 76, Berea
Booneville BPHwy11, Booneville
Minit Mart #87I-65 Ex 22 (US231), Bowling Green
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS231, Bowling Green
IGA Express Shell #874I-65 Ex 5 (US68), Bowling Green
Jumpin' Jack'sI-65 Ex 22, Bowling Green
Minit Mart #65US68/US31W, Bowling Green
Speedway #8646I-65 Ex 22, Bowling Green
Brandenburg BP-BypassHwy1051, Brandenburg
1st Stop #34Hwy10, Brooksville
Lee's Best WayHwy10, Brooksville
Minit Mart #91Hwy70 & Houchins Ferry, Brownsville
Highway 80 BulanHwy80, Bulan
Kwik StopHwy61 & Hwy90, Burkesville
Minit Mart #102Hwy90 & Hwy61, Burkesville
Max Fuel #9I-24 Ex 65 (US68), Cadiz
Calhoun Sam'sHwy81, Calhoun
Love's Travel Stop2.449I-24 Ex 27 (US62), Calvert City
Cowboy's Food Stores #103I-72 Ex 34 (US421), Campbellsburg
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy210, Campbellsville
T- Mart #2US68, Campbellsville
Minit Mart #55US68/Hwy55, Campbellsville
Autobahn SidneyUS119, Canada
Fastway #14WK Pkwy Ex 94, Caneyville
Parkway MarathonKY Pkwy Ex 94 (Hwy79), Caneyville
East End Food MartHwy36, Carlisle
Hardy's Marathon #45Hwy36, Carlisle
Prestonville ShellUS42 & Hwy55, Carrollton
Carrollton MarathonI-71 Ex 44 (Hwy227), Carrollton
Kirk Brothers Auto & Truck PlazaUS23, Catlettsburg
Flying J #6602.459I-64 Ex 185 (Hwy180), Catlettsburg
Higdon's Service CenterI-65 Ex 53, Cave City
Kwik MartI-65 Ex 53 (Hwy70), Cave City
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS62, Central City
Fastway #5US62 & Hwy277, Central City
Chavies Food MartHwy28, Chavies
Clay One StopHwy109, Clay
Everman's Mountain Pkwy texacoHwy82, Clay City
Apple Market #5016Hwy402 Ex 16 (Hwy15), Clay City
Welcome CenterI-65S MM 114, Clermont
Coldiron BP Kwik MartUS119, Coldiron
SuperAmerica #9348Hwy80 Ex 49 (Hwy55), Columbia
Wal-MartHwy61, Columbia
Weigh StationI-75N, Corbin
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-75 Ex 29 (US25), Corbin
Pilot Travel Center2.399I-75 Ex 29 (US25E), Corbin
Weigh StationI-75S, Corbin
Love's Travel Stop2.389I-75 Ex 29 (US25), Corbin
Noble's FuelI-75 Ex 144 (Hwy330), Corinth
Rooster RunI-65 Ex 112 (Hwy245), Coxs Creek
Rest AreaI-64E MM 141, Cranston
Rest AreaI-64W MM 141, Cranston
Thornton's #46I-71 Ex 17 (Hwy146), Crestwood
Weigh StationI-75S, Crittenden
Saul's Market & DeliHwy800 & US41, Crofton
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS27, Cynthiana
SuperAmerica #9708US27/US62, Cynthiana
Northfield Oil/Bulk PlantUS27, Cynthiana
Claysville General StoreUS62, Cynthiana
Bluegrass Truck StopUS127/US150, Danville
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS127, Danville
Ideal Station #13Hwy109 & US62, Dawson Springs
Rest AreaI-75S MM 127, Delaplain
Rest AreaI-75N MM 127, Delaplain
Pit Stop ExpressUS23/US119, Dorton
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-75 Ex 159 (Hwy467), Dry Ridge
Speedway #8608I-75 Ex 159 (Hwy22), Dry Ridge
Rest AreaI-64E MM 60, Duckers
Rest AreaI-64W MM 60, Duckers
49er Fuel CenterI-75 Ex 49, East Bernstadt
Max Fuel #122I-24 Ex 45 (Hwy293), Eddyville
Edmonton MarathonHwy80, Edmonton
Plaza 94I-65 Ex 94 (US62), Elizabethtown
Minit Mart #46US62, Elizabethtown
Weigh StationI-65N MM 89, Elizabethtown
SuperAmerica #9656US31W, Elizabethtown
Speedway Superamerica #5622I-65 Ex 94 (US62), Elizabethtown
