The following truck stops are from the TruckMaster Fuel Finder™ truck stop database for the state of Iowa (IA).

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Iowa Truck Stops

Truck StopCPGAddress
Kum & Go #76I-80 Ex 76, Adair
D's Eldon YUS34 & Hwy16, Agency
Four Corners FuelUS218 & IA92, Ainsworth
Albia Stop & ShopHwy34, Albia
Chrome Truck StopUS18 & US169, Algona
Flying J Travel Center #913I-80 Ex 142 (US6), Altoona
Kum & Go #227I-35 Ex 111b (US30), Ames
Wal-MartUS69, Ames
Weigh StationI-35N MM 106, Ames
Anamosa Travel MartUS151 Ex 49 (Hwy1), Anamosa
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS151 & Hwy64, Anamosa
Anamosa MegamartHwy64, Anamosa
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-35 Ex 90 (Hwy160), Ankeny
Rest AreaI-80W MM 300, Argo
Pilot Travel CenterI-80 Ex 265, Atalissa
Valley Oil CompanyI-80 Ex 60 (US71/US6), Atlantic
Wings America / Pilot #893I-80 Ex 40 (US59), Avoca
Weigh StationI-80W MM 44, Avoca
Batavia BPUS34 Ex 203, Batavia
Rest AreaI-680W, Beebeetown
Kum & Go #56I-35 Ex 56 (Hwy92), Bevington
Wal-MartUS30 & Hwy164, Boone
Fuel Mart Express #789Hwy141 Ex 132 (US169), Bouton
Pilot Travel CenterI-80 Ex 201 (Hwy21), Brooklyn
Kwik Star Travel Center #303I-80 Ex 201 (Hwy21), Brooklyn
TA Brooklyn #254I-80 Ex 197, Brooklyn
Highway 34 Truck StopUS34 Ex 259, Burlington
Kwik Star #817US52, Calmar
Rest AreaI-80E MM 208, Carnforth
Rest AreaI-80W MM 206, Carnforth
Eastside ShellUS30 & Plaza Dr, Carroll
McDermott Oil CoUS151 Ex 77, Cascade
Rest AreaI-80E MM 81, Casey
Rest AreaI-80W MM 80, Casey
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy27, Cedar Falls
Casey's Truck StopI-380 Ex 13, Cedar Rapids
Hawkeye Downs SinclairI-380 Ex 16a Or US151/US30 Ex 252, Cedar Rapids
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-380 Ex 24, Cedar Rapids
Center Point Travel PlazaI-380 Ex 35, Center Point
Southern Iowa OilHwy34 Ex 140, Chariton
Chariton AmocoUS34, Chariton
R & S FuelUS63, Chester
Pilot Travel CenterI-35 Ex 194 (US18), Clear Lake
Kum & Go #302I-35 Ex 193 (Hwy106), Clear Lake
Kwik Star #348Hwy67 & US30, Clinton
Love's Travel Stop #411I-80/I-35 Ex 125 (US6), Clive
Weigh StationI-80E MM 115, Clive
Kum & Go #32I-80 Ex 155, Colfax
Colfax Vally Travel CenterI-80 Ex 155 (Hwy117), Colfax
Kum & Go #201I-80 Ex 242, Coralville
Pilot Travel CenterI-80/I-29 Ex 1b, Council Bluffs
Council Bluffs Travel CenterI-80 Ex 3 (I-29), Council Bluffs
Sapp BrosI-80/I-29 Ex 1b, Council Bluffs
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS34, Creston
Flying J Travel Plaza #636I-80 Ex 292 (Hwy130), Davenport
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-74 Ex 1, Davenport
Love's Travel Stop #476I-80 Ex 292, Davenport
Country CornerI-35 Ex 12 (Hwy2), Decatur
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS52 & Hwy9, Decorah
Country ExpressUS52, Decorah
Delaware Kwik StopUS20 Ex 282 (Hwy38), Delaware
Ampride Truck PlazaUS59 & Hwy39, Denison
Kwik Star #701US63 Ex 175, Denver
Pilot Travel CenterI-35/I-80 Ex 126, Des Moines
QuikTrip Travel Center #562I-80/I-35 Ex 136 (US69), Des Moines
Kum & Go #4110I-235 Ex 11, Des Moines
Quick Fuel-Broadway #2901I-35/I-80 Ex 136 Or I-235 Ex 137b, Des Moines
Dewitt Travel MartHwy30 Ex 313, Dewitt
Rest AreaI-35 Ex 159, Dows
Dows JunctionI-35 Exit 159, Dows
