The following truck stops are from the TruckMaster Fuel Finder™ truck stop database for the state of Indiana (IN).

We currently have over 9000 truck stops in our database. Diesel prices are updated hourly, and you can search for truck stops between two points, or within 100 miles of a specified point.

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Indiana Truck Stops

Truck StopCPGAddress
Pacific PrideHwy9, Albion
Rest AreaI-70E MM 64, Allman
Rest AreaI-70W MM 64, Allman
Welcome CenterI-94W MM 43, Andry
Speedway #8080I-69 Ex 148, Angola
Speedway Truck Stop #8336I-69 Ex 148 (US20), Angola
Petro Angola2.379I-69 Ex 157, Angola
Speedway #7122I-69 Ex 129, Auburn
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-69 Ex 129, Auburn
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS50, Aurora
Fuel Mart #7832.199I-65 Ex 34 (Hwy256), Austin
Welcome CenterI-64E MM 7, Barrett
Speedway Truck Stop #5492SR37 & US50, Bedford
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy37, Bedford
Love's Travel Stop #2542.349I-70 Ex 59, Belleville
Sunmart Food Store #1Hwy37, Bloomington
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy62, Boonville
Hub PlazaUS41 & Hwy352, Boswell
Pilot Travel Center2.359I-70 Ex 23 (Hwy59), Brazil
Petro Brazil2.379I-70 Ex 23 (Hwy59), Brazil
Road Ranger2.359I-70 Ex 23, Brazil
Speedway #6662US20 & Hwy15, Bristol
Speedway #6664I-80 Ex 101 (Hwy15), Bristol
Pak A SakUS27 & Hwy18, Bryant
Pilot Travel Center2.339I-94 Ex 22a (US20), Burns Harbor
Butler One StopUS6, Butler
FuelMaster2.281I-70 Ex 137 (Hwy1), Cambridge City
Carlisle PlazaUS41/US150, Carlisle
Wal-MartUS31, Carmel
Marathon Falcon MartHwy63 & Hwy234, Cayuga
Weigh StationI-94E, Chesterton
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-65 Ex 4, Clarksville
BellevilleUS40, Clayton
Indianapolis West Travel Center2.359I-70 Ex 59 (Hwy39), Clayton
Hometown StationUS40 & Liberty Pkwy, Clayton
Wal-MartHwy163 & Hwy63, Clinton
Cloverdale Travel PlazaI-70 Ex 41 (US231), Cloverdale
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS30, Columbia City
County Line Truck PlazaI-69 Ex 109b (US30), Columbia City
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS31, Columbus
S & F PetrolI-64 Ex 105, Corydon
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-64 Ex 105 (Hwy135), Corydon
Pilot Travel Center2.399I-74 Ex 4 (Hwy63), Covington
Crawfordsville Travel PlazaI-74 Ex 34 (US231), Crawfordsville
Pilot Travel Center2.359I-74 Ex 39 (Hwy32), Crawfordsville
Speedway #8039I-69 Ex 34 (Hwy67), Daleville
Pilot Travel Center2.359I-69 Ex 34 (Hwy67), Daleville
Pilot Travel Center2.359I-69 Ex 34 (Hwy67), Daleville
Boezeman MarathonI-65 Ex 230 (Hwy10), De Motte
McClure #66US27, Decatur
BonkersUS41, Decker
Love's Travel Stop #3942.339I-65 Ex 230, Demotte
Demotte Travel Center #241I-65 Ex 230 (Hwy10), Demotte
Dillsboro BPHwy50, Dillsboro
Speedway Truck Stop #1427Sheffield Ave/101st Ave, Dyer
Speedway Truck Stop #8316US30, Dyer
Thornton's #106US31, Edinburgh