Speedway #5504US31W, Elizabethtown
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS31W, Elizabethtown
Elkhorn Double Kwik #2006Hwy80, Elkhorn City
Cowboy's Food Stores #111Hwy55, Eminence
Ermine Double KwikHwy119, Ermine
Orange BP Truck PlazaUS27 MM 27, Eubank
BB's SuperstoreUS27, Falmouth
Wells Open Air MarketHwy22, Falmouth
Wildcat MarketUS25 & Hwy3085, Flat Lick
Creek Mart& US25, Flat Lick
Weigh StationI-65N, Flat Rock
Redi Mart #41I-64 Ex 110, Flemingsburg
Hardy's BP #60Hwy11, Flemingsburg
Speedway #1220I-71/I-75 Ex 181 (Hwy18), Florence
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy18, Florence
Florence Travel Center2.489I-75 Ex 181 (Hwy18), Florence
Rest AreaI-64E MM 98, Forrest Park
SuperAmerica #9702I-275 Ex 80 Or I-71 Ex 189, Fort Mitchell
Thornton's #553I-275 Ex 80 Or I-71 Ex 189, Fort Mitchell
SuperAmerica #9635I-64 Ex 58 (US60), Frankfort
Fast Break #105I-64 Ex 48 (Hwy151), Frankfort
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-64 & US127, Frankfort
Cowboy's Food Stores #104I-64 Ex 58 (US60), Frankfort
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS31W, Franklin
Keystop Truck StopI-65 Ex 2 (US31), Franklin
Pilot Travel Center2.459I-65 Ex 6 (Hwy100), Franklin
Pacific PrideFranklin
Sudden Service #622.509I-65 Ex 6 (Hwy100), Franklin
Petro (Lube Only)I-65 Ex 6 (Hwy100), Franklin
Flying J #6612.459I-65 Ex 2 (US31W), Franklin
Pilot Travel Center2.459I-65 Ex 6 (Hwy100), Franklin
Rest AreaI-71S MM 13, Fraziertown
Rest AreaI-71N MM 13, Fraziertown
Larry's TexacoHwy36, Frenchburg
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy166, Fulton
Hunters 1 Stop BPKY Turnpike Ex 1 (US51/US45), Fulton
Weigh StationUS51 MM 0, Fulton
Rest AreaI-64E MM 174, Fultz
Welcome CenterI-64W MM 173, Fultz
Auggie's Doggie's BPUS60/Hwy79/Hwy86, Garfield
Hardy's Ashland #55US421, Garrard
Southern States GeorgetownI-75 Ex 125 (US460), Georgetown
Speedway #9377I-75 Ex 126 (US62), Georgetown
Pilot Travel Center2.459I-75 Ex 129 (Hwy620), Georgetown
Pilot Travel Center2.459I-75 Ex 129 (Hwy620), Georgetown
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-75 Ex 126, Georgetown
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy90, Glasgow
Minit Mart #163US31E, Glasgow
Speedway #9355US31 E & Grandview Ave, Glasgow
Exit 62 Truck PlazaI-71 Ex 62 (US127), Glencoe
Cowboy's Food Stores #107I-71 Ex 62 (US127), Glencoe
Pilot Travel Center2.459I-65 Ex 86 (Hwy222), Glendale
Petro Glendale2.479I-65 Ex 86 (Hwy222), Glendale
Cheers Food and Fuel #102I-24/Hwy453 Ex 31, Grand Rivers
Grab-N-Go2US25, Gray
Gray Hawk LandingUS421 & SR1071, Gray Hawk
First Class Travel CenterI-64 Ex 172 (Hwy1/Hwy7), Grayson
Super Quik #8 - Pilot #3512.459I-64 Ex 172 (Hwy1/Hwy7), Grayson
Love's Travel Stop #4182.449I-64 Ex 172 (Hwy7), Grayson
T-Mart #520Hwy61, Greensburg
Goodfellas Cigarettes #5Hwy3116, Greenup
Clark's Highway 23 GreenupUS23, Greenup
Harkins StationsHwy189, Greenville
Hager Hill Double Kwik #2048Hwy1428, Hagerhill
Huck's #368Hwy9004 Ex 44 (Hwy281), Hanson
Super StopHwy1824, Hardin
Wal-MartUS60, Hardinsburg
Kwik TwoUS60, Hardinsburg
Fastway #16Hwy60, Hardinsburg
Buddies Tobacco & GasHwy72, Harlan
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS127, Harrodsburg
