Custom Fit your TruckMaster

At TruckMaster we truly believe in 'custom fit' solutions, and we have provided you with the tools to do just that.

You may define as many different companies on your TruckMaster system as you like, each with its own separate accounting and databases. Information may be shared between companies as you choose. For instance, we can provide you the ability to view and transfer shipments between companies, or run combined accounting reports. So while you have true separate companies, you still have the flexibility to see all of your key information together if you choose.

Each company can be configured for the country it's based in - a company based on US rules and regulations can operate seamlessly with one based on Canadian rules and regulations, on the same server.

Further define your companies with Employee Branches, Truck Fleets, Trailer Divisions, all of which help further your statistical reporting capabilities via additional data selection criteria, display selection etc.

Employee Branches may be used to define remote offices having unique office contact information, and/or configure in-office employee groups for various duty assignments.


Master your trucking operation by not only empowering your most valuable assets, your people, but also by refocusing their work area.

TruckMaster allows you to define the areas of the system each user may access, change, or remove data from by first defining basic security levels, and than allowing you to customize each user's access as you see fit. TruckMaster even allows you to define the reports each user has access to run, and allows sub-record level access control.

All of this is managed from an easy to follow menu tree of the entire system. Each level lists the employees default security settings which you may customize for each program

Streamline your Processes and Document Flow

TruckMaster allows you to scan, attach and store any document to any record in the system. No third party systems to pay for or manage, just simple scan, attach, and forget. When you next view that record, your document will be there waiting for you.

Imagine what this could do for your business, your file cabinet inventory? How long does it take anyone in your company to find a specific document for a specific shipment from over six months in the past? In TruckMaster it's just a click away. How many people spend how much time sorting, copying, and filing for each shipment you manage?

Equipment licensing and permits may be attached to the appropriate equipment record for easy retrieval from anywhere you have an internet connection. Driver CDLs, HazMat endorsements, Carrier insurance documents, the list goes on and on.

TruckMaster Document Imaging, NO extra charge, NO third party software, Secure, Simple, Saves You Time And Money!