Welcome CenterI-64W MM 115, Edwardsville
Freudenberg'sI-64 Ex 29b, Elberfeld
Pacific PrideCR20 & 19th St, Elkhart
Yoder Truck StopHwy19, Elkhart
Atlas OilI-80W/I-90W Ex 90, Elkhart
Pacific PrideVerdant & Green, Elkhart
BP #70508I-80E/I-90E MM 90, Elkhart
Pacific PrideElkhart
Thornton's Quick Cafe #480I-164 Ex 7 (Hwy66), Evansville
Thornton's #84Hwy62 & State RD66, Evansville
Busler #10Hwy66, Evansville
Pacific PrideEvansville
Busler #12Hwy62, Evansville
Pacific PrideEvansville
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy62, Evansville
Pacific PrideEvansville
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy66, Evansville
Trueblood Oil CoUS41/US150, Farmersburg
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-69 Ex 3, Fishers
Rest AreaI-65S MM 231, Forest City
Huck's #323US41 & Hwy168, Fort Branch
Fort Wayne Truck Plaza #8812.359I-69 Ex 109a, Fort Wayne
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-69 Ex 112b, Fort Wayne
Old Fort Travel PlazaI-69 Ex 109b (US33), Fort Wayne
Pacific PrideHwy1, Fort Wayne
Pacific PrideUS27/Hwy930, Fort Wayne
Good To Go #11I-65 Ex 158 (Hwy28), Frankfort
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS421, Frankfort
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS31, Franklin
Pacific PrideI-69 Ex 157, Fremont
Toll Road MobilI-80W/I-90W MM 145, Fremont
First Call Towing & Recovery, Inc.I-69 Ex 157, Fremont
Toll Road MobilI-80E/I-90E MM 145, Fremont
Pilot Travel Center2.359I-80/I-90 Ex 144 Or I-69 Ex 157, Fremont
Freemont IGAI-69 Ex 157, Fremont
Ray's Unocol 76 & Truck WashI-69N Ex 109a Or I-69S Ex 109b, Ft. Wayne
Love's Travel Stop #4172.329I-80/I-94 Ex 9a (Hwy55), Gary
Gary Travel CenterI-80/I-94 Ex 6 (Burr St), Gary
Mr Fuel - Pilot #7192.329I-80/I-94 Ex 6, Gary
Petro #98I-80/I-94 Ex 9a (Hwy55), Gary
Pilot Travel Center2.339I-80/I-94 Ex 6, Gary
Village PantryI-69 Ex 59, Gas City
McClure's Truck StopI-69 Ex 59 (Hwy35), Gas City
Petro Gaston2.369I-69 Ex 45 (US/Hwy28), Gaston
Gas And StuffI-64 Ex 118, Georgetown
Welcome CenterI-74E MM 1, Gessie
Rest AreaI-69S MM 145, Golden Lake
Wal-MartUS33, Goshen
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS33, Goshen
Speedway #6666US33 & Hwy15, Goshen
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy240, Greencastle
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy9, Greenfield
Pilot Travel Center2.299I-70 Ex 96, Greenfield
Rest AreaI-70W MM 143, Greens Fork
Petro2.379I-74 Ex 143, Greensburg
Greensburg EP 24Hwy46, Greensburg
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS421, Greensburg
Thornton's #400US31, Greenwood
Road Ranger2.369I-65 Ex 99, Greenwood
Grovertown Truck PlazaUS30 & Hwy23, Grovertown
Knoll Bros. Retail #3US30, Hamlet
Gas Depot HammondUS41, Hammond
Speedway Truck Stop #8305I-90 Ex 5 (US41), Hammond
Hank's Truck Stop2.299Hwy30/Hwy39, Hanna
Flying J #6472.359I-64 Ex 25b (US41), Haubstadt
Busler Truck StopI-64 Ex 25, Haubstadt
Pilot Travel Center2.359I-64 Ex 25b (US41), Haubstadt
Love's Travel Stop #4142.349I-64 Ex 25b (US41), Haubstadt
