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"TRUCKMASTER 2000" is a complete software package that was designed to help run almost any type of trucking operation, from a small carrier being run out of the owner's home to a multiple terminal operation with several hundred trucks. "TRUCKMASTER 2000" is an affordable, common-sense software solution with a proven track record of stability and versatility. It includes nine (9) fully-integrated modules: Dispatch, Billing, Accounting, Payroll, Driver Settlements, Maintenance, Brokerage, Safety, and Records. The fact that these modules are all completely integrated is very important. It means that the user will never have to enter the same data twice anywhere in the system! Running on an extremely stable and powerful Linux operating system, "TRUCKMASTER 2000" combines the power of a mainframe with the flexibility of a workstation. Add our terminal emulator and any Windows 98 workstation can be used via a local network and/or the internet.

"TRUCKMASTER 2000" is also user-friendly thanks to our unique on-line help feature on every screen. And, it even has the ability to interface with PCMiler or Prophesy for automatic mileage calculations, with Qualcomm or American Mobile Satellite for satellite tracking of equipment, and with most fuel service companies for easy download of on-the-road fuel purchases. If you are looking for a complete, state-of-the-art system to help run your trucking operation, you need to look at "TRUCKMASTER 2000". We know that you will be impressed with our product and that it will be the software solution you are looking for! "TRUCKMASTER 2000" is fully Y2k compliant.

Do you want to know more? Please click on the "Software Features" button for additional information about TM2000 with a module-by-module overview or click on the "Demonstrations" button for information on how you can receive a free demonstration of TM2000 and what it can do for your company.

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