TruckMaster In Years Past

Sometimes it's fun to reminisce, or at least it is for us.

The first TruckMaster world wide web home page was set up in July of 1997. Since that date our site has seen many changes, some good, some just downright bad ideas.

This area of our website was set up solely for your enjoyment, you can laugh at our expense if you'd like. Without further ado:

TruckMaster Home Page - 1998

Our first example of a bad design website idea: loud noises when you first land. Turn down your speakers before you take this link. And we're sorry for all the heart attacks that we likely caused. Really sorry.

Ahh, remember the days when all software companies in the world were scrambling to make sure their software was going to keep working on 1/1/2000? We were a little ahead of the curve on this one, even with a pretty banner!

TruckMaster Home Page - 1999

Gone is the truck horn, thank goodness! A little more pleasant logo now, and a new thing that ended up sticking with our website for years, frames - the menu stays place when you scroll.

TruckMaster Home Page - 2003

A little bit more developed now, many more pages that were available for users to browse.

TruckMaster Home Page - 2006

This page reflects a new design that we put in place around the end of 2003, and stayed around for about 5 years. The menu is now up at the top, the frames are gone.