Flying J #6532.349I-65 Ex 240 (Hwy2), Hebron
Pilot Travel Center2.349I-65 Ex 240 (Hwy2), Hebron
Rest AreaI-64E MM 59, Heilman
Rest AreaI-64W MM 59, Heilman
Pilot Travel Center2.339I-80/I-94 Ex 2 (US41), Highland
Weigh StationI-74E MM 18, Hillsboro
Speedway #1426US30, Hobart
Thornton's Quick Cafe #303I-65 Ex 255 (E 61st Ave), Hobart
Speedway #7575I-65 Ex 255, Hobart
Howe Family PantryHwy9 & Hwy120, Howe
Mobil 7 SouthI-80E/I-90E Ex 126, Howe
Mobil 7 NorthI-80W/I-90W MM 126, Howe
Mr Fuel #6 - Pilot #7212.349I-465/I-74 Ex 4 (Hwy37), Indianapolis
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS40, Indianapolis
Flying J #6492.359I-465 Ex 4, Indianapolis
Thornton's #108I-465 Ex 46 (US40), Indianapolis
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS31, Indianapolis
Pacific PrideIndianapolis
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-465 Ex 27, Indianapolis
Quick Fuel-Profit Dr #2104I-74/I-465 Ex 11b, Indianapolis
Quick Fuel-Shadeland #2103I-70/I-465, Indianapolis
Quick Fuel-MN & Holt #2102I-70 Ex 77, Indianapolis
Quick Fuel-Park 100 #2101I-465 Ex 23, Indianapolis
Joe's JunctionI-70 Ex 75, Indianapolis
Pilot Travel Center2.359I-465 Ex 4 (Hwy37), Indianapolis
TruckomatI-456 Ex 4 (Hwy37), Indianapolis
Rest AreaI-69N MM 51, Janney
Rest AreaI-69S MM 51, Janney
Circle A Food Mart #111US231 & Hwy162, Jasper
Sternburg's 24 N MoreI-64 Ex 231, Jasper
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS231, Jasper
Huck's #350Hwy56 & US231, Jasper
Thornton's #11I-65 Ex 0, Jeffersonville
Pacific PrideI-65 Ex 5 (US33), Jeffersonville
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS6, Kendallville
Pacific PrideHwy3, Kendallville
Morningstar Auto Truck Plaza BPI-69/US27 Ex 134 (US6), Kendallville
Kentland Truck StopUS41, Kentland
Rest AreaI-65N MM 231, Kersey
Speedway #8061I-70 Ex 115 (Hwy109), Knightstown
Speedway #8062US31 & Hwy26, Kokomo
Speedway Truck Stop #8310US31 & US6, La Paz
Family Express #19US20/Hwy39, La Porte
Speedway #6661I-94 Ex 40a, La Porte
Speedway #8324 Travel PlazaHwy39 MM 0, La Porte
Super Pantry #182.099I-65 Ex 168 (Hwy38), Lafayette
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-65 Ex 172, Lafayette
Pacific PrideHwy25 & S 30th St, Lafayette
Pacific PrideI-65 Ex 172 (Hwy26), Lafayette
Road Ranger2.339I-80/I-94 Ex 15a (Hwy51), Lake Station
Flying J #6502.339I-80/I-94 Ex 15b (Ripley St), Lake Station
Lake Station Travel CenterI-80/I-94 Ex 15b (Hwy51), Lake Station
Mr. Fuel - Pilot #10202.329I-80/I-94 Ex 15b (Hwy51), Lake Station
Phil's Truck StopUS41 & Hwy10, Lake Village
Tobacco TownUS20 & Hwy39, Laporte
Welcome CenterI-70E MM 2, Larimer Hill
Kennett Truck StopI-275 Ex 16, Lawrenceburg
RightwayI-64 Ex 92, Leavenworth
Care FreeI-64 Ex 92 (Hwy66), Leavenworth
Pilot Travel Center2.359I-64 Ex 92 (Hwy66), Leavenworth
Flying J #6522.359I-65 Ex 139 (Hwy39), Lebanon
Wal-MartHwy39, Lebanon
McClure's Truck StopI-65 Ex 140, Lebanon
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy54, Linton