Ohio County Farm & Garden CenterHwy69, Hartford
Larry's Best WayHwy334, Hawesville
Wal-Mart Supercenterdan Boone pkwy Ex 58, Hazard
Hazard Double Kwik #2051Hwy15, Hazard
Smitty's GasHwy550, Hazard
Parkway Minit MartHwy80 Ex 59, Hazard
East 80 MarketHwy80, Hazard
Palmer MarketUS41S Ex 79 (Hwy351) Or US41N Ex 78 (Hwy351), Henderson
Thornton's #79US41, Henderson
Circle K2.329Hwy41, Henderson
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS41 Ex 81 (US60), Henderson
Little General #53Hwy125 & Hwy1099, Hickman
Hindman Double KwikHwy160, Hindman
Rock & Rogers ServiceUS31E, Hodgenville
IGA Express #865US31E, Hodgenville
Max Fuel #11US41, Hopkinsville
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS41, Hopkinsville
Zack Brothers TruckstopI-65 Ex 58 (Hwy218), Horse Cave
Love's Travel Stop2.449I-65 Ex 58 (Hwy218/Hwy335), Horse Cave
One Stop MarketUS421, Hoskinston
Weigh StationI-71S, Hume
Couch's ShellUS421, Hyden
Inez Pump & ShopHwy40, Inez
Horn's BP StationHwy1884 & Hwy645, Inez
Ivel Double Kwik #2058US23, Ivel
Haddix Food MartHwy15, Jackson
Wal-MartHwy15, Jackson
Go Daddy'sUS460 & Hwy213, Jeffersonville
Junction City ExpressUS127, Junction City
Mansfield's Auto PartsHwy996, Kevil
L & M MartHwy194, Kimper
Weigh StationI-24W MM 36, Kuttawa
Huck's Travel Center-Pilot #8902.459I-24 Ex 40 (US62/US641), Kuttawa
Wentaw BPI-24 Ex 40 (US62/US641), Kuttawa
Weigh StationI-24E MM 36, Kuttawa
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-71 Ex 22 (Hwy53), La Grange
Speedway SuperAmerica #9333I-71 Ex 22 (Hwy53), La Grange
Vip ExpressUS27, Lancaster
Fast Break #111Hwy9002/Hwy9002 Ex 59a/59b (US127), Lawrenceburg
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS127B & Hwy44, Lawrenceburg
Burgin Oil CompanyHwy151, Lawrenceburg
SuperAmerica #9362US68, Lebanon
Pilot Travel Center2.459I-65 Ex 105 (Hwy61), Lebanon Junction
105 Quik StopI-65 Ex 105 (Hwy61), Lebanon Junction
Key OilUS62/Hwy259 & Main St, Leitchfield
Fastway #7WK Pkwy Ex 107, Leitchfield
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS62, Leitchfield
IGA Express Shell #880Hwy259, Leitchfield
TMart #121US431, Lewisburg
Jumpin' Jacks'US60 & Hwy657, Lewisport
Estepp's Friendly ShellI-64/I-75 Ex 115, Lexington
Thornton's #53I-75 Ex 110 (US60), Lexington
Weigh StationI-75N, Lexington
Thornton's #48US60, Lexington
Donerail Travel CenterI-75 Ex 120, Lexington
Mapleleaf BPLexington
Allen Bros Shell MartUS127, Liberty
King & Lane BPUS127, Liberty
Speedway SuperAmerica #9337I-75 Ex 38 (Hwy192), London
Weigh StationI-75S, London
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-75 Ex 38 (Hwy192), London
Laker ExpressI-75 Ex 38, London
London Auto/Truck Center2.379I-75 Ex 41 (Hwy80), London
London Clark Truck StopI-75 Ex 41 (Hwy80), London
Exit 38 Truck PlazaI-75 Ex 38 (Hwy192), London
Exxon Market PlaceUS23/Hwy3, Louisa
Tri State PetroleumUS23, Louisa
32 BPUS23 & Hwy32, Louisa
Thornton's #56US31w/US60, Louisville
Thornton's #61Hwy1931, Louisville
Thornton's #54US31E/US150, Louisville
Thornton's #30Hwy155, Louisville
Thornton's #42I-264 Ex 11 Or I-264 Ex 12, Louisville
Thornton's #34Hwy146, Louisville
Thornton's #93US31W/US60, Louisville
Thornton's #95I-265 Ex 27 (US60), Louisville
Thornton's #97I-264 Ex 20, Louisville
Thornton's #98I-264 Ex 5 (Hwy1934), Louisville