BP Auto & Truck PlazaHwy151/Hwy61 & Kerper Blvd, Dubuque
Kwik Stop Truck StopUS151 & US61, Dubuque
Dyersville Kwik StopUS20, Dyersville
Eddyville BP #6US63 Ex 53 (Hwy137), Eddyville
Road RangerI-380 Ex 68 (US20), Elk Run Heights
Fast TrakHwy13, Elkader
Kum & Go #133I-35 Ex 133 (Hwy175), Ellsworth
Flying J Travel Plaza #637I-380 Ex 68 (Evansdale Rd), Evansdale
Wal-MartUS34, Fairfield
Rest AreaI-680E MM 16, Findley
Rest AreaI-680W MM 15, Findley
218 Fuel ExpressUS218 & US18, Floyd
Ampride All-Round Truck StopUS20 Bus, Fort Dodge
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS20, Fort Dodge
Garner Town MartHwy18, Garner
Petro & MoreUS61 & Hwy92, Grandview
Kum & Go #22I-80 Ex 182 (Hwy146), Grinnell
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy146, Grinnell
The MillUS20 Ex 208 (Hwy14), Holland
Mid MartUS52, Holy Cross
Sparky's First Stop #5US169 & Hwy3, Humboldt
Go AmericaI-380 & IA150, Independence
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS20 Ex 254 (Hwy150), Independence
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS65, Indianola
Wal-MartUS81, Iowa Falls
Sparky's One StopHwy30 & Hwy4, Jefferson
Kwik Trip #713Hwy939, Jesup
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS61, Keokuk
Rest AreaI-35S MM 112, Lamoni
Dudley's CornerI-35 Ex 165 (Hwy3), Latimer
Lemars Truck StopUS75, Le Mars
Rest AreaI-80E MM 270, Lime City
Rest AreaI-80W MM 270, Lime City
Lime Springs Travel PlazaUS63, Lime Springs
Lowden Fast StopUS30, Lowden
Rest AreaI-35N MM 94, Lundstrom Heights
Rest AreaI-35S MM 94, Lundstrom Heights
E-Z PickensUS20 Ex 275 (Hwy13), Manchester
Wal-MartHwy13, Manchester
Timber CityHwy61 Ex 156, Maquoketa
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy64, Maquoketa
N&Out BP Travel PlazaHwy30 Ex 186, Marshalltown
Git-N-Go #34US30 Ex 185 (Hwy14), Marshalltown
Kwik StarHwy14, Marshalltown
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy14, Marshalltown
Kum & Go #770Marshalltown
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS18, Mason City
Mediapolis Fast BreakUS61, Mediapolis
Randhawa's Travel CenterHwy330, Melbourne
Taylor Quik PikI-29 Ex 75 (US30), Missouri Valley
Rest AreaI-29N MM 79, Missouri Valley
Rest AreaI-29S MM 79, Missouri Valley
Weigh StationI-29N MM 73, Missouri Valley
Weigh StationI-80W MM 150, Mitchellville
Kwik Star #711US52/US18, Monona
Casey's General Store #2523Hwy163 Ex 29 (Hwy14), Monroe
B & B ExpressUS61 & 280th, Montrose
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy438, Mount Pleasant
Weigh StationUS218, Mount Pleasant
Pilot Travel Center #1012Hwy234 Ex 234, Mount Pleasant
Shell Express MartUS61, Muscatine
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy61, Muscatine
A & E ConvenieceUS, Muscatine
Kum & Go #23I-80 Ex 23, Neola
Kwik Star #895Hwy24/US63, New Hampton
Kum & Go #43I-35 Ex 43, New Virginia
Rest AreaI-80E MM 180, Newburg
Rest AreaI-80W MM 180, Newburg
Love's Travel StopI-80 Ex 168, Newton
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-80 Ex 168 Or US6, Newton
L DieselI-380 Ex 4, North Liberty
The Jo StopI-35 Ex 214 (Hwy105), Northwood
Weigh StationI-35N, Northwood
Kwik Star #665Hwy150 & Hwy3, Oelwein
Dave's WorldI-29 Ex 112 (Hwy175), Onawa
Onawa 66 K C MartI-29 Ex 112 (Hwy175), Onawa
Rest AreaI-29N MM 110, Onawa