Rest AreaI-74W MM 57, Lizton
Rest AreaI-74E MM 57, Lizton
Jones & Son Fuel CenterUS50 & US231, Loogootee
Weigh StationI-65S MM 242, Lowell
B & B Fuel StopUS27, Lynn
Lyon's Petro PlusHwy57 & Wine St, Lyons
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS421, Madison
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy423, Marion
Love's Travel Stop2.349I-69 Ex 264 (Hwy18), Marion
Markle Quick StopUS224, Markle
Rest AreaI-69N MM 87, Markle
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy37, Martinsville
Neathery's BPHwy144 & Hwy37, Martinsville
Rest AreaI-70E MM 107, Maxwell
Rest AreaI-65S MM 149, Mechanicsburg
Rest AreaI-65N MM 148, Mechanicsburg
Westside BPUS421, Medaryville
Family ExpressUS421, Medaryville
Love's Travel Stop2.349I-65 Ex 16, Memphis
Pilot Travel Center2.359I-65 Ex 16, Memphis
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS421, Michigan City
Gallops MarathonHwy20, Michigan City
Speedway #67482.239I-94 Ex 34b (US421), Michigan City
Pacific PrideHwy13/Main & Yoder Dr, Middlebury
American PetroleumI-80/I-90 Ex 107, Middlebury
Snappy FoodmartHwy120 & Hwy13, Middlebury
Gasoline Alley #4Mitchell
Sprint Oil #105Hwy37, Mitchell
Viking MartUS50/US150, Montgomery
Rest AreaI-74W MM 151, Morris
Rest AreaI-74E MM 151, Morris
Pacific PrideMount Vernon
Huck's #362Hwy62, Mount Vernon
G & G OilHwy3/Hwy67, Muncie
Speedway #8097Muncie
Speedway #6682US6, Nappanee
Thornton's #1I-265 Ex 1 Or I-64 Ex 121, New Albany
Flying J / Pilot #3042.359I-469 Ex 19, New Haven
New Lisbon Travel Center #2442.299I-70 Ex 131, New Lisbon
6 & 15 Convenience CenterUS6 & Hwy15, New Paris
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy37, Noblesville
Pacific PrideHwy114 & Hwy13, North Manchester
Wal-MartNorth Vernon
The Melon PatchUS41/US150, Oaktown
Rest AreaI-65N MM 73, Parkside
Pilot Travel Center2.359I-69 Ex 14 (Hwy13), Pendleton
Gallahan Auto/Truck PlazaUS31 & US24, Peru
Love's Travel Stop2.349I-74 Ex 61, Pittsboro
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS40, Plainfield
Blu. Station2.159I-70 Ex 66, Plainfield
Crazy Ds Travel CenterUS30 & US31, Plymouth
Pilot Travel Center2.359US30, Plymouth
BPI-80E/I-90E MM 22, Portage
Pacific PrideI-94 Ex 19 (Hwy249), Portage
BPI-80E/I-90E MM 22, Portage
Porter South Travel Center #250I-94 Ex 22b (US20), Porter
Porter Travel CenterI-94 Ex 22b (US20), Porter
PetroI-65 Ex 201 (US24), Remington
Family Express #47I-65 Ex 201, Remington
Pilot Travel Center2.349I-65 Ex 201 (US24/US231), Remington
Trail Tree Truck StopI-65 Ex 215 (Hwy114), Rensselaer
Grandma's Travel CenterI-65 Ex 215, Rensselaer
Family Express #35I-65 Ex 215, Rensselaer
Love's Travel Stop2.289I-70 Ex 149b (US35), Richmond
Pacific PrideI-70 Ex 149a (Williamsburg Pike), Richmond
Weigh StationI-70W MM 148, Richmond
Paradise Auto Truck Plaza IncUS31 Byp, Rochester
Toll Road BP #70510I-80E/I-90E MM 56, Rolling Prairie
Junction CityRolling Prairie
BP Toll Road Turnpike #70509I-80W/I-90W MM 56, Rolling Prairie
O'Maras BPUS52, Rushville