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy61, Louisville
Wal-MartHwy1747 & Hwy155, Louisville
Speedway #9662I-264 Ex 12 (CRittenden Dr), Louisville
Wal-MartUS60/US31w, Louisville
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-265 Ex 32 (Hwy1447), Louisville
Thornton's #28I-65 Ex 136 (US60/US150), Louisville
Thornton's #27I-64 Ex 7 Or I-71 Ex 1, Louisville
Better Way Food Mart #4I-264 Ex 5 (Hwy1934), Louisville
Speedy Mart #3I-64 Ex 15 (Hwy1747), Louisville
Thornton's #102I-264 Ex 18a, Louisville
Thornton's #151I-265 Ex 17 (US31E/US150), Louisville
Thornton's #152US31W/US60, Louisville
Thornton's #155Hwy1020 & Hwy1065, Louisville
Thornton's #21I-65 Ex 127 (Hwy1747), Louisville
Thornton's #26I-265 Ex 27 (US60), Louisville
Pacific PrideI-264 Ex 4 (Bells LN), Louisville
E-Z Shop #5Hwy9004 Ex 44 (Hwy281) & US41, Madisonville
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy70 Ex 42 (Hwy85), Madisonville
Huck's #364US41A, Madisonville
Ideal Station #3Hwy9004 Ex 44 (Hwy281) Or US41, Madisonville
Saling's Grocery & Bait ShopHwy728, Mammoth Cave
Clay County ChevronHwy80 & Dan Boone Hwy, Manchester
Colson's MarketUS421, Manchester
Liberty FuelUS641, Marion
Marrowbone Community MarketHwy90, Marrowbone
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy80, Mayfield
Cheers Food & Fuel #111US45 Ex 24 (Hwy121), Mayfield
Shamrock BPHwy11, Mays Lick
Ryan Farm SupplyHwyAA, Maysville
Smart StopHwy546/Hwy9/Hwy10, Maysville
Road RangerHwy68 & HwyAA, Maysville
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS62, Maysville
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS441, Middlesboro
Lee's Food Mart #10US25, Middlesboro
Pilot Travel Center2.399Hwy25, Middlesboro
Minnie Double Kwik #2055Hwy122 & Hwy680, Minnie
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy90, Monticello
Cumberland Green BPHwy90, Monticello
Cave Run Lake MartI-64 Ex 133 (Hwy801), Morehead
Eagle Travel PlazaI-64 Ex 133 (Hwy801), Morehead
Certified Oil #478US60, Morehead
Downtown BPUS60 & Hwy32, Morehead
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS60/Hwy32, Morehead
Ideal Market #22Hwy130, Morganfield
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS60, Morganfield
Jumpin' Jack's #425Grn Rvr Pky Ex 26 (US231), Morgantown
Fastway #18Hwy70, Morgantown
Pacific PrideHwy9004 Ex 37 (Hwy813), Mortons Gap
Pilot Travel Center2.459Pennyrile Pkwy Ex 37 (Hwy813), Mortons Gap
First Class Travel Ctr #2I-64 Ex 110 (US460), Mount Sterling
Apple Market #5015I-64 Ex 110 (US460), Mount Sterling
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-64 Ex 110 (US460), Mount Sterling
Super Express Stop #5I-64 Ex 113 (US60), Mount Sterling
Derby City South Truck PlazaI-75 Ex 62 (US25), Mount Vernon
Pilot Travel Center2.459I-64 Ex 113 (US60), Mt. Sterling
Watts ChevronUS31W/US60, Muldraugh
Shawn Mart 7I-65 Ex 65 (US31W), Munfordville
Pocket's Shell Food Mart #105US641, Murray
SuperAmerica #9556State Hwy1327 & ColdWater Rd, Murray
Max Fuel Express #32US641, Murray
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS641 & Hwy121, Murray
Coastal #102US641, Murray
4-SeasonsUS421, New Castle
M & M Get N GoUS31E, New Haven
Double Kwik BP #1062US27 & Hwy3375, Nicholasville
Hardy's BP #40US27, Nicholasville