Rest AreaI-29S MM 110, Onawa
Casey's General StoreI-35 Ex 33 (US34), Osceola
Osceola Travel PlazaI-35 Ex 33 (US34), Osceola
Pilot Travel Center #131I-35 Exit 34, Osceola
Rest AreaI-35N MM 33, Osceola
Rest AreaI-35S MM 33, Osceola
Weigh StationI-35N MM 31, Osceola
Kum & Go #176Hwy23, Oskaloosa
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy92, Oskaloosa
Hwy 63 South BPUS63, Ottumwa
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS34, Ottumwa
Casey's General StoreHwy163 & Clark St, Pella
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy163 Ex 40, Pella
Hwy 20 Auto/Truck PlazaUS20, Peosta
Sapp BrosI-29 Ex 10 (Hwy2), Percival
Pilot Travel Center #238I-29 Ex 10 (Hwy2), Percival
Cubby'sI-29 Ex 10 (Hwy2), Percival
Rest AreaI-35N MM 7, Pleasanton
Rest AreaI-35S MM 7, Pleasanton
The Pit StopUS18, Postville
Cubby'sUS34 & Hwy48, Red Oak
Riverside Travel MartHwy218 & Hwy22, Riverside
Rest AreaI-35N MM 120, Roland
Rest AreaI-35S MM 119, Roland
Salem StubUS218 & Salem Rd, Salem
Weigh StationI-29S MM 132, Salix
Rest AreaI-80E MM 147, Santiago
Rest AreaI-80W MM 147, Santiago
Rest AreaI-29N MM 139, Sgt Bluff
Rest AreaI-29S MM 139, Sgt Bluff
Taylor Quik PikI-80 Ex 34, Shelby
Love's #426I-80 Ex 34, Shelby
Rest AreaI-35N MM 214, Silver Lake
Rest AreaI-35S MM 214, Silver Lake
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS75, Sioux Center
Pilot #594I-29 Ex 143, Sioux City
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-29 Ex 143, Sioux City
Love's Travel StopI-29 Ex 143, Sioux City
Dynos #31US18 & US71, Spencer
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS71, Spirit Lake
Vick's CornerHwy9, Spirit Lake
Sparky's One StopHwy3 & US71, Storm Lake
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy71, Storm Lake
Casey's Travel CenterI-80 Ex 93, Stuart
Stuart 66 Truck StopI-80 Ex 93, Stuart
Meskwaki Trading PostUS30, Tama
Hometown MarketHwy9, Thompson
Rest AreaI-80E MM 237, Tiffin
Rest AreaI-80W MM 237, Tiffin
Kum & Go #267I-80 Ex 267 (Hwy38), Tipton
Wal-MartHwy38, Tipton
Casey's General Store #2653Hwy30 & Hwy63, Toledo
Underwood Truck Stop I-80I-80 Ex 17, Underwood
Rest AreaI-80E MM 19, Underwood
Rest AreaI-80W MM 19, Underwood
Casey'sI-380 Ex 41, Urbana
Go AmericaI-380 Ex 43, Urbana
Kum & Go #121I-80/I-35 Ex 126, Urbandale
Pilot Travel CenterI-80 Ex 284, Walcott
Iowa 80 TA TruckstopI-80 Ex 284, Walcott
Kum & Go #46I-80 Ex 46, Walnut
Newport BPUS61 & Hwy78, Wapello
Washburn BP Truck StopI-380 Ex 71, Washburn
Wal-MartHwy1, Washington
Kc'sHwy63 Ex 227, Waterloo
CenexHwy281, Waterloo
Kwik Star #732US63, Waterloo
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS218 Ex 72, Waterloo
Rest AreaI-80E MM 119, Waukee
Rest AreaI-80W MM 119, Waukee
Kwik Star #823Hwy9, Waukon
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS218, Waverly
Doc's Stop #9US20 MM 140 (Hwy17), Webster City
QC MartHwy61 & 190th St, Welton
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS34 Ex 260, West Burlington
JMD Oil IncI-80 Ex 259, West Liberty
Rest AreaI-380N MM 13, Western
Rest AreaI-380S MM 13, Western
Wever JunctionUS61, Wever
Broadway/Flying J Dealer #969I-35 Ex 144 (US20), Williams
Boondock's USA Truck StopI-35 Ex 144, Williams
Kum & Go #443I-80 Ex 216, Williamsburg
Casey'sI-80 Ex 220, Williamsburg