Wal-MartHwy3, Rushville
79 One StopI-64 Ex 79 (Hwy37), Saint Croix
Love's Travel Stop #3912.349I-174 Ex 123, Saint Paul
Wal-MartUS41, Schererville
Junction MartUS231 & Hwy45, Scotland
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-65 Ex 29a (Hwy56), Scottsburg
Blu. Station2.179I-65 Ex 7, Sellersburg
Seymour Travel Center2.379I-65 Ex 50 (US50) & US31, Seymour
Weigh StationI-65N MM 51, Seymour
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS50, Seymour
Kiel Bros OilI-65 Ex 50a (US50), Seymour
Crystal Flash #10I-74 Ex 113 (Hwy9) & Michigan Rd, Shelbyville
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-74 Ex 116, Shelbyville
Circle KI-74 Ex 116 (Hwy44), Shelbyville
Pilot Travel Center2.359I-74 Ex 109, Shelbyville
RJ's Food MartHwy50 & Hwy150, Shoals
Pilot Travel Center #352.359I-80 Ex 72 (US31), South Bend
Speedway #6674I-80/I-90 Ex 72 (US31), South Bend
Wal-MartHwy46, Spencer
American PetroI-70 Ex 123 (Hwy3), Spiceland
Flying J #6552.299I-70 Ex 123 (Hwy3), Spiceland
Mr. Fuel - Pilot #7312.289I-70 Ex 123, Spiceland
Sunoco Little Point Truck StopI-70 Ex 51, Stilesville
Sullivan Junction AKB OilUS41 & Hwy154, Sullivan
Wal-MartUS41/US150, Sullivan
Miles To Go MarathonUS35, Swayzee
Rest AreaI-65S MM 71, Taylorsville
Weigh StationI-70E MM 0, Terre Haute
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS41, Terre Haute
Thornton's #80US41/US150, Terre Haute
Pilot Travel Center2.359I-70 Ex 11 (Hwy46), Terre Haute
Pacific PrideUS150/US40 & 1st St, Terre Haute
Pacific PrideUS41/US50, Terre Haute
Rest AreaI-65S MM 22, Underwood
Rest AreaI-65N MM 22, Underwood
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS30, Valparaiso
Pilot Travel Center #362.359US30 & Hwy49, Valparaiso
TLT FuelsUS41 & Willow St, Vincennes
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS41, Vincennes
Huck's #338US41/US50, Vincennes
Hoosier Point ExpressUS24 & Hwy13, Wabash
Wanatah Citgo Truck StopUS30, Wanatah
Weigh StationI-69S MM 80, Warren
Warren Travel PlazaI-69 Ex 78 (Hwy5), Warren
Rest AreaI-70W MM 107, Warrington
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS30/Hwy15, Warsaw
ChucklesUS50/US150 & Hwy57, Washington
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS57, Washington
Waterloo Truck StopI-69 Ex 134 (US6), Waterloo
Weigh StationI-74W MM 171, West Harrison
McClure Oil StoreUS31, Westfield
USAUS6 & US421, Westville
Flying J #6562.369I-65 Ex 95 (Whiteland Rd), Whiteland
Love's Travel Stop #4512.359I-65 Ex 95 (Whiteland Rd), Whiteland
Pilot Travel Center2.369I-65 Ex 95, Whiteland
Love's Travel Stop #4592.349I-65 Ex 133, Whitestown
Whitestown Travel Center2.379I-65 Ex 130 (Hwy334), Whitestown
Crystal Flash Truck StopI-65 Ex 130 (Hwy334), Whitestown
Good Oil Company #10US35, Winamac
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS27, Winchester
Rest AreaI-65S MM 195, Wolcott
Rest AreaI-65N MM 195, Wolcott
Country OasisWoodburn
Vest Quik MartUS231/Hwy67, Worthington
Turn OutI-64E MM 98, Wyandotte
Turn OutI-64W MM 97, Wyandotte