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS27, Nicholasville
Flying J #6622.459I-24 Ex 86 (US41) & Hwy117, Oak Grove
Pilot Travel Center2.459I-24 Ex 86 (US41), Oak Grove
MarathonI-24 Ex 86 (US41), Oak Grove
Pilot Travel Center2.459I-24 Ex 89 (Hwy115), Oak Grove
Smokey Valley Truck StopI-64 Ex 156, Olive Hill
Hillbilly's Truckstop #2US60, Owensboro
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS60 Ex 4 (US431), Owensboro
Fischers KeystopUS60/US231, Owensboro
Villa Point MartHwy54, Owensboro
Southern States OwentonUS127, Owenton
Town & Country Food MartI-64 Ex 121 (Hwy36), Owingsville
Hardy's BP #20Hwy36, Owingsville
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS60, Paducah
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-24 Ex 4 (US60), Paducah
Pilot Travel Center2.459I-24 Ex 3 (Hwy305), Paducah
Cheers Food and Fuel #136I-24 Ex 3 (Hwy305), Paducah
Southern Pride Truck PlazaI-24 Ex 16 (Hwy68), Paducah
Exit 11 ExxonI-24 Ex 11, Paducah
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy321, Paintsville
Paintsville ChevronHwy40/US460, Paintsville
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS27, Paris
Hardy's BP Mart #90US460 & US68, Paris
Thornton's #32US27/US68, Paris
South Main BPUS68, Paris
IGA Express Shell #879I-65 Ex 48, Park City
Goodin's Mini MartHwy90, Parkers Lake
Pilot Travel Center2.459I-71 Ex 28 (Hwy153), Pendleton
Fast-Stop Fuels(marathon)I-71 Ex 28 (Hwy153) & Hwy146, Pendleton
Phelps One StopHwy194, Phelps
Jo-Mart #1Hwy194, Phelps
Justiceville Double Kwik #2060US460, Pikeville
Autobahn Crossroad PlzUS23/US460, Pikeville
Prater's Gas N GoUS460, Pikeville
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-75 Ex 43 & I-675 Ex 2, Pikeville
Corner MarathonHwy715, Pine Ridge
Mapco #1060US25, Pineville
Cardinal Mart #3Hwy302, Prestonsburg
Wal-MartUS460/US23 & Hwy114, Prestonsburg
Heaton's MarathonI-69 Ex 12 (Hwy91/Hwy133), Princeton
Wal-MartUS62, Princeton
Max Fuel Express #10Hwy? Ex 12 (US62), Princeton
Thornton's Quick Cafe #153US42, Prospect
E-Z Shop #6US41A, Providence
W-2 BpUS31W, Radcliff
SuperAmerica #9657US31W, Radcliff
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy447 & Hwy313, Radcliff
Ravenna Food MartHwy1645, Ravenna
Marrowbone Double Kwik #2005US460, Regina
Love's Travel Stop2.449I-75 Ex 95, Richmond
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy876, Richmond
Dishman's ShellI-75 Ex 95 Or US25/US421, Richmond
Hardy's Snappy Mart #14Hwy876, Richmond
Rest AreaI-65N MM 39, Rocky Hill
Mize Bros GarageHwy81, Rumsey
Exit 181 Travel MartI-64 Ex 181 (US60), Rush
Lake Country OutdoorsUS127, Russell Springs
Jax's Cool ConvenienceHwy80, Russell Springs
IGA Express Shell #882US431/US79, Russellville
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS431 & Hwy178, Russellville
Sacramento Sam'sHwy81, Sacramento
Puckett's Truck StopUS460/Hwy114, Salyersville
Rose's Parkway ChevronHwy114 & E Mt Pkwy, Salyersville
Salyersville Double Kwik #2062Hwy460, Salyersville
Appco #70Hwy114, Salyersville
Robo's Country StoreHwy32, Sandy Hook
Route 7 & 32 Quik StopHwy7/Hwy32, Sandy Hook
Penny MartHwy7, Sandy Hook
D & D ShellUS27 & Hwy1247, Science Hill
Fastrac MartUS31E, Scottsville
E-Z Service Station #2US41, Sebree
