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"Setting the Industry Standard"

TruckMaster Logistics Systems, Inc. is a full service transportation logistics management company. Founded in 1994 by a group of trucking industry professionals with the common goal of excellence in transportation service and technology, TruckMaster has quickly gained widespread industry respect for superior information technology products and customer support. The heart of our company is the TruckMaster 2000 Transportation Software. TruckMaster 2000 is a comprehensive software package designed specifically for the Transportation Industry. It has been used and developed in the transportation marketplace for over ten years, and is now the most dependable, powerful and functional transportation software on the market today. It can handle any size or type of trucking company, and is priced to fit any operational budget.

The package includes programs for Dispatch, Billing, Accounting, Payroll, Settlements, Maintenance, Safety, and Brokerage. All system programs are fully integrated so the user never has to enter the same information twice allowing for speed, efficiency, and accuracy. Our customers love the user-friendly screens, the virtual paperless working environment, and the overall flow of the operating logic. Using the mouse or keyboard, all the information you need is at your fingertips. TruckMaster 2000 is a smart system for professional trucking operations.

TruckMaster 2000 runs on the Linux Operating Platform and combines the power and stability of a mainframe with the flexibility of a workstation. Any Windows workstation can access the TruckMaster 2000 trucking software either through a local network or over the Internet.

With outstanding features like the Fuel Service Interface, Satellite Tracking Interface, On-Time Tracking, Available Hours System, Web Page Interface, EDI, and Automatic Mileage Processing, TruckMaster 2000 is the most complete trucking software package in the industry and the choice of transportation professionals.

Another outstanding feature of the TruckMaster 2000 software is the flexibility to adapt to specialized trucking operations and the ability to be customized to meet specific requirements as your trucking company grows.

As you browse through our website please note the specific operating software features in each module program. Review our Industry and Corporate links. Contact our references. And download the PickPro program for a live, on-line demonstration!


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