Service PlusI-64 Ex 35 (Hwy53), Shelbyville
Weigh StationI-64E, Shelbyville
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy55, Shelbyville
Dave's Interstate BPI-64 Ex 35 (Hwy53), Shelbyville
Thornton's #92US60, Shelbyville
Love's Travel Stop2.449I-65 Ex 116 (Hwy480), Shepherdsville
SuperAmerica #9729I-65 Ex 117 (Hwy44), Shepherdsville
Pilot Travel Center2.459I-65 Ex 121 (Hwy1526), Shepherdsville
Welcome CenterI-64E MM 29, Simpsonville
Pilot Travel Center2.459I-64 Ex 28, Simpsonville
Porters ChevronHwy402, Slade
Thompson's GroceryUS60, Smithland
Smithland ServiceUS60, Smithland
Smiths Grove Travel CenterI-65 Ex 38 (S Main St), Smiths Grove
Eastway MarketHwy80, Somerset
Southern Express #1US27, Somerset
Crossroads IGA #775Hwy80, Somerset
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS27, Somerset
Pilot Travel Center2.459I-65 Ex 81 (Hwy84), Sonora
Sammy's MarketI-65 Ex 81 (Hwy84), Sonora
Goody Double Kwik #2032US119, South Williamson
Love's Travel Stop2.449I-71 Ex 55 (Hwy1039), Sparta
Finish Line MarathonI-71 Ex 57 (Hwy35) & Hwy465, Sparta
Haydon Oil CompanyUS150, Springfield
Springfield ChevronHwy55, Springfield
Parkview BPUS150 & Lincoln ParkRD, Springfield
Appco #81Hwy40, Staffordsville
Staffordsville ExxonHwy40, Staffordsville
Stanford B.P. #91Hwy78, Stanford
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS27, Stanford
Natural Bridge ShellHwy402 Ex 33, Stanton
Hardy's BP #50Hwy402 Ex 22, Stanton
Cardinal Country Store #1US23 & Hwy80, Stanville
Tony's Fast LaneHwy92, Stearns
Gateway One StopHwy56 & Hwy109, Sturgis
Welcome CenterI-71N MM 177, Sugartit
Welcome CenterI-71S MM 177, Sugartit
Pilot Travel Center2.459I-71 Ex 28 (Hwy153), Sulphur
A & M Oil CompanyHwy55, Taylorsville
Tollesboro Citgo Food MartHwy57 & AA Hwy, Tollesboro
Weigh StationI-64N, Triplett
Corner Quik StopUS421 & KY30, Tyner
Vanceburg Fuel Stop #1Hwy10, Vanceburg
Clark's Pump & ShopHwy9 & Shelton Ave, Vanceburg
Rest AreaI-75S MM 168, Verona
Thornton's #39US60, Versailles
Handy Dan's #2KY15, Vicco
Eagle ExpressHwy610, Virgie
Virgie Double Kwik #2019Hwy610, Virgie
Flying J #6632.459I-64 Ex 43 (Hwy395), Waddy
Love's Travel Stop #3032.449I-64 Ex 43, Waddy
Flying J #6642.459I-75 Ex 171 (Hwy16), Walton
Walton CitgoI-75 Ex 171 (Hwy16), Walton
Pilot Travel Center2.459I-75/I-71 Ex 175 (Hwy338), Walton
Pilot Travel Center2.459I-75/I-71 Ex 175 (Hwy338), Walton
Walton Travel Center2.489I-75/I-71 Ex 175 (Hwy338), Walton
Redi Mart #32Hwy550/Hwy7, Wayland
Southern Express #7US27, Waynesburg
CJ's Kwik StopHwy460, West Liberty
Cougar CornerUS460, West Liberty
Wal-MartUS119, Whitesburg
Peedee's Food MartHwy121, Wickliffe
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-75 Ex 11 (Hwy92), Williamsburg
Pilot Travel Center2.399I-75 Ex 11 (Hwy92), Williamsburg
Williamstown MarathonI-75 Ex 154 (Hwy36), Williamstown
Ezy Stop Food ShoppeHwy36, Williamstown
Road RangerI-64 Ex 94, Winchester
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy1958, Winchester
SuperAmerica #9380Hwy1958, Winchester
Winchester ShellI-64 Ex 94, Winchester
Winchester 96 TruckstopI-64E Ex 96 Or I-64W Ex 96b, Winchester
Speedway Truck Stop #8256I-64 Ex 94, Winchester
Rest AreaI-65N MM 60, Woodsonville
Rest AreaI-65S MM 60, Woodsonville
Welcome CenterI-24E MM 0.